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1948  Massacre River
Director:  John Rawlins
Writers:  Otto Englander, Louis Stevens, Harold Bell Wright    
Starring:  Guy Madison, Rory Calhoun
Notes: Don made his film debut with an uncredited role in this Western.  HC stunt coordinator, Henry Wills, has a small acting role here as well, also uncredited.
1948  Fort Apache 
Director:  John Ford
Writers:  James Warner Bellah and Frank S. Nugent    
Starring:  John Wayne, Henry Fonda, Shirley Temple, Ward Bond
Notes: Don had an uncredited non-speaking role in many scenes of this big-screen Western.  Henry Wills appears here as a stuntman along with HC stuntmen, Walt LaRue and Richard Farnsworth.
1950  Davy Crockett, Indian Scout
Director:  Lew Landers
Writers:  Ford Beebe and Richard Schayer         
Starring:  George Montgomery, Ellen Drew
Notes: The third of three films Don appeared in uncredited, early in his career.  He took a break to attend college before returning to films in 1960.  HC guest star, Noah Beery, Jr.  also appears in this film.
1960 - 1962
(Series Lead Role)
Director:  John Rich, Douglas Heyes
Regular Cast:  Barton MacLane, Don Collier, Jock Gaynor, Judy Lewis,
                     Slim Pickens, Bruce Yarnell

Don as Deputy Marshal,
Will Foreman

Roberto Contreras in guest role as "Tenfuente" in The Little Colonel

Outlaws publicity photo

Notes: Outlaws was Don's break-out role when he landed one of the leads for the new television series.  An edgy Western played from the outlaw point-of-view, it ran for two seasons in Thursday evening prime-time.  Don played Deputy Marshal, "Will Foreman".   HC cast members, Roberto Contreras and Ted Markland both made guest appearances.  HC producer, Kent McCray, was Associate Producer for the series.

HC guest actors who appeared on episodes of Outlaws included Robert Lansing, Alejandro Rey, Steve Forrest, Jack Lord, Jim Davis, Jack Elam, Garry Walberg, Charles Aidman, Patricia Barry, Leo Gordon, Kevin Hagen, William Tannen, Joe Maross, Robert Carricart, Joseph Ruskin, Margarita Cordova, Gregg Palmer, Anna Navarro, Ralph Manza, Ken Mayer, John Pickard, Warren Kemmerling, Myron Healey, Ronald Trujillo, and Frank DeKova.

Other actors of note who guested in the series included William Shatner, Martin Landau, James Coburn, Dean Stockwell, Robert Culp, Warren Oates, Cliff Robertson, Dean Jones, Vic Morrow, Ray Walston, Jackie Coogan, Cloris Leachman, Pippa Scott, Jack Warden, Edgar Buchanan, Alan Hale, Julie Adams, Brian Keith, Dick York, Ed Asner, George Kennedy, and Claude Akins.

1960  Seven Ways from Sundown 
Director:  Harry Keller
Writer:   Clair Huffaker              
Starring:  Audie Murphy, Barry Sullivan
Notes: Don Collier had a minor credited role as "Duncan" in this film centered on the two main characters as the Texas Ranger played by Audie Murphy brings in the not-so-bad bad guy, played by Barry Sullivan.  No other HC actors are credited, but Henry Wills is listed for stunts here along with HC actors/stuntmen, Charles Horvath, Bob Herron, and Bob Terhune.
1960  Bonanza
Starring:  Lorne Greene, Michael Landon,    
               Dan Blocker, Pernell Roberts 
Episode: The Mission   (September 17, 1960)
Season 2 - Episode 2
Director:  James Neilson
Also starring:  Henry Hull, Peter Whitney,
                      John Dehner, Harry Carey Jr.,
                      Lane Bradford, Dale Van Sickle

Notes: Don plays "Sergeant" in this episode focused on Hoss Cartwright and an alcoholic Army Scout.  This was the first of six guest starring roles that Don had on Bonanza.  Other HC actors in this episode include John Dehner and Lane Bradford.  Like most of the HC cast members, Don made several appearances on Bonanza, David Dortort's other popular television series.  Over the course of its 14 seasons, almost every actor to appear on The High Chaparral made an appearance on Bonanza as well. 

