The High Chaparral
Western Filmographies

Besides their work on The High Chaparral, many of the cast members contributed a significant body of work to the Western film genre. This is a list of the Western films and television productions in which cast members have appeared. We've probably missed some, especially with the many stunt roles of Bob Hoy and Jerry Summers.  You will notice that actors whose careers got underway in the sixties (Darrow, Slade, Ramos) have much shorter Western filmographies than actors whose careers spanned the peak era of Western films in the forties and fifties (Erickson, Mitchell, Acosta, Hoy, etc.).  If you want to see any of their full filmographies (Western and non-Western work) check out them out on the Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB).

Western Filmographies

Leif Erickson                (John Cannon)
Cameron Mitchell
          (Buck Cannon)
Linda Cristal
                (Victoria Cannon)
Henry Darrow
              (Manolito Montoya)
Mark Slade
                  (Blue Cannon)
Rudy Ramos                  (Wind)
Frank Silvera
               (Don Sebastian Montoya)

Don Collier                    (Sam Butler)
Bob Hoy                        (Joe Butler)
Roberto Contreras         (Pedro) 
Ted Markland                (Reno)
Rudolfo Acosta              (Vaquero)
Jerry Summers              (Ira)

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