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1958  The Rough Riders
Regular Cast:  Kent Taylor
                     Jan Merlin
                     Peter Whitney

Episode: The Counterfeiters (Dec 11, 1958)
Season 1 - Episode 11
Director:  Eddie Davis
Writers:  George and Gertrude Fass
Also Starring:  John Vivyan, Nancy Hadley, 
                       House Peters, Jr., George Aldredge     

Notes: A 30-minute Western that ran on ABC for 39 episodes from October 1958 to July 1959, this was Ted's screen debut followed quickly by several other guest appearances on other television Westerns.  It was the story of two Union and one Confederate soldier who team up after the war to head west.

1958  The Restless Gun
Regular Cast: 
John Payne

Episode: Peligroso (Dec 15, 1958)
Season 2 - Episode 12
Director: Christian Nyby
Also Starring: Robert Fuller, Marcia Henderson, Dabbs Greer,
                      Trevor Bardette, and Ashley Cowan

Notes: Ted plays "Collie Smith" in this second season episode that was HC creator David Dortort's debut as a producer.  Dortort also wrote the screenplay for the pilot of this 30-minute Western that ran on NBC for 78 episodes from March 1957 to June 1959.  It was the story of Vint Bonner, a legendary fast gun whose reputation won't let him give up the business. 

1959  Buckskin
Regular Cast:  Tommy Nolan
                      Sally Brophy
                      Michael Road
                      Shirley Knight
                      Michael Lipton

Episode: Coup Stick  (February 2, 1959)
Season 1 - Episode 23
Director:  Earl Bellamy
Also Starring: Frank de Kova,
                      Cris Roberts 

Notes: Ted played "Nestor" in this episode of NBC's 30-minute Western about a Montana boarding house that ran for only 39 episodes during the 1958-59 season.  HC guest, Frank de Kova, has a guest star role in this episode.

1959  Have Gun Will Travel
Regular Cast: 
Richard Boone
                      Kam Tong
                      Lisa Lu

Episode: Incident at Borasca Bend   (March 9, 1959)
Season 2 - Episode 27
Director:  Andrew V. McLaglen
Writer:  Jay Simms
Also Starring: Jacques Aubuchon, Perry Cook,
                      Ben Wright, Ed Faulkner, Stewart East

Ted as Patterson swears Paladin in.

  Ted with Richard Boone as Paladin

Notes: Ted plays "Patterson", one of several rather dim-witted miners in this episode of Have Gun Will Travel, a popular 30-minute Western that ran on CBS from 1957 to 1963.  Richard Boone starred as "Paladin", a dapper gunslinger who only used his gun as a last resort.  Jerry Summers, Alex Sharp, Red Morgan, and Charles Horvath were some of the HC stuntmen who had contributions over the course of the series.  The full series is now available on DVD in excellent black & white quality.

1959  The Man from Blackhawk
Regular Cast:  Robert Rockwell

Episode: Death is the Best Policy  (December 18, 1959)
Season 1 - Episode 11
Director:  John Peyser
Writer: Eric Freiwald
Also Starring: Walter Burke, Virginia Christine

Notes: Ted played "Early Schuler" in this episode of another short-lived 30-minute Western.  It ran for 37 episodes on ABC, about an insurance investigator who traveled the West in the 1880's. 

1960  Have Gun Will Travel
Regular Cast:  Richard Boone
                      Kam Tong
                      Lisa Lu

Episode: The Search  (June 18, 1960)
Season 3 - Episode 39
Director: Richard Boone
Writers: Sloan Nibley and Frank R. Pierson
Also Starring: Charles Aidman, Wright King, Perry Cook,
                      Peggy Rea, Earle Hodgins, Tex Lambert

Ted Markland as "Shorty"

Ted with Paladin, played by Richard Boone

Notes: In this, his second appearance on Have Gun Will Travel, Ted has a significant role as "Shorty", with two long conversational scenes.  HC guest, Charles Aidman, is the guest star here. 

1960  Tate
Regular Cast:  David McLean
                      Patricia Breslin

Episode: Tigero (August 3, 1960)
Season 1 - Episode 7
Director:  David Lowell Rich
Writer: Harry Julian Fink
Also Starring: Martin Landau, Ronald Nicholas, Mark Norton  

Notes: Ted played "Bill Towley" in this episode of the short-lived 30-minute NBC Western about a one-armed gunslinger that ran for only 13 episodes. 

1961  Outlaws
Regular Cast:  Barton MacLane, Don Collier,
                     Jock Gaynor, Wynn Pearce,
                     Bruce Yarnell, Slim Pickens,
                     Judy Lewis

Episode: The Little Colonel (May 18, 1961)
Season 1 - Episode 26
Directors:  John Rich, Douglas Heyes
Writer: Lowell Barrington
Also Starring: Ralph Manza, Graig Curtis,
                      Rafael Campos, Anna Navarro

Notes:  Ted played "Cass" in this episode of Outlaws an edgy NBC Western played from the outlaw point-of-view that ran for two seasons in Thursday evening prime-time.  Don Collier played Deputy Marshal, "Will Foreman", in what was his break-out film role.    HC producer, Kent McCray, was Associate Producer for the series.