1962  Bonanza
Regular Cast: 
Lorne Greene, Michael Landon,    
                      Dan Blocker, Pernell Roberts 
Episode: The Good Samaritan  (Dec. 23, 1962)
Season 4 - Episode 13
Director:  Don McDougall
Also starring:  Jeanne Cooper

Notes: Don plays ranch hand, "Wade Tyree", who becomes the object of Hoss Cartwright's matchmaking attempts with an attractive widow in this, Don's second appearance on Bonanza.

1962  The Wide Country
Regular Cast:  Earl Holliman
                     Andrew Prine


Episode: Our Ernie Kills People  (November 1, 1962)
Season 1 - Episode 7
Director:  William Witney
Also Starring: Irene Hervey, Richard Jordan,
                      John Litel, Barbara Parkins,
                      Ted DeCorsia, Frank Wilcox, Willis Bouchey

Notes: The Wide Country was a short-lived Western series that ran for only one season, 28 episodes in all.  Don appeared in Our Ernie Kills People, playing "VanAnda".  HC actor, Ted de Corsia, also appeared in that episode.

1962  Death Valley Days
Regular Cast: 
Stanley Andrews
                      Ray Milland
                      Rory Calhoun
                      Ronald Reagan
                      Robert Taylor

Episode: Loss of Faith  (December 31, 1962)
Season 11 - Episode 13
Director:  Unavailable
Also starring:  Jim Davis, Rhonda Fleming

Notes: Don plays "Sheriff Gabrielle" in this episode that also includes HC actor, Jim Davis. Produced by Gene Autry, Death Valley Days was one of television's longest running series, in production for 23 years on ABC from 1952 - 1975.  Ronald Reagan was a weekly host from 1964 - 1966.  Death Valley Days was a series of true stories set in California's Death Valley and sponsored by the famous 20-Mule Team Borax soap commercials.  Other than the hosts, there were no regular cast members, but nearly every Western actor appeared at one time or another.  HC stuntmen, Bob Hoy, Neil Summers, and Bob Terhune all did stunt work for the series.

1963  Death Valley Days
Regular Cast: 
Stanley Andrews
                      Ray Milland
                      Rory Calhoun
                      Ronald Reagan
                      Robert Taylor

Episode:  The Man Who Died Twice  (October 8, 1963)
Season 12 - Episode 6
Director:  Unavailable
Also starring:  Chris Alcaid, Sue Randall,
                      Robert J. Wilke

Notes: Don plays "Jack Slade" here in his second appearance on Death Valley Days.

1964  Death Valley Days
Regular Cast: 
Stanley Andrews
                      Ray Milland
                      Rory Calhoun
                      Ronald Reagan
                      Robert Taylor

Episode: There was Another Dalton Brother (Dec. 10, 1964)
Season 13 - Episode 8
Director:  Phil McDonough
Also starring: Robert Easton,
                     Strother Martin, Laura Shelton,
                     Bill Zuckert, Patrick O'Moore

Notes: Don plays "Frank Dalton", a deputy U.S. Marshal whose official duties conflict with his romantic interests when he suspects the father of his sweetheart of a crime in his third appearance on Death Valley Days.

1964  Gunsmoke
Starring:  James Arness, Dennis Weaver,
               Milburn Stone, Amanda Blake,
               Burt Reynolds, Ken Curtis

Episode:  The Promoter  (April 25, 1964)
Season 9 - Episode 30
Also starring:  Vic Perrin, Larry Blake, Allen Case, Robert Fortier, John Newman, Peggy Stewart

Notes: Don plays "Price" in this hour-long episode that also included HC guest actor, Gregg Palmer.  One of the longest running television series, Gunsmoke ran on CBS for twenty years from 1955 to 1974 with James Arness in the lead role the whole time.  It began as half-hour episodes and expanded to an hour in 1961.  In 1966 it switched from black & white to color.  Like most long-running Westerns, most of the HC actors appeared on Gunsmoke at one time or another.  Stunt work was contributed by HC actors/stuntmen, Bob Hoy, Jerry Summers, Neil Summers, Alex Sharp, Bob Terhune, Steve Raines, Red Morgan, Roy Jenson, Loren Janes, Jerry Gatlin, Richard Farnsworth and Carl Pitti.

