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Rudolfo Acosta

Feature Films


1950   Pancho Villa Returns
1952   Horizons West
1953   City of Bad Men
1953   San Antone
1953   Hondo 
1953  Wings of the Hawk
1954   Passion
1954   Drum Beat 
1956   Bandido
1956   The Proud Ones
1957   Trooper Hook
1957   Apache Warrior
1958   From Hell to Texas
1960   Flaming Star
1960   Walk Like a Dragon
1961   One-Eyed Jacks 
1961   The Second Time Around
1961   The Last Rebel
1961   Posse from Hell 
1963   How the West Was Won 
1963 Savage Sam
1964   Rio Conchos
1965   The Sons of Katie Elder 
1965 Rio Hondo
1965   The Reward
1966   Return of the Magnificent Seven
1967 Stranger on the Run
1969   Young Billy Young
1970   Flap
1972 The Magnificent Seven Ride!
  Have Gun Will Travel
  The Man Who Lost  1959
Secret of the Sierra (1958)
El Bandido
Adios El Cuchillo
19559 Sugarfoot  
   Small Hostage
Standoff (1958)
The Rebellion (1959)
Day's Pay
1958   Jefferson Drum 
Incident of the Power and the Plow (1959)
Incident at Superstition Prairie
Incident of the Hostages
Incident at Gila Flats
1959   The Rebel 
Yellow Hair
1959 The Texan
The Reluctant Bridegroom
La Rubia (1960)
Until Kingdom Come
1961 Tales of Wells Fargo  1961
1962   Maverick
Poker Face
1963   The Virginian
Mountain of the Sun
1963   The Great Adventure 
The Death of Sitting Bull (1963)
Massacre at Wounded Knee
1964   Travels of Jamie McPheeters 
The Day of the Tin Trumpet
Death Valley Days 
A Book of Spanish Grammar (1964)
The Other White Man
Temporary Warden
A Knight to Remember (1964)
All Ye His Saints

Rudy Acosta as Lijah in All Ye His Saints

Yonder Man
El Jefe
1965   The Big Valley
The Way to Kill a Killer
Daniel Boone
The Thanksgiving Story (1965)
1966   The Iron Horse
Cougar Man
1967   Laredo
Scourge of San Rusa
1967 Custer
  Sabers in the Sun
1969   The Outcasts 
The Stalking Devil
 Give Me Tomorrow





1957  Have Gun Will Travel
Regular Cast: 
Richard Boone
                      Kam Tong
                      Lisa Lu

Episode: Show of Force  (November 9, 1957)
Season 1 - Episode 9
Director:  Andrew V. McLaglen
Writers:  Ken Kolb and Lee Irwin
Also Starring: Joe Bassett, Andy Brennan, Peter Coe,
                      Ned Glass, Russ Conway, Vic Perrin

Rudy Acosta as Pedro Valdez

With Richard Boone and Peter Coe

With Peter Coe, playing his brother, Carlos Valdez

Notes: Rudy played the lead guest role of "Pedro Valdez" in this episode of Have Gun Will Travel, a popular 30-minute Western that ran on CBS from 1957 to 1963.  Richard Boone starred as Paladin, a dapper gunslinger who only used his gun as a last resort.  Jerry Summers, Alex Sharp, Red Morgan, and Charles Horvath were some of the HC stuntmen who had contributions over the course of the series.  The full series is now available on DVD in excellent black & white quality.




1959  Have Gun Will Travel
Regular Cast: 
Richard Boone
                      Kam Tong
                      Lisa Lu

Rudy plays "John Wildhorse"

Episode: Hunt the Man Down  (February 7, 1959)
Season 2 - Episode 31
Director:  Ida Lupino
Writer:  Harry Julian Fink
Also Starring: Mort Mills, Jack Elam, Ed Nelson,
                      Barbara Hayden, Jovon Monteil,
                      Marilyn Hanold



Rudy Acosta as "John Wildhorse" with Richard Boone as Paladin in "Hunt the Man Down"

Notes: This was Rudy's second appearance on Have Gun Will Travel.  He plays an Indian scout who helps Paladin find his man, but disagrees with him on how to render justice.  It is the most substantive guest role of the episode.  This was the first television Western episode directed by a woman, Ida Lupino.  A film star herself, she became an established director and writer in both television and film.  HC guest star, Jack Elam, also appears here.


1961  Have Gun Will Travel
Regular Cast: 
Richard Boone
                      Kam Tong
                      Lisa Lu

Rudy plays "Sanchez"

Episode: Fandango  (March 4, 1961)
Season 4 - Episode 24
Also Starring: Robert Gist, Karl Swenson,
                     Andrew Prine, Jerry Summers


Notes: This is Rudy's third appearance on Have Gun Will Travel.  HC cast member, Jerry Summers also has a role.







1958  Ride
Director:                           Roberto plays


1978  How the West Was Won 
Director:                                                             Ted plays


1958  Maverick
Regular Cast: 

Roberto plays

Episode: Plunder of Paradise  (   1958)
Season  - Episode
Also Starring:








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