The High Chaparral

Guest Stars

The High Chaparral  had notable guest stars nearly every week, some famous, some soon-to-be-famous, some great character actors and many others.  If you are wondering if someone guest starred on HC or in which episodes, you can find them in the alphabetical pages below where you will also find photos from most of their appearances.  These credits, for more than 320 guests, are mostly taken from the official NBC story line press kits.  They also include most, but not all, of the actors listed in the closing credits.  Of course, many actors in the series were not credited at all.  I continue to add guests and photos as I can identify them.

Kathleen Crowley as The Countess Maria 
"Once on a Day in Spring"

       Guest stars are also listed by episode in the second table below.  If you want to know more about a particular guest's career, enter their name in one of the TV/Movie data sites listed on the Links page. 

Mystery Guest Page
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Interesting Notes:  
Michael Keep is credited in the most episodes (6) of any guest star and was the only one credited in all four seasons.  He played a variety of Apache chiefs, including Cochise, Chief Natchez, Chiopana, Red Eagle, and Chief Tobar.  The only other guest credited with six episodes is Henry Wills who played a variety of small parts, credited and not credited, in many episodes of all four seasons.  He was also the stunt coordinator for the series, so his name is in the closing credits of every episode for that.  If you spot him in some episode I don't have listed yet, let me know and I will try to catch him.

William Tannen is Bob the Bartender in "Shadows on the Land"  then a few episodes later he is Mike the Bartender in "The Kinsman", both at the saloon in Tucson. 

Guest Stars Alphabetically by Last Name
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The High Chaparral
Guest Stars by Episode

1.01 Destination Tucson

Caulfield, Joan
O'Donnell, Erin
de Anda, Mike
Wills, Henry
King, Evelyn

1.02 The Arrangement Alaniz, Rico
Moreno, Jorge
X. Brands

1.03 Ghost of Chaparral

Horgan, Patrick
Rivas, Carlos
Martines, Joaquin

1.04 Best Man for the Job

Stevens, Warren
Cochise, Nino
Haggerty, Ron
Bradford, Lane
Raines, Steve
Williams, Rush

1.05 Shadows on the Land

Hagan, Kevin
Pickard, John
Arvant, Jan
Trujillo, Ronald
Healy, Myron
Almanzar, James
Tannen, William

1.06 Gold is Where You Leave It

Gordon, Leo
Stanton, Dean
Gehring, Ted
Tannen, William
Little Sky, Eddie

1.07 A Quiet Day in Tucson

Devon, Richard
Gomez, Marie
Domasin, Debra
Cary, Christopher
Rutherford, Gene
Calnan, Matilda
Milford, John
Taylor, Vaughn
Romero, Ned

1.08 The Price of Revenge

Brooks, Geraldine
Meeker, Ralph

1.09 Young Blood Montoya, Alex
de Anda, Mike

1.10 Sudden Country

Carr, John
Shepard, Jan
Hernandez, Robert
Dexter, Anthony
Moody, King
Ross, Mike
Wills, Henry

1.11 Mark of the Turtle

Lansing, Robert
Caruso, Anthony
Hern, Pepe
Shannon, Bill

1.12 The Assassins

X Brands
Almanzar, James

1.13 A Hanging Offense

Pyle, Denver
Bergmann, Alan
Eitner, Don
Drake, Ken
Navarro, Anna
Fix, Paul

1.14 The Terrorist

Silva, Henry
Romero, Ned
Seurat, Pilar
Bryar, Paul
Orapeza, Andrew
Frye, Gil
Rios, Lalo
LaRue, Walt
Cardos, John

1.15 The Widow from Red Rock

Barry, Patricia
Romero, Carlos

1.16 Doctor from Dodge

Angarola, Richard
Kelly, Jack
Chandler, John Davis

1.17 The Filibusteros

O'Herlihy, Daniel
De Koven, Roger
Hills, Beverly
Franco, Abel
James, Anthony

1.18 The Firing Wall

Luna, Barbara
Lamas, Fernando
Alaniz, Rico
Gonzales, Pedro
Carricart, Robert
Horvath, Charles

1.19 The Kinsman

Barnes, Rayford
Watson, William C.
Lord, Jack
Tannen, William
Searle, Jack

1.20 Survival

Phillips, Robert
Almanzar, James

1.21 The Hair Hunters

Gregory, James
Evans, Richard
Thordsen, Kelly
Almanzar, James

1.22 The Peacemaker

Jory, Victor
Hershey, Barbara
Fix, Paul
Renard, David
Foster, Ron

1.23 The Champion of the Western World

Gray, Charles H.
Aidman, Charles
Brooke, Walter
Gomez, Marie
Rutherford, Gene

1.24 Ride the Savage Land

Kennedy, Mary Jo
Wilcox, Clair
Keep, Michael
Keymas, George
Palmer, Gregg
Tarkington, Rockne

1.25 Tiger by the Tail

Montalban, Ricardo
Ades, Daniel
Keen, Noah

1.26 Bad Day for a Thirst

De Vega, Jose
Saffron, Dennis
Williams, Adam
Carson, Robert
Furlong, John
St. Cyr, Vince