1964  The Virginian
Starring:  James Drury, Lee J. Cobb,
               Doug McClure, Gary Clarke,
               Roberta Shore, Randy Boone,
               Clu Gulager, Ross Elliott

Episode:  The Girl From Yesterday  (Nov. 11,1964)
Season 3 - Episode 9
Also starring:  Charles Aidman,  
                      Christian Anderson, Holly Bane,  
                      Charles Bateman Barry Kelley

Don as Marshal Cass in
The Girl From Yesterday

Notes: The Virginian was set in Wyoming in the 1890's and ran on NBC from 1962-1971, one of the few television series to use a 90-minute time slot each week.  Perhaps because it was in production during much of the same time frame as The High Chaparral, the only HC stunt person credited here is Jerry Summers.

1965  Bonanza
Regular Cast: 
Lorne Greene, Michael Landon,    
                      Dan Blocker, Pernell Roberts 

Episode:  The Flannel-Mouth Gun  (Jan. 31, 1965)
Season 6 - Episode 19
Director:  Don McDougall
Also starring: Earl Holliman
                     Robert Wilke
                     Harry Carey, Jr.
                     Bob Hoy

Don as "Ira Tatum"

Notes: In his third guest appearance on Bonanza, Don plays "Ira Tatum" in this story about  hiring a gunman to protect against rustlers.  Fellow HC cast member, Bob Hoy, also appeared in this episode.

1965  Wagon Train
Regular Cast:  John McIntire
                      Robert Fuller
                      Terry Wilson
                      Frank McGrath,

Episode: The Silver Lady  (April 25, 1965)
Season 8 - Episode 25 
Also starring: Michael Burns, Don Galloway, Vera Miles,
                     Arthur O'Connell, Henry Silva

Notes: Don played Wyatt Earp in this next to the last episode of the long-running Wagon Train series that ran for eight seasons.  HC guest star, Henry Silva played Doc Holliday in this episode.  Red Morgan and Henry Wills contributed their stunt skills to the series.

1965  Branded
Regular Cast:  Chuck Connors


Episode: That the Brave Endure   (April 25, 1965)
Season 1 - Episode 14
Director: Ron Winston
Writers:  Michael Dunn, John Wilder, Jerry Ziegman
Also starring: Tommy Sands, Willard Sage, Red Morgan,
                     Marie Windsor, Douglas Fowley

Notes: Don played "Wilkes" in this Army court-martial episode of Branded that ran for two seasons on NBC, starring Chuck Connors after his successful run on The Rifleman.  HC actor, Red Morgan also appears in this episode.  HC stunt people, Steven Burnett, Charles Horvath, and Alex Sharp contributed to the series.

1965  Branded
Regular Cast:  Chuck Connors


Episode: Romany Roundup 1 & 2   (December 5 & 12, 1965)
Season 2 - Episode 13
Director:  Lee H. Katzin
Writers:  Jameson Brewer and Lon Shaw 
Also starring: Ben Ari, Alan Baxter, Ahna Capri, Casey Tibbs,
                     Gary Merrill, Nico Minardos, Michael J. Pollard,
                     Joan Huntington

Notes: In his second role on Branded, Don plays "Jud Foley" in this Western gypsy tale.

1966  Bonanza
Regular Cast: 
Lorne Greene, Michael Landon,    
                      Dan Blocker, Pernell Roberts 

Episode:  Credit for a Kill   (October 23, 1966)
Season 8 - Episode 7
Director:  William F. Claxton
Also starring:  Luana Patten, Dean Harens,
                      Regina Gleason, Ed Faulkner,
                      Troy Melton

Don as "Sheriff Fenton"

Notes: In his fourth appearance on Bonanza, Don plays "Sheriff Fenton" when Little Joe gets mixed up in the killing of a horse thief.  Other HC actors in this episode include Ted Markland, Troy Melton, and Charles Maxwell.  HC Director, Bill Claxton, directs this episode.

