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Henry Silva as Santos Castaneda

Mano and Pilar in "The Terrorist"

Santos, Mano, and Pilar

1.14  The Terrorist          Mano
Henry Silva guest-stars as a revolutionary who plans to assassinate Benito Juarez, exiled President of Mexico, on the Cannon Ranch.

Produced by William F. Claxton
Directed by Ralph Senensky
Written by William F. Leicester      
Originally Broadcast:  November 17, 1967

Story Line: Manolito frees his old friend Santos from a Mexican jail, where he has been imprisoned by the French as a terrorist for Juarez. Santos and his sister, Pilar, are taken to the Cannon Ranch where Victoria arranges for Juarez to plan an invasion of Mexico. Manolito learns Santos has turned traitor and plans to conquer French-ruled Mexico himself. Before Manolito can warn his friends, Santos' followers take over the ranch and prepare to kill Juarez upon his arrival.

Guest Stars: 

Henry Silva 
as Santos Castaned

Pilar Seurat 
as Pilar Castaneda

  Ned Romero 
as Rinaldo, 
    Santo's friend 

Paul Bryar 
as Sgt. Tousseau


Andrew Orapeza
as the farmer

Gil Frye
as the soldier

Also starring:

Lalo Rios as 1st Bandit
Walt LaRue as 2nd Bandit
John Cardos as 3rd Bandit


  Three actors were credited as bandits, but they appear only in rather dark conditions.  The three are pictured here individually and in a group on horseback, but I don't know which is which.  They include Lalo Rios, Walt LaRue, and John Cardos.  Walt LaRue was also a regular stunt person on the series.

Character Highlights: This is primarily a Mano oriented episode that tests his allegiance to his political ideals and to his friends. It includes tender scenes between Mano and Pilar, his old girlfriend who is a sympathetic and believable character in that role. This is our first (though brief) view of Mano in a state of semi-undress, shirtless in his long johns. John and Victoria believe Mano has betrayed them and they are being held under house arrest. Mano manages to overcome the traitors mostly by outwitting them, but is forced to shoot and kill his friend, the brother of Pilar. He leaves in obvious distress, but reunites with Pilar finally to ask her forgiveness. Buck and Blue are mostly absent in this episode although there is an excellent scene where John strongly suggests that Blue not sell his cattle to the French occupiers, but tells him that it is his decision to make. After John leaves and Blue refuses to comply with his fatherís wishes, Buck steps in and makes the decision for him by knocking him out, preventing him from leaving to close the deal.

Complete Episode Synopsis
Mano returns to old Mexico to help an old friend, Santos Castaneda, flee from the oppressive French government of Maximillian. Mano, through trickery, frees Santos from jail and takes Santos and his sister, Pilar, to a small adobe shack where they can safely spend the night before riding toward the High Chaparral the next day. While Santos sleeps, Pilar - a young woman for whom Mano has always had a strong affection - discusses her worries with Mano. She warns Manolito that Santos has changed since the days when Mano and Santos were boys together. To this, Mano replies, "He fights for Juarez," but Pilar cautions, "Yes, and for himself."

Vaquero creates a diversion so Mano
can free Santos

Buck and Pedro arm wrestling.

In scenes left out of recent airings, Buck is in the midst of an arm wrestling contest with Pedro back at the bunkhouse when Blue stops in to brag to Buck about the over market price he has been offered on fifty of his own head of cattle.  Buck warns him to be suspicious of such a deal and talk with his father first, but Blue isn't interested in anyone's advice.  Later John advises Blue not to sell his cattle because the buyer is working for Maximillian but tells him it is ultimately his decision. 

Blue responds belligerently to advice from his father and
his uncle.

Buck, however, doesn't hesitate to take a firmer hand with Blue, and after John leaves, tells him he won't let him go close the deal.  Blue tells Buck to "go to blazes", which prompts a swift right hook from Buck.  Buck carries the unconscious Blue back up to the house explaining that he should treat his uncle with more respect. 

Buck hauls Blue back to the house after some serious persuasion.

Victoria is doused with water in the melee.

