The High Chaparral
Cast Western Filmographies


From "Outcasts of Poker Flats"

Cameron Mitchell

From "The High Chaparral"

Feature Films



Man in the Saddle 

As George Virk with Randolph Scott in
Man in the Saddle


Pony Soldier

As Konah in Pony Soldier


Outcasts of Poker Flats 

As  Ryker with Anne Baxter in
Outcasts of Poker Flats


Powder River 

As Dr. Mitch Hardin in Powder River

1953 Garden of Evil 

As Luke with Susan Hayward in Garden of Evil
1955 The Tall Men

As Clint with Clark Gable in The Tall Men


Tension at Table Rock

As Sheriff Fred Miller in Tension at Table Rock


The Last Gun 

As Bill/Jim Hart in The Last Gun


Minnesota Clay

As Minnesota Clay

1965 Ride in the Whirlwind 

As Vern in Ride in the Whirlwind



As Frank Braden in Hombre


Buck and the Preacher 

As Deshay in Buck and the Preacher

1955   The Oxbow Incident 
(Television Feature)

As Donald Martin in The Oxbow Incident
Zane Grey Theater 
The Doctor Keeps a Promise (1958)
The Grubstake
Trail Incident

As Charlie Patch in Trail Incident
1958   Colt 45
Point of Honor
1959   Wagon Train
The Duke LeMay Story
1959   Bonanza
House Divided

As Frederick Kyle in House Divided
1960   Death Valley Days 
Pete Kitchinís Wedding
1966   Daniel Boone
The Loserís Race (1966)

As James Dorsey in The Loser's Race

The Fifth Man (1966)
1970   The Andersonville Trial 
(Television Feature)

As Gen. Lew Wallace in The Andersonville Trial

With William Shatner in The Andersonville Trial
1972   Alias Smith and Jones 
Which Way to the OK Corral?

s Marshal Wyatt Earp in Which Way
to the OK Corral?
1974   Gunsmoke
The Iron Man

As Chauncey Demon in The Iron Man
1974   The Hanged Man 
(Television Feature)
1976   The Quest 
(Television Feature)
1978   How the West was Won 
(Television Feature)
1980   Wild Times 
(Television Feature)
1983   The Gambler Part 2
(Television Feature)

As Col. Greeley in The Gambler Part 2
1986   Dream West (Television Feature)

Other Western Filmographies

Leif Erickson                (John Cannon)
Cameron Mitchell
          (Buck Cannon)
Linda Cristal
                (Victoria Cannon)
Henry Darrow
              (Manolito Montoya)
Mark Slade
                  (Blue Cannon)
Rudy Ramos                  (Wind)
Frank Silvera
               (Don Sebastian Montoya)

Don Collier                    (Sam Butler)
Bob Hoy                        (Joe Butler)
Roberto Contreras         (Pedro) 
Ted Markland                (Reno)
Rudolfo Acosta              (Vaquero)
Jerry Summers              (Ira)

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