1966  Incident at Phantom Hill
Director:  Earl Bellamy
Writers:  Frank S. Nugent, Ken Pettus, Harry Tatelman
Starring:  Robert Fuller, Jocelyn Lane, Dan Duryea, Claude Akins, Tom Simcox
Notes: I have not seen this film but it sounds similar to a couple HC plots where a gold shipment is hijacked after the Civil War, but runs into trouble with outlaws and Apaches.  Don is credited as "Drum".  HC guest actors Noah Beery, Jr., Paul Fix, and Denver Pyle all appear in the film.
1967  Death Valley Days
Regular Cast:  Stanley Andrews, Ray Milland
                      Rory Calhoun, Ronald Reagan
                      Robert Taylor

Epiasode:  The Man Who Wouldn't Die  (1967)
Season 15 - Episode 19
Director:  Unavailable
Also starring:  Jim Davis, Patricia Huston,
                      Steve Cory, Hal Baylor, Todd Martin

As "Josiah Wilbarger" in
The Man Who Wouldn't Die

Notes: Don plays "Josiah Wilbarger" in his fourth and final appearance on Death Valley Days.

1967  Hondo
Regular Cast: 


Episode: Hondo and the War Cry  (1967)
Season  - Episode
Also Starring:


1967  The War Wagon 
Director:  Burt Kennedy
Writer:  Clair Huffaker
Starring:  John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, Howard Keel, Keenan Wynn

Confronting Taw Jackson played by John Wayne

Don as "Shack"

Don with fellow bad guy, Bruce Dern

Guarding the war wagon
Notes: Don Collier plays Shack, one of the bad guy's henchmen.  Other HC actors included Bruce Dern and Red Morgan, along with HC stuntmen Richard Farnsworth, Alex Sharp, Steven Burnett, and Jack Williams in this action-packed film with a legendary fight scene and lots of horse stunts.
1967  El Dorado
Director:  Howard Hawks
Writer:  Harry Brown, Leigh Brackett
Starring:  John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, James Caan, Ed Asner, Johnny Crawford

Don Collier as Deputy Marshal
Joe Braddock

Don as the Deputy with his feet up as
John Wayne rides in to town.

The other side of the conversation
Notes: One of several Westerns of the era filmed at Old Tucson Studios, HC fans will recognize many sets and scenery that looks familiar.  Don Collier has a minor role here as Deputy Joe Braddock who has a brief but friendly conversation with John Wayne's character.  Other HC actors included Paul Fix, R.G. Armstrong, Robert Donner, Jim Davis, and Rodolfo Hoyos, Jr., with stunts by Neil Summers and Walt LaRue. 
1968  Five Card Stud 
Director:  Henry Hathaway
Writers:  Ray Gaulden, Marguerite Roberts
Starring:  Dean Martin, Robert Mitchum, Inger Stevens, Roddy McDowell

Don Collier, as Rowan, confronts Deputy Otis

Bob Hoy, as Deputy Otis, facing down Rowan
Notes: Shot at the height of the High Chaparral series, this film included both Don and fellow HC cast member, Bob Hoy.  Don plays Rowan, a hot tempered gold miner who shoots and kills Bob's character, a deputy marshal, named Otis.  A host of other HC guests can be spotted here including Yaphet Kotto, Denver Pyle, Ted de Corsia, Roy Jensen, Jerry Gatlin, Red Morgan, and Bill Fletcher.  Red Morgan and Jerry Gatlin also contribute stunt work.
1969  The Undefeated 
Director:  Andrew V. McLaglin
Writers:  James Lee Barrett, Stanley Hough, Lewis B. Patten
Starring:  John Wayne, Rock Hudson,
                Lee Meriwether, Merlin Olsen