Jochim, Anthony

1.27 A Joyful Noise

Novarro, Ramon
Yuro, Robert
Mock, Laurie
Stanton, Penny
Clarke, Angela

1.28 Threshold of Courage

Hingle, Pat
Holman, Rex
Hayes, Ron
Maxwell, Charles
Puglia, Frank

2.29 The Promised Land

Montoya, Alex
Maross, Joe
Vacio, Natvidad
Sanchez, Ref
Martinez, Joaquin
Moreno, Jorge

2.30 For What We Are About to Receive

Cary, Christopher
Norman, Hal Jon
Romero, Ned
Rutherford, Gene
Gomez, Marie

2.31 The Deceivers

Loggia, Robert
Bedelia, Bonnie

2.32 Sea of Enemies

Pickard, John
Winfield, Paul

2.33 The Stallion

Clerk, Clive
Keep, Michael

2.34 The Covey

Caruso, Anthony
Bradford, Lane
Vardi, Sara
Thordsen, Kelly

2.35 Ten Little Indians

Hernandez, John
Johnson, Adelaine

2.36 The Buffalo Soldiers

Kotto, Yaphet
Woodward, Morgan
Gray, Charles H.
Doqui, Robert
Field, Izack
Starr, Don

2.37 Ebenezer

McGiver, John
Montoya, Alex
Sage, Willard
Reese, Tom
Stone, Leonard
Kleeb, Helen
Ostos, George

2.38 Tornado Francis

Hays, Kathryn
Taylor, Dub
Robinson, Charles
Hickox, Harry
Nolan, Tom
Corby, Ellen

2.39 Follow Your Heart

Begley, Ed
Colon, Miriam
Sofaer, Abraham
Pomerantz, Jeff
Jensen, Roy
Gould, Graydon
Burson, Polly
Cardona, Annette

2.40 Shadow of the Wind

Mioni, Fabrizio
Askew, Luke
Red Morgan 
Chuck Bail  
Debra Domasin 

2.41 North to Tucson

McCarthy, Kevin
Elam, Jack
Russek, Gorg
Renard, David
Tompkins, Bee
Jordan, Ted

2.42 A Way of Justice

Carbone, Anthony
Miller, Denny
Watson, Mills
De Kova, Frank
Martinez, Joaquin
Pereria, Fernando
Turich, Rosa
Freeman, Kathleen

2.43 No Irish Need Apply

Vernon, John
Firestone, Eddie
Tyner, Charles
Tannen, William

2.44 The Last Hundred Miles

Clary, Robert
Keep, Michael
Brooke, Walter
Tully, Tom
Searle, Jack
Gavin, James
Sharpe, Dave
Wills, Henry

2.45 Our Lady of Guadalupe

Montalban, Ricardo
Shepard, Jan
Fletcher, Bill
De Anda, Mike
Schiller, Norbert

2.46 Surtee

Dehner, John
Daniels, Jerry
Dark, Christopher
Darrow, Susannah

2.47 The Glory Soldiers

Caruso, Anthony
Allen, Elizabeth
McClory, Sean
Vaughn, Heidi
Moreno, Jorge
Monteil, Beatriz
Stevens, Lenore

2.48 Stinky Flanagan

Gorshin, Frank
Gomez, Marie
Slattery, Richard X
Mayer, Ken
Wagner, Mike

2.49 Feather of an Eagle

Ramirez, Frank
Dean, Quenton
Bond, Alicia

2.50 Once on a Day in Spring

Crowley, Kathleen
Garralaga, Martin

2.51 The Lion Sleeps

Benet, Brenda
Russek, Gorg
Alaniz, Rinco
De Cordova, Luis
Garralaga, Martin

2.52 A Fella Named Kilroy

Hayes, Ron
Freed, Bert
Bail, Chuck
Shannon, Bill
Rosenthal, Sandy

2.53 No Bugles, No Drums

Bethel, Leslie
Sylvester, William
Ferdin, Pamelyn
Walcott, Gregory

2.54 For the Love of Carlos

Ansara, Michael
Pereria, Fernando
Ferdin, Pamelyn

3.55 Time of Your Life

Mitchum, James
August, Tammy

3.56 Apache Trust

George, Chief Dan
Feinberg, Ronald
Jenkins, Mark
Thornton, Evans
Jones, Mark
Erickson, Chris

3.57 A Time to Laugh, A Time to Cry

Baccala, Donna
Medina, Julio
Campos, Victor
Burnetti, Argentian

3.58 Bad Day for a Bad Man

Hill, Marianna
Throne, Malachi
Yuro, Robert

3.59 The Brothers Cannon

Lou Frizzell

3.60 A Piece of Land

Lou Frizzell
John Zaremba
Miguel Landa

3.61 Auld Lang Syne

Walcott, Gregory
Lippe, Jonathan
Epper, Tony

3.62 The Lost Ones

Lapp, Richard
Dark, Christopher

3.63 To Stand for Something More

Diamond, Don
Melton, Troy
Morgan, Red
Mike de Anda 
Rico Cattani 
Gino Conforti 

3.64 Trail to Nevermore

Selzer, Milton
Dean, Fabian
Barnes, Rayford
Svenson, Bo

3.65 Lady Fair

Moore, Joanna
Ruskin, Joseph

3.66 The Little Thieves

Harris, Jo Ann
Menzies, Heather
Sylvester, William
Vint, William
Vint, Alan
Melvoin, Don
Haynes, Dick
McKee, John

