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Donald Buka as Major Ramsey

Calvary leaving the Cannon ranch

Roberto Viharo as Johnny Ringo

3.69  Alliance
The Cannon Ranch is threatened by an Indian war when the military sends a bounty hunter after an Apache brave accused of murder.
Written by Don Balluck         Directed by Phil Rawlins

Story Line:  Johnny Ringo reveals to his old friend Manolito that he has been assigned by the cavalry to arrest Keono. Manolito, fearing Ringo may trigger an Indian uprising, insists on accompanying the bounty hunter. Ignoring Manolito's warnings, Ringo gets his man and involves himself and the men of the Chaparral Ranch in a hopelessly one-sided shoot-out with attacking Apaches.

Guest Stars: Roberto Viharo as Johnny Ringo, Kahana as Keono, X Brands as Tularosa, Donald Buka as Major Ramsey, Tyler McVey as Col. Shelton, Jay Jones as Lt. Cooper.

Character Highlights:  The second episode featuring Johnny Ringo, but with a different actor in the role.  This one centers almost exclusively around the relationship between Mano and Johnny Ringo, with pretty heavy philosophizing about the meaning of death and who carries responsibility for a contract killing, the killer or the contractor.  The episode includes large participation horse maneuvers with the Calvary and the Apaches.

Complete Episode Synopsis:  With the exception of Buck, who has taken a few days off to go to Nogales, the main ranch house goes to Tucson on a shopping trip. John and Blue go for supplies, while Victoria and Mano shop. On the way back to the wagon with Victoria's purchases, Mano falls off the boardwalk, scattering boxes and clothing everywhere, much to the distress of Victoria and to the amusement of the local townsfolk. While Victoria and Mano argue during the pickup process, a stranger holds up an undergarment and jokingly asks if it belongs to Mano. Mano looks up to find an old friend, Johnny Ringo. The minute Mano mentions the name, the townsfolk begin to scatter.

Meanwhile, John and Blue have finished loading the wagon and have come over to see what the argument between Victoria and Mano is all about. Mano introduces them to Johnny Ringo, and unease fills the air. Mano and Ringo then mosey off to the local saloon to share a drink. A few minutes later, they are joined by John and Blue. Over drinks, the High Chaparral group learns that Johnny Ringo will be in the area of the ranch, hired by the Army to bounty hunt an Apache named Keono, who is wanted for the murder of a Pima scout. John cautions Ringo that such an action might invite Apache retaliation to the ranch. Ringo is unmoved. He is out to get Keono, and he doesn't care what happens to anyone or anything else. It causes Mano to reflect that Ringo is in love with death. When Ringo leaves, Mano tells John that Ringo once saved his life.

Since Ringo's appearance is sure to provoke the Apaches, John sends Blue to Fort Marcy to see if they have really hired Ringo. He's also hoping that Blue can convince the Army commander into seeing the folly of his ways. When John then tells Mano that he will offer to match the Army's money, if Ringo will agree to leave the Apaches alone, Mano advises that it would be a futile gesture. John wants to warn Tularosa, and Mano, knowing that Tularosa would have his warriors ambush Ringo, volunteers to go after Johnny. Mano finds Ringo already at the Apache camp, up in the rocks, spying down on the warriors. Mano tries to talk sense into Ringo, but seeing that he is getting nowhere, he heads down into the Apache camp to try and convince Tularosa to give up Keono. Tularosa refuses, and when Mano returns to Ringo, he discovers that Johnny has already managed to capture Keono by himself. With the fat already in the fire, Mano has no choice but to throw in with Ringo, as he knows that Tularosa will suspect that he has been lied to. Mano also wants to keep Keono away from Ringo's itchy trigger finger, but on the way toward the Army fort, they are spotted by two Apache warriors, who carry the news to Tularosa. The war is now on.

Mano, Ringo, and Keono are forced to hole up in the rocks. When Mano goes out to parlay with Tularosa, the chief notes that Mano comes in peace, but he looks toward the rocks where Ringo has Keono under guard. Mano says that he does, indeed, come in peace, but he cannot speak for others. When he learns that Tularosa not only wants Keono, but will also run an attack pass Mano and Ringo, Mano decides to throw in with Johnny in the rocks. This invites a full-scale Apache attack.

When Blue returns to the ranch with the news that Major Ramsey won't listen to common sense, John leaves Sam in charge and heads out with Pedro, Joe, Blue and a couple of others after Mano and Johnny Ringo. They are spotted by an Apache sentry, who relays the news to Tularosa. The chief then splits his forces, and the Apaches manage to herd John's group into the same rocks, shooting Joe in the leg and Blue in the arm in the process. The men manage to repel a few attacks, but they are running low on ammunition.

Back at the fort, Colonel Shelton has relieved Major Ramsey and put Lieutenant Cooper in charge. Cooper has a level head, and he takes his men out in an effort to restore sanity. They arrive at the rocks in time to prevent John's group from being annihilated. While the Indians are being routed by the Army, Keono manages to escape Johnny Ringo, who is now out of ammunition and can't shoot him. The Army detachment is at the ranch, after having treated their wounded, when Buck rides back in, wondering why the yard is full of troopers. John lets Buck think the soldiers are just there for a visit. When they get ready to leave, Ringo asks if he can ride along. This doesn't please Lt. Cooper all that much, but the officer agrees. As Mano helps Ringo saddle up, Mano tells his old friend that he will feel good inside when Johnny Ringo is dead because "I know my friend will be truly happy."  (Synopsis by Sandy Sturdivant)

Much of this material, including the Story Line descriptions, comes from The High Chaparral Press Kit released in 1971. The Character Highlights were written by Charlotte Lehan.  The Episode Synopses were written by members of the HC Discussion Group and are attributed at the end of each one.
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