1965  The Wild, Wild West
Regular Cast:  Robert Conrad
                      Ross Martin
                      Michael Dunn

Episode: The Night of the Red-Eyed Madmen (Nov. 26, 1965)
Season 1 - Episode 11
Director:  Irving Moore
Writer:  Stanford Whitmore
Also Starring: Martin Landau, Marianna Case, Ray Kellogg, Joan Huntington, Shary Marshall, Gregg Martell

Notes: Ted played "Jack Talbot" in this first season episode of the popular CBS Western-Spy series that ran from 1965-1969.  It used a 60-minute format that began as black & white but switched to color in 1966.

1965  The Hallelujah Trail
Director:  John Sturges
Starring:  Burt Lancaster, Lee Remick, Donald Pleasance, Brian Keith,
Martin Landau, Jim Hutton
               John Anderson


Ted Markland as "The Bandleader"

Ted with senior officer, John Anderson

Ted appears with the cavalry in many shots,
here he is just to the left behind Burt Lancaster

Ted directing his army band.

Notes: After appearing for eight years in a variety of television guest roles, Ted made his debut on the big screen in Hallelujah Trail.  He plays the cavalry band leader commandeered by the local ladies temperance group to play marches for them.  The movie has a lot of major star presence and some beautiful cinematography but it is a bit long for a film that is working hard to be a comedy/satire.  Lots of horse and wagon stunt work here along with some tongue-in-cheek pokes at the Western genre.  Other HC Actors include:  Dub Taylor, Helen Kleeb, Jerry Gatlin, John McKee, Carl Pitti, John Dehner, and Eddie Little Sky.  HC Stunt Contributions:  Steven Burnett, Tony Epper, Jerry Gatlin, John McKee, and Carl Pitti.
1966  Bonanza
Regular Cast:  Lorne Greene
                     Michael Landon
                     Dan Blocker
                     Pernell Roberts
                     Victor Sen Yung

Episode: Credit for a Kill   (October 23, 1966)
Season 8 - Episode 7
Director:  William F. Claxton
Also Starring: Don Collier, Luana Patten, Dean Harens, Charles Maxwell, Regina Gleason, Ed Faulkner, Troy Melton

Notes: Ted plays "Boone" in this episode of David Dortort's sister series, Bonanza.  It ran on NBC from 1959-73.  Nearly everyone involved with HC is credited with contributions to Bonanza as well.  This episode included Don Collier in a guest star role as well as HC guests, Charles Maxwell and Troy Melton.  HC stuntmen who also worked on Bonanza during its run included Henry Wills, Bob Hoy, Jerry Summers, Jerry Gatlin, Bob Herron, Whitey Hughes, Troy Melton, Alex Sharp, Neil Summers, Bob Terhune, Jack Williams, Jay Jones, and Carl Pitti.

1967  Water Hole No. 3  
Director:  William A. Graham
Writers:  Joseph T. Steck and Robert R. Young
Starring:  James Coburn, Carroll O'Connor, Margaret Blye, Claude Akins, Bruce Dern,
               Joan Blondell, James Whitmore  


Notes:  Ted has a role as "Soldier #2 in this comedy Western film, which is not quite politically correct in its attitudes towards women.  It is irreverent but fun if you can set aside the insensitivities of its production era.  Includes a stellar cast. HC associated actors appearing here include Bruce Dern, Roy Jenson, Robert Cornthwaite, and Buzz Henry.
1971  The Hired Hand  
Director:  Peter Fonda
Starring:  Peter Fonda, Warren Oates, Verna Bloom, Robert Pratt, Severn Darden, Owen Orr


Ted Markland as Luke in The Hired Hand

Luke with his cohort, Mace, played by Owen Orr

Notes: Ted plays a minor villain, "Luke", in this wistful independent film in the vagabond tradition of Easy Rider.  This was Peter Fonda's directorial debut.  Very fine cinematography and effects with lots of attention to set and scenery detail along with a haunting soundtrack. One of the first Westerns of the era where pioneer women don't wear false eyelashes and heavy make-up.  A fine sleeper if you haven't seen it yet.
1972   Ulzana’s Raid   
Director:  Robert Aldrich
Writer:  Alan Sharp
Starring:  Burt Lancaster, Bruce Davison, Joaquin Martinez, Jorge Luke, Richard Jaeckel


