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1959  Wagon Train
Regular Cast: Ward Bond, Robert Horton,
                     Terry Wilson, Frank McGrath

Episode: The Stagecoach Story  (September 30, 1959)
Season 3 - Episode 1
Also Starring:  Clu Gulager, Debra Paget, Lalo Rios, 
                       Abraham Sofaer

Henry on the left as "Benito DeVarga"

Notes: Henry, credited here as Henry Delgado, played "Benito DeVarga" in his television debut on this episode of Wagon Train.  This popular NBC series ran from 1957-1965.  In 1962 Wagon Train migrated to ABC, expanded from 60 minutes to 90 minutes, and went from black & white to color.  It was the story of a wagon train traveling from Missouri to California.  This episode included HC guest, Abraham Sofaer.  HC stunt men, Red Morgan and Henry Wills also worked on Wagon Train.

1966  The Iron Horse
Regular Cast:  Dale Robertson, Gary Collins,
                      Robert Random, Roger Torrey

      Henry played "Cougar Man"

Episode: Cougar Man  (October 24, 1966)
Season 1 - Episode 7
Directors:  Samuel Fuller, Murray Golden
Writers:  Mort Lewis, Robert Sabaroff, George Slavin
Also Starring: Rodolfo Acosta, Richard Hale, Morgan Woodward

Notes: Henry played the title role of "Cougar Man" in this episode of The Iron Horse, the story of the building of an 1880's railroad line through the West.  The series ran for 47 episodes over two seasons.  This episode also included HC cast member, Rodolfo Acosta and HC guest, Morgan Woodward.  HC stunt men on this series included Bob Hoy and Steven Burnett.

1966  Gunsmoke
Regular Cast: 
James Arness, Dennis Weaver,
                     Milburn Stone, Amanda Blake,
                     Burt Reynolds, Ken Curtis

Episode: The Hanging  (December 31, 1966)
Season 12 - Episode 15
Director: Bernard L. Kowalski
Also Starring: Richard Bakalyan, Byron Foulger,
                      Edmund Hashim, Robert Knapp,
                     Anna Navarro, Kit Smythe, Tom Stern,
                     Larry Ward, Morgan Woodward

As "Oro" in The Hanging

Notes: Henry is now using his new stage name, Henry Darrow, in the starring guest role as "Oro" in this morality play about an unwilling hangman.  One of the longest running television series, Gunsmoke ran on CBS for twenty years from 1955 to 1974 with James Arness in the lead role the whole time.  It began as half-hour episodes and expanded to an hour in 1961.  In 1966 it switched from black & white to color.  Like most long running Westerns, most of the HC actors appeared on Gunsmoke at one time or another.  This episode included HC guests, Morgan Woodward and Anna Navarro.  Stunt work was contributed by HC actors/stuntmen, Bob Hoy, Jerry Summers, Neil Summers, Alex Sharp, Bob Terhune, Steve Raines, Red Morgan, Roy Jenson, Loren Janes, Jerry Gatlin, Richard Farnsworth and Carl Pitti.

1967  The Wild, Wild West
Regular Cast: 
Robert Conrad
                      Ross Martin
                      Michael Dunn
                      Roy Engel

Episode: The Night of the Tottering Tontine  (Jan. 6, 1967)
Season 2 - Episode 16
Also Starring: Robert Emhardt, Steve Gravers, Ted Stanhope,

                     Mike Road, Arthur Space, William Wintersole,
                     Harry Townes, Wilhelm von Homburg, Lisa Pera,

Henry as "Maurice"

Notes: Henry played "Archduke Maurice of Moldafia" in this second season episode of the popular CBS Western-Spy series that ran from 1965-1969.  It used a 60-minute format that began as black & white but switched to color in 1966.

1967  Gunsmoke
Regular Cast: 
James Arness, Dennis Weaver,
                     Milburn Stone, Amanda Blake,
                     Burt Reynolds, Ken Curtis

Episode: Ladies from St. Louis (March 25, 1967)
Season 12 - Episode 27
Also Starring: Claude Akins, Lew Brown, John Carter,
                      Aneta Corsaut, Josephine Hutchinson

Henry as Ross Segurra

Notes: Henry plays a rather nasty character, "Ross Segurra", in his second appearance on Gunsmoke.  HC guest, Lew Brown, also appears in this episode.

1967  Bonanza
Regular Cast: 
Lorne Greene, Michael Landon, Dan Blocker
                     Pernell Roberts, Victor Sen Yung

Episode: Amigo (February 12, 1967)
Season 8 - Episode 22
Director: William F. Claxton
Also Starring: Tim Herbert, Warren J. Kemmerling,
                      Troy Melton, Anna Navarro,
                      Grandon Rhodes, Robert Stevenson,
                      Gregory Walcott

Henry as "Amigo"

Notes: Henry plays the title role of "Amigo", a bandit with a good heart, in this episode of David Dortort's sister series, Bonanza, that ran on NBC from 1959-73.  Nearly everyone involved with HC is credited with contributions to Bonanza as well.  This episode included HC guests, Gregory Walcott, Anna Navarro, Warren J. Kemmerling, and Troy Melton.  HC stuntmen who worked on Bonanza during its run included Henry Wills, Bob Hoy, Jerry Summers, Jerry Gatlin, Bob Herron, Whitey Hughes, Troy Melton, Alex Sharp, Neil Summers, Bob Terhune, Jack Williams, Jay Jones, and Carl Pitti.

