The High Chaparral
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The High Chaparral

Mark Slade

The High Chaparral

Television (4)

1961  Rawhide
Regular Cast:  Eric Fleming, Clint Eastwood, Sheb Wooley,
                      Paul Brinegar, Steve Raines, Rocky Shahan,
                      James Murdock

Episode: The Gentleman's Gentleman  (December 15, 1961)
Season 4 - Episode 11
Director:  Sobey Martin
Writers:  J.E. Selby
Also Starring: Brian Aherne, Paul Barselou, Sheila Bromley, 
                      Kathryn Card, Lane Chandler, Tim Graham,
                     John Hart, Jean Harvey, Richard Shannon,
                     Jay Silverheels, John Sutton, Russell Thorson

As the "Bellboy" in
The Gentleman's Gentleman

Notes: Mark has only a minor role in this, his first Western.  Rawhide was a popular 60-minute CBS series that ran from 1959 until 1966.  It was the story of the never-ending cattle drive and the adventures the drovers ran into along the way.  Rawhide brought an unknown Clint Eastwood to the notice of millions of viewers and launched his reputation as a Western actor.  HC guest actor, Steve Raines was one of the regular cast of Rawhide.  HC Stunt people participating in the course of the Rawhide series included Bob Hoy, Steve Raines, Walter Scott, Bob Terhune, Jack Williams, and Henry Wills. 

1964  Rawhide
Regular Cast: 
Eric Fleming, Clint Eastwood, Sheb Wooley,
                      Paul Brinegar, Steve Raines, Rocky Shahan,
                      James Murdock

Episode: The Enormous Fist  (October 2, 1964)
Season 7 - Episode 2
Director:  Bernard L. Kowalski
Writers:  Sam Ross
Also Starring: James Anderson
                      Brenda Scott
                      Lee Van Cleef

As "Adam Grant" in
The Enormous Fist

Notes: Mark played "Adam Grant" here in his second Western and his second appearance on Rawhide.  He had a more substantial part with more lines in this than the previous episode.

1966  Bonanza
Regular Cast: 
Lorne Greene, Michael Landon,
                      Dan Blocker, Pernell Roberts,
                     Victor Sen Yung

Episode: A Real Nice, Friendly Little Town  (Nov. 27, 1966)
Season 8 - Episode 12
Also Starring: Bobby Byles, robert Doyle, Robert Foulk,
                      Billy M. Greene, Glegg Hoyt, Louise Latham,
                      Burt Mustin, Herb Vigran

As Jud Rikeman in
A Real Nice, Friendly Little Town

Notes: David Dortort's sister series, Bonanza, ran on NBC from 1959-73.  Nearly everyone involved with HC is credited with contributions to Bonanza as well.  This episode included Mark Slade in a guest star role as one of two bickering brothers who bushwack Hoss.  Also appearing is HC guest, Vaughn Taylor.  HC stuntmen who also worked on Bonanza during its run included Henry Wills, Bob Hoy, Jerry Summers, Jerry Gatlin, Bob Herron, Whitey Hughes, Troy Melton, Alex Sharp, Neil Summers, Bob Terhune, Jack Williams, Jay Jones, and Carl Pitti.

1967  The Wild, Wild West
Regular Cast: 
Robert Conrad
                      Ross Martin
                      Michael Dunn

Episode: The Night of the Gypsy Peril  (   1967)
Season 2 - Episode 18
Also Starring: Arthur Batanides, Charles Horvath,
                      Ruta Lee, Ronald Long, Johnny Seven,
                      Nick Cravat, Andi Garrett

As Hillard in
"Night of the Gypsy Peril"

Notes: Mark played "Hillard" in this first season episode of the popular CBS Western-Spy series that ran from 1965-1969.  It used a 60-minute format that began as black & white but switched to color in 1966.  HC stunt men who appeared in the series included Steven Burnett, Bill Catching, Chuck Courtney, Bob Herron, Dick (Bear) Hudkins, and Jerry Summers.

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