As Goodyear with two other Thomas Riders

With John Wayne and Rock Hudson

End of the Civil War

Riding herd with John Wayne

Notes: Don has a significant role in this John Wayne Western that was the reason for his absence for much of the third season of High Chaparral. He plays "Goodyear", one of John Wayne's right hand men in this story of the Thomas riders set immediately following the Civil War. Other HC actors showing up here include Paul Fix, Carlos Rivas, Dub Taylor, Robert Donner, Richard Angarola, and Gregg Palmer.
1972  Bonanza
Regular Cast: 
Lorne Greene
                     Michael Landon    
                     Dan Blocker
                     Pernell Roberts 
Episode:  The Saddle Stiff  (1972)
Season 13 - Episode 17
Director:  William F. Claxton
Also starring:  Buddy Ebsen, Charles H. Gray,
                     Jay Breckenridge, Jay Macintosh, Hal Riddle

Notes: Don plays "Paul Walker" in his fifth guest starring role on Bonanza.  In this episode Buddy Ebsen, as a hired hand, challenges Ben Cartwright to prove his abilities.  Other HC actors here include Henry Wills and Dick Farnsworth.  HC Director, Bill Claxton directs this episode.

1973  Bonanza
Regular Cast: 
Lorne Greene
                      Michael Landon  
                      Dan Blocker
                      Pernell Roberts 
Episode:  The Hunter  (1973)
Season 14 - Episode 15
Director:  Michael Landon
Also starring:  Tom Skerritt, Phillip Avenetti, 
                       Peter O'Crotty, Hal Burton

Notes: In his sixth and final role on Bonanza, Don is uncredited but he provides the voice-over of the military judge in the beginning and ending of this show, the final episode of the Bonanza television series.

1974  Gunsmoke
Starring:  James Arness, Dennis Weaver,
               Milburn Stone, Amanda Blake,
               Burt Reynolds, Ken Curtis

Episode: The Foundling  (1974)
Season 19 - Episode 18
Director:  Unavailable
Also starring:  Bonnie Bartlett, Donald Moffat,
                      Dran Hamilton, Jerry Hardin,
                      Kay Lenz, Robert Brubaker

Notes: In his second appearance on Gunsmoke, Don plays "Eli Baines" in this story about a homeless infant.  HC guest actor, Donald Moffat, has a role in this episode.

1976  Little House on the Prairie
Executive Producer:  Michael Landon
Regular Cast:  Michael Landon, Karen Grassle,
           Melissa Gilbert, Melissa Sue Anderson,
           Lindsay (&) Sidney Greenbush,
          Alison Arngrim, Dean Butler, Richard Bull,
          Kevin Hagen, Victor French,
          Katherine MacGregor, Jonathan Gilbert,
          Kelly Thordsen, Shannen Doherty,
         Allison Balson, Leslie Landon, Dabbs Greer,
         David Friedman, Lindsay Kennedy

Episode: The Runaway Caboose (1976)
Season 2 - Episode 16
Director:  Bill Claxton
Also Starring: Bob Hoy, Jerry Gatlin,
                      Sean McClory, Paul Bryar,
                      Troy Melton, Parley Baer,
                      Larry Blake, Arch Johnson,
                      James Chandler, Skip Riley  

Don as Schultz, the train engineer

Don with Michael Landon

Notes: Don teamed up with Bob Hoy again, this time as train engineer and fireman in the first of two appearances he made on Little House on the Prairie.  With Michael Landon as Executive Producer, Little House had many Bonanza and High Chaparral connections among the production crew.  Most notable was Producer Kent McCray and his wife Susan, credited here as Susan Sukman, Casting Director.  David Rose is credited with the music.  Bill Claxton did a lot of the early directing.  Don Balluck and many other HC writers contributed to the Little House series which ran from 1974 - 1983.  Other HC actors in the regular cast included Kevin Hagen, Ted Gehring, and Kelly Thordsen, along with stuntmen, Neil Summers, Carl Pitti, Loren Janes, and Bob Herron.  Other HC actors in this episode include Bob Hoy, Jerry Gatlin, Sean McClory, Paul Bryar, and Troy Melton.