1967  Daniel Boone
Regular Cast: Fess Parker, Ed Ames,
                    Patricia Blair,
                    Darby Hinton,
                    Dal McKennon,
                    Veronica Cartwright

Episode: Take the Southbound Stage  (April 6, 1967)
Season 3 - Episode 27
Also Starring: Paul Brinegar, Mabel Albertson,
                      Karl Bruck, Alan Carney,
                      Robert Donner, Sarah Marshall,
                      Arnold Moss

Notes: Henry plays "Gideon" in this episode of the popular Daniel Boone series that ran on NBC for six seasons from 1964 to 1970.  HC actors and stunt men who contributed stunt work over the course of this series included Chuck Bail, Steven Burnett, Tony Epper, Orwin C. Harvey, Charles Horvath, Bob Hoy, Loren Janes, Roy Jenson, Red Morgan, Walter Scott, Neil Summers, Bob Terhune, and Jack Williams.

1978  Centennial 
Director:  Henry Falk, Paul Krasny, Bernard McEveety, Virgil Vogel                        
Writer:    James Michener
Starring:  Richard Chamberlain, Raymond Burr, Timothy Dalton, Robert Conrad, Alex Karras,
               William Atherton, Robert Vaughn, Dennis Weaver, Andy Griffith, Mark Harmon
Notes: Henry played "Alvarez", one of more than 100 speaking roles in this ambitious 12-part mini-series based on the James Michener novel about the town of Centennial, Colorado.  Numerous HC actors participated including Chief Dan George, Morgan Woodward, Alan Caillou, Alan Vint, Dave Cass, Lou Frizzell, Michael Ansara, Ed Bakey, Robert Do'Qui, Clint Ritchie, and Joaquin Martinez.  Stunt contributions from Dave Cass, Tony Epper, and Neil Summers.
1981  The New Adventures of Zorro
Regular Cast:  Henry Darrow, Julio Medina,
                     Eric Mason, Don Diamond,
                     Christine Avila, Socorro Valdez,
                     Carl Rivas, Ismael 'East' Carlo

Henry as the voice of Zorro

Notes: This was an animated version of the Zorro legend with Henry Darrow as the voice of Don Diego/Zorro.  There were thirteen 30-minute episodes.  This was the first time that a Latino was cast for the part of Don Diego/Zorro.

1983  Zorro and Son
Regular Cast:  Henry Darrow, Paul Regina, Bill Dana,
                      Gregory Sierra, Richard Beauchamp,
                      Barney Martin, John Moschitta Jr.,
                      Catherine Parks

Directors:  Gabrielle Beaumont and Alan Myerson

Henry as Zorro in his mature years

Notes: Henry played Zorro (Don Diego de Vega), twenty-five years after his prime in this short-lived comedic "next-generation" series produced by Disney Studios that ran for only five episodes in 1983.  This was also the first non-animated production to cast a Latino was cast in the role of Don Diego/Zorro.  HC guest, Gregory Sierra also had a regular cast role.

1990-1994  Zorro
Regular Cast:  Duncan Regehr, Patrice Martinez,
                     James Victor, Michael Tylo,
                     J.G. Hertzler, Juan Diego Botto,
                     Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Henry Darrow

Directors:  Ray Austin, Peter Diamond, Michael Levine,
                 Robert McCullough, Donald Paonessa,
                 Ron Satlof, Michael Vejar

Henry as Don Alejandro de la Vega

Notes: Henry played one of the regular cast roles as Don Alejandro de la Vega, the father of Zorro, for seasons two through four of this Family Channel series that ran for four seasons from 1990 to 1993.  He is the only actor to have played a part in three different versions of the legend.  Filmed in Spain, this series was widely acclaimed as one of the best television renditions of the Zorro legend, with much attention to locations, sets, and costuming. There were 88 30-minute episodes, but several have been compiled into two movie length features, "Zorro: The Legend Begins" and "Zorro: Conspiracy of Blood".  The full series has not yet been released.

1994  Maverick 
Director:  Richard Donner                        
Writers:  Roy Huggins, William Goldman
Starring:  Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, James Garner,
                Graham Greene, Alfred Molina, James Coburn,
                Linda Hunt, Margot Kidder, Reba McEntire,
                Waylon Jennings, Clint Black

Henry as a "Riverboat Poker Player"

Notes:  Henry plays one of several high rolling poker players in the climax scene that included several other former Western television stars including Doug McClure, Will Hutchins, Paul Brinegar, and Robert Fuller.  The movie brought James Garner back to play the father of Maverick (Mel Gibson), a role he made famous in the television series of the same name.  Other HC actors included Dub Taylor, Denver Pyle, Leo Gordon, Charles Dierkop,

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