The High Chaparral
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The High Chaparral

Rudy Ramos

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The High Chaparral

Television Features (2)

Television Series (1)

1971  The Virginian
Regular Cast: 
James Drury, Lee J. Cobb,
               Doug McClure, Gary Clarke,
               Roberta Shore, Randy Boone,
               Clu Gulager, Ross Elliott

Episode: The Animal  (January 20, 1971)
Season 9 - Episode 16
Also Starring: Leon Ames, Scott Brady, Edd Byrnes,
                      Chuck Connors, Katherine Crawford,
                      Andy Devine, Shug Fisher, Jack Ging,
                      James Westerfield

Notes: Rudy plays an Indian youth in this episode of The Virginian.  Set in Wyoming in the 1890's the series ran on NBC from 1962-1971, one of the few television series to use a 90-minute time slot each week.  HC guest actor Scott Brady appears in this episode.  Perhaps because it was in production during much of the same time frame as The High Chaparral, the only HC stunt people credited for The Virginian were Jerry Summers and Chuck Courtney.

1982  The Legend of Walks Far Woman 
Director: Mel Damski
Writers:  Evan Hunter and Colin Stuart
Starring:  Raquel Welch, Bradford Dillman, Nick Mancuso, Dehl Berti, Rudy Diaz, Janice Harlan
1999  Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman: The Movie 

Director: James Keach                                    
Writers:  Josef Anderson and Beth Sullivan
Starring:  Jane Seymour, Joe Lando, Jim Knobeloch,
               Frank Collison, Henry G. Sanders,
               Shawn Toovey, Jonelle Allen, Larry Sellers
               Geoffrey Lower, Garey McGhie

Rudy as Captain Ruiz

Notes: Rudy played the intensely nasty "Captain Ruiz" in this reprise of the story of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.  The two-hour television feature was eagerly awaited by the fans of the television series that had run for six seasons on CBS from 1993 to 1998.

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