1978  Kate Bliss and the Ticker Tape Kid
Director:  Burt Kennedy
Writer:  William Bowers, John Rester Zodrow
Starring:  Suzanne Pleshette, Don Meredith, Harry Morgan, Tony Randall, Burgess Meredith,
                Buck Taylor, Jerry Hardin, Harry Carey, Jr.
Notes: Suzanne Pleshette plays the lead role as a lady investigator in this comedy Western set in the 1890's.  Don is credited as "Tim".  HC guest actor, John Pickard, also appears.
1978  How the West Was Won 
1979   The Last Ride of the Dalton Gang
1979   The Sacketts 
1979   Mr. Horn
1976  Little House on the Prairie
Executive Producer:  Michael Landon
Regular Cast:  Michael Landon, Karen Grassle,
           Melissa Gilbert, Melissa Sue Anderson,
           Lindsay (&) Sidney Greenbush,
          Dean Butler, Richard Bull,
          Kevin Hagen, Victor French,
          Katherine MacGregor, Jonathan Gilbert,

Episode:  For the Love of Blanche (1983)
Season 9 - Episode 20
Director: Victor French
Also Starring:  Don Michaelson,
                       Ruth Foster, Eddie Quillan,
                       Elmore Vincent    

As the Sheriff in "For the Love of Blanche"

With Victor French and "Blanche"

Notes: Don plays the Sheriff who reluctantly must see that Blanche is destroyed here in his second appearance on Little House.

1983   September Gun
1988   Once Upon a Texas Train 
Director:  Burt Kennedy
Writer:    Burt Kennedy
Starring:  Willie Nelson, Richard Widmark, Shaun Cassidy, Chuck Conners, Ken Curtis,
               Angie Dickinson, Harry Carey Jr.,

As the prison Warden (left), releasing John Henry, played by Willie Nelson

Notes: Don has a brief part as the prison warden who releases Willie Nelson from prison in this remake of "The Over-the-Hill Gang".  Other HC actors include Jack Elam, Kevin McCarthy, and Dub Taylor, with Jack Lilley on stunts.
The Young Riders
(Series Regular Cast)
Regular Cast:  Anthony Zerbe, Ty Miller, Stephen Baldwin, Josh Brolin, Gregg Rainwater,
                      Yvonne Suhor, Travis Fine, Brett Cullen, Melissa Leo, Don Collier

Don as Tompkins in Gunfighter
Season 1 - Episode 2   (September 21, 1989)
Director: Jim Johnston    Writer: Harv Zimmel

Don as Tompkins in Home of the Brave
Season 1 - Episode 3   (October 5, 1989)
Director: Dan Lerner    Writer: Dennis Cooper

Don as Tompkins in Black Ulysses
Season 1 - Episode 6    (October 26, 1989)
Director: Bruce Kessler  Writer: Dennis Cooper

Don as Tompkins in Ten Cent Hero
(with Ty Miller and Josh Brolin)
 Season 1 - Episode 7    (November 2, 1989)
Director: Kevin Hooks   
Writers: Jonas McCord, Steven Baum, Deirdre LeBlanc

Don as Tompkins in False Colors
Season 1 - Episode 8    (November 9, 1989)
Director: George Mendeluk Writer: Raymond Hartung

Don as Tompkins in Lady for a Night
Season 1 - Episode 15   (January 18, 1990)
Director: Virgel W. Vogel  Writers: Raymond Hartung

Don as Tompkins in Unfinished Business
(with Brett Cullen)
 Season 1 - Episode 16    (February 1, 1990)
Director: George Mendeluk Writer: Alan Levy

Don as Tompkins in Daddy's Girl
Season 1 - Episode 18    (February 15, 1990)
Director: George Mendeluk Writer: Janet Himelstein

Don as Tompkins in The Man Behind the Badge
Season 1 - Episode 21   (March 22, 1990)
Director: Robert Totten  Writer: Deirdre LeBlanc

Don as Tompkins in Gathering Clouds (Part 1)
Season 1 - Episode 23   (April 30, 1990)
Director: Lee H. Katzin 
Writers: Tony Blake, Paul Jackson

Don as Tompkins in Gathering Clouds (Part 2)
(with Travis Fine and Cynthia Nixon)
Season 1 - Episode 24   (May 7, 1990)
Director: Lee H. Katzin    Writers: Tony Blake, Paul Jackson

Notes: Don played the recurring regular role of William Tompkins, the shop keeper, in at least eighteen episodes of this Emmy award winning Western about the Pony Express that ran for three seasons on ABC. His episodes included Gunfighter; Home of the Brave; Black Ulysses; Ten Cent Hero; False Colors; The Man Behind the Badge; Gathering Clouds Part 1 and 2; Lady for a Night; Unfinished Business; Daddy's Girl; Blood Moon; Pride and Prejudice; Bad Company; Star Light, Star Bright; A Noble Chase; and 'Til Death Do Us Part: Part 1.  (Don has some lines and appears briefly from the back in The Keepsake.)