In the meantime, Victoria and John have been preparing their ranch for not only the arrival of Santos and Pilar, but also for the famous Benito Juarez, the one man leading the fight for freedom in Mexico. Everything is as neat as a pin and John promises Victoria she will not be ashamed of High Chaparral, but the drunken cowhands out in the bunkhouse find themselves engaged in a humorous brawl and literally trash the place. Victoria, enraged, ends up in the path of a bucket of water and takes after the brutish men with a broom, finally shouting, "You are animals! Pigs and dogs!"
Unfortunately, Mano, Santos and Pilar have just arrived and have watched this ungracious scene. When John, looking quite the mess himself, tries to maintain some dignity and says, "Welcome to the High Chaparral," Mano breaks down in laughter and everyone else does the same. John apologizes for their rough-housing, but warns there will be no more of it, for Benito Juarez will be joining them. This news brings a gleam to Santos' eyes ... he evidently has plans for Juarez that are unknown to the others.  

Santos plots to overthrow Juarez.

Santos' gang starts raiding the Cannon herds, causing John to send Buck, Blue, and the bunkhouse gang out to track them down - leaving the ranch with very little protection.

Mano is suspicious watching Santos.

Mano awakens during the night and realizes that Santos has gone riding. When Santos returns, Mano realizes that his friend has ridden a great distance and also has lied to him about where he went. Troubled by what Pilar told him about Santos and also wondering, given Santos' history, if something else is brewing, Mano confronts Santos in his bedroom, not knowing that Santos has given the signal for his compadres to move in upon the ranch.
Santos then tells Mano he plans to kill Juarez and claim the presidency of Mexico for himself. Realizing that Santos will kill him if he doesn't join him, Mano assures Santos, "I am with you" and together they, along with Santos' men, take the household prisoner. John, thinking that Mano is a traitor, threatens his brother-in-law with retribution, while Victoria only shakes her head in bitter disappointment.
Juarez, however, doesn't arrive as scheduled, leaving Santos perturbed at the delay, and giving Manolito time to play out his charade. He isolates Santos' men and either kills or injures them, one by one, until finally he confronts Santos and tells him that all of his men are gone. Santos begs Mano to join him in pursuing his dream, but Mano argues that "it was a bad dream".  Finally Santos goes for his gun, and Manolito is forced to kill him. Broken-hearted over having to kill a friend and unable to face Pilar after killing her brother, Mano rides away.

Mano tries to talk Santos into giving up.

Mano asks Pilar's forgiveness.

A few days later, Pilar is packed and bids good-bye to Victoria and John, assuring them that she will try to remember Santos the way he used to be. Vaquero is driving her in the buckboard when she sees Mano off in the distance. 

Pilar assures Mano that Santos'
death was not his fault.

Mano rides down to them and begs Pilar to forgive him, but Pilar assures him, "There is nothing to forgive. It only remains for you to forgive yourself, to forget." She kisses Mano good-bye and he promises to never forget her.

(Synopsis by Brenda Meskunas)

Supervisory Producer:  Irving Elman
Production Manager:  Kent McCray
Music by Harry Sukman; Theme by David Rose      
Director of Photography:  Harold Stine, A.S.C.
Color Consultant:  Edward P. Ancona
Unit Production Manager:  Andrew J. Durkus
Assistant Director: Ray de Camp
Stunt Coordinator:  Henry Wills
Story Editor: Ward Hawkins
Art Direction:  Hal Pereira, McClure Capps
Edited by Jack Harmisch
Set Decoration:  Bill F. Calvert
Post Production Co-ordinator:  Bill Wistrom
Casting:  Russell Trost
Sound Recording: Joe Edmondson, Joel Moss
Make-up Supervision:  Beau Hickman & Beau Wilson
Hair Stylist:  Hedvig Mjorud
Titles by CINEFX
Filmed at Paramount Studios, Hollywood, California


Much of this material, including the Story Line descriptions, comes from The High Chaparral Press Kit released in 1971. The Character Highlights were written by Charlotte Lehan.  The Episode Synopses were written by members of the HC Discussion Group and are attributed at the end of each one.
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