3.67 The Legacy

Dehner, John
Dunlap, Pamela
Morrow, Byron

3.68 Friends and Partners Landa, Miguel

3.69 Alliance

Viharo, Roberto
X Brands
Buka, Donald
McVery, Tyler
Jones, Jay

3.70 Mi Casa, Su Casa

Palter, Lew
Bagdad, William
Keep, Michael
Gonzales-Gonzales, Pedro

3.71 The Long Shadow

Kemp, Dan
Sierra, Gregory
Vaugn, William
Anders, Richard
Sorenson, Paul
Scott, Dan
Raines, Steve
Farnsworth, Dick

3.72 The Lieutenant

Pine, Robert
Moffat, Donald
Rosenthal, Sandy
Jarrett, Renne
Randall, Stuart
Walberg, Garry

3.73 Jelks

Melvoin, Don
Wills, Henry
Mitchell, Ryan

3.74 The Journal of Death

Woodward, Morgan
Colicos, John
Rosenthal, Sandy

3.75 No Trouble at All

Watson, William C.
Russell, Tony
Orlandi, Felice

3.76 Generation

Nakopoulou, Aspa

3.77 New Hostess in Town

Davis, Jim
Bakey, Ed
Martin, Todd
Watson, Mills
Fierro, Paul
Vacio, Natvidad

3.78 The Guns of Johnny Rondo

Forrest, Steve
Russell, Kurt
Jensen, Roy
Storm, Wayne
Gallagher, Mel
Nolan, Jim
Parry, Harvey
Burke, Patrick Sullivan

3.79 The Reluctant Deputy

Durning, Charles
Donner, Robert
White, Dan

3.80 Too Many Chiefs

Beery, Noah Jr.
Rosenthal, Sandy
Miles, Sherry
Keep, Michael

4.81 Spokes

Conrad, William
Sturges, Soloman
Andre, E. J.
Mann, Larry D.
Barnes, Walter
Toner, Tom
Van Patten, Vincent

4.82 It Takes a Smart Man

Bishop, Wes
Benson, Carle
Bradford, Richard
Garry Walberg
Sam Javis

4.83 Only the Bad Come to Sonora

Dern, Bruce
Gammon, James
Bakey, Ed
Manza, Ralph
Wyenn, Than

4.84 Wind

Brady, Scott
Armstrong, R. G.
Tapscott, Mark
McVey, Tyler
White, Dan
Ranes, Steve
Wills, Henry

4.85 An Anger Greater Than Mine

Rey, Alejandro
De Vargas, Val
De Silva, Nico
Esormes, Nate

4.86 A Man to Match the Land

Salmi, Albert
Keep, Michael
Dexter, Alan
Rhodes, Jennifer
Healey, Myron

4.87 A Matter of Survival

Sullivan, Barry

4.88 Sangre

Renella, Pat
Garas, Kaz
Maxwell, Charles
Thornton, Evans
Wills, Jerry

4.89 A Good Sound Profit

de Santis, Joe
Gould, Harold
Colmans, Edward

4.90 Too Late the Epitaph

Markham, Monte
Nutter, Mayf
Myhers, John
Sage, Willard
Wills, Jerry
Guth, Raymond
Gilgreen, John
Williams, Jack
Dilworth, Gordon

4.91 Pale Warrior

Webb, Frank
Lauter, Harry
X Brands
Wills, Henry

4.92 Forge of Hate

Loggia, Robert
Baselon, Michael
de Corsia, Ted
Mayo, Raymond
Caillou, Alan

4.93 The Hostage

O'Brien, Edmond
Baker, Joe Don
Gehring, Ted
Phelps, Tani
Riha, Bobby
Murdock, Kermit
Parfrey, Woodrow
Gates, Rick

4.94 Fiesta

Persoff, Nehemiah
Alejandro, Miguel
Romero, Carlos
Hoyos, Rodolfo
Kemp, Daniel
Ramirez, Monica

4.95 The Badge

Woodward, Morgan
Oppenheimner, Al
Brown, Lew
Busey, Gary
Broyles, Robert
Wills, Henry
Lippe, Jonathan

4.96 A Matter of Vengeance

Sullivan, Barry
Kemmerling, Warren J.
Lucking, William
Donner, Robert
Pointer, Priscilla
John J. Fox

4.97, 4.98 The New Lion of Sonora

Roland, Gilbert
Paulsen, Albert
De Vargas, Val
Throne, Malachi
Carmel, Roger C.
Gale, Eddra
Healey, Myron

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