Notes: Ted plays one of the troopers in this cult classic that continues to win rave reviews as an early realistic Western, sometimes referred to as a Viet Nam allegory.  Joaquin Martinez, who guested in four HC episodes plays the title role here as Ulzana.  Other HC personnel with acting credits include:  John McKee, Tony Epper, Fred Brookfield, Jerry Gatlin, and Richard Farnsworth.  HC stunt contributions from  Fred Brookfield, Chuck Courtney, Patty Elder, Tony Epper, and John McKee.
1973  Jory   
Director:  Jorge Fons
Writers:  Milton R. Bass, Jerry Herman, Robert Irving
Starring:  John Marley, B.J. Thomas, Robby Benson, Claudio Brook, Patricia Aspillaga, Brad Dexter 
Notes: Ted plays "Corporal Hap Evans" in this story of an orphaned boy learning to make his way in the West.  HC guest, Todd Martin also appears here.
1977   The Great Gundown        (AKA  Forty Graves for Forty Guns)
Director:  Paul Hunt
Writers:  Steve Fisher, Paul Hunt, Robert Padilla 
Starring:  Robert Padilla, Malila Saint Duval, Richard Rust, Steve Oliver, David Eastman,
               Stanley Adams, Rockne Tarkington, Michael Christian, Michael Greene


Notes: Ted plays "Horton" in this New Mexico Western about an Indian who is half white who attacks a gang of outlaws.
1978  How the West Was Won 
Directors:  Bernard and Vincent McEveety
Writers:  Jim Byrnes, Colley Cibber, Calvin Clements, Howard Fast, William Kelley, John Mantley,
               Jack Miller, Katharyn Powers, Earl W. Wallace
Starring:  James Arness, Fionnula Flanagan, Bruce Boxleitner, Kathryn Holcomb, William Kirby,
               Richard Basehart, Lloyd Bridges, Brian Keith,  Tim Matheson, William Shatner,
               Slim Pickens, Eric Braeden
Notes: Ted plays "Nugget" in the first two parts of this star-studded 10-part mini-series about a the Macahan family's emigration west.  HC cast members, Cameron Mitchell and Don Collier also have roles, along with a host of other HC actors includeing James Almanzar, Robert Donner, Robert DoQui, Bert Freed, Warren J. Kemmerling, Eddie Little Sky, Sean McClory, Ricardo Montalban, Gregg Palmer, John Pickard, Dub Taylor, Mills Watson, Morgan Woodward, William Conrad, Robert Phillips, Ted Jordan, and Larry D. Mann.  Neil Summers worked on the stunt crew.
1994  The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.
Regular Cast:  Bruce Campbell
                      Julius Carry
                      Christian Clemenson

Episode: Wild Card   (April 8, 1994)
Season 1 - Episode 23
Also Starring: Kelly Rutherford, Jeff Phillips, Elaine Hendrix, Louis Giambalvo, Paul Ben-Victor, Peter Dobson

Notes: Ted has a minor role as "Duster #1" in this futuristic Western series with similarities to The Wild, Wild, West.  It ran on the Fox Network for just 26 60-minute episodes during the 1993-94 season.

1994   The Outsider   
Director:  Grainger Hines
Writers:  Grainger Hines and Bridget Hoffman
Starring:  Grainger Hines, Conrad Bachmann, Emilio Borelli, Sabrina Chateau, Denise Johnson,
               Robert Ketecki, Ted Markland, Bill Roger, Vanusa Spindler, Lea Anne Wolfe


Notes:  Ted plays a significant role here as "Colonel Howling", a Colorado rancher turned gold prospector in this independently made Western set in 1879.  Great Colorado scenery, authentic costuming and excellent cinematography.
1995   Wild Bill   
Director:  Walter Hill
Starring:  Jeff Bridges, Ellen Barkin, John Hurt, Diane Lane, David Arquette, Keith Carradine,
                Christina Applegate


Ted as "Tommy Drum", Saloon Owner

Ted facing away from the camera talking to
Wild Bill, played by Jeff Bridges

Notes:  Ted plays "Tommy Drum", the saloon owner who comes to Wild Bill's rescue when he is set upon by a gang of thugs.  Unfortunately he is mostly shot from behind or in low light and fast motion.  This stylistic portrayal of the life of Wild Bill Hickock shows the rough edges of Deadwood and a man caught by his own reputation. HC actors James Gammon and Bruce Dern also have roles here.
1995  Bonanza: Under Attack
Director:  Mark Tinker
Writers:  David Dortort, Denne Bart Petitclerc
Starring:  Ben Johnson, Michael Landon Jr., Emily Warfield, Brian Leckner, Jeff Phillips,
                Richard Roundtree, Jack Elam, Dirk Blocker, Dennis Farina, Leonard Nimoy

Ted Markland as Cole

Ted Markland as Cole

Notes: Ted plays "Cole" in this 1995 revision of life on the Ponderosa.  Other HC actors who had parts here include HC cast member, Don Collier, and HC guest, Jack Elam. 

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