1990   El Diablo 
Director:  Peter Markle
Writers:  Tommy Lee Wallace, John Carpenter, Bill Phillips
Starring:  Anthony Edwards, Louis Gossett Jr., John Glover, Joe Pantoliano, Robert Beltran

Don as Jake, the bounty hunter

Don with Louis Gossett Jr.

Notes: Don plays "Jake", the leader of a band of bounty hunters who gets killed early in this entertaining comedy about an inexperienced school teacher who tries to rescue a kidnapped schoolgirl with the help of a famous gunslinger who turns out to actually be a novelist, not a real gunslinger.  HC cast member Roberto Contreras' son, Luis Contreras, has a role in this made-for-TV film.  Excellent cinematography and familiar Arizona scenery.
1992  Gunsmoke:  To the Last Man
Director:  Jerry Jameson
Writer:  Earl W. Wallace
Starring:  James Arness, Pat Hingle, Amy Stock-Poynton, Morgan Woodward, Jason Lively 
               Mills Watson, Amanda Wyss,

Don as Sheriff Tom

Don as Sheriff Tom, greets Matt Dillon
and his daughter, Beth

Notes: Don plays "Sheriff Tom" of Tombstone in this Gunsmoke reprise, produced almost 20 years after the end of the long running series.  Marshall Dillon is retired and it is the mid-1880's but he is called back into service to track down Arizona rustlers.  HC actors who appeared included Pat Hingle, Morgan Woodward, and Mills Watson.
1993  Tombstone 
Director:  George P. Cosmatos
Writer:  Kevin Jarre
Starring:  Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer, Sam Elliott, Bill Paxton, Powers Boothe, Michael Biehn,
               Charlton Heston, Jason Priestley, Billy Bob Thornton, Dana Delany, Harry Carey Jr.

Don plays the "High Roller" in the black bowler during one of the gambling scenes. 
He has some lines, but is not seen from the front.  Seen here with Kurt Russell.

Notes: The other HC actor here, of course, is Kurt Russell who was 17 when he appeared as Dan Rondo in "The Guns of Johnny Rondo" episode of The High Chaparral. Jerry Wills is credited here for stunt work.

1994   Gunsmoke:  One Man's Justice
Director:  Jerry Jameson
Writers:  Harry & Renee Longstreet
Starring:  James Arness, Bruce Boxleitner, Amy Stock-Poynton, Alan Scarfe
Notes: Don again plays a Gunsmoke sheriff in another made-for-TV feature film, this time produced by James Arness.  Matt Dillon tries to stop a young man from going after revenge when his mother is killed in a coach robbery.
1995  Bonanza:  Under Attack
Director: Mark Tinker
Writer:  David Dortort, Denne Bart Petitclerc
Starring:  Ben Johnson, Michael Landon Jr., Dirk Blocker, Emily Warfield, Brian Leckner,
               Richard Roundtree, Jack Elam, Dennis Farina, Leonard Nimoy, Ted Markland

Don as U.S. Marshall, T.J. Fox in the closing scenes of Bonanza: Under Attack

Notes: Don plays U.S. Marshall, Captain T.J. Fox, in this 1995 revision of life on the Ponderosa.  Other HC actors who had parts here include HC cast member, Ted Markland, and HC guest, Jack Elam. 
1995  Legend
Episode:  Knee-High Noon


Episode: Knee-High Noon (1995)
Season  - Episode
Also starring: 


2006  Pace Picante Commercial
Starring:  Don Collier

Notes: Don plays the wizened cowboy with the unmistakable Western twang questioning the authenticity of the greenhorn from "New York City" in this often seen Pace Picante Commercial. 

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