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Buck outside the Tucson saloon 

John listens to Tanner's ultimatum.

Sam, pinned down under fire.

1.05  Shadows on the Land         John, Buck

John Cannon needs cattle from Mexican ranchers for his Army beef contract, but finds the frightened men are being forced to sell at cheap prices to a ruthless cattle buyer.

Produced by Buck Houghton
Directed by William F. Claxton       
Written by Ken Pettus        
Original Broadcast:  October 15, 1967

Story Line: When John offers them higher prices, the ranchers refuse to sell because Dolf Tanner has threatened to kill them if they do. John and brother Buck try to force the ranchers to sell by refusing them watering rights, as they drive their herds toward Tanner. But Tanner strikes back by giving Apaches new rifles and urging them to kill the Cannon herds.

Guest Stars:

Kevin Hagen
as Dolf Tanner

John Pickard 
as Jake Coffin

Jan Arvan 
as Jacinto Perez

Ronald Trujillo 
as Ramon Perez

Myron Healy 
as Major Corbett

James Almanzar
as Soldado

William Tannen 
as Bob the Bartender

Character Highlights: An important and complex episode of character dynamics. John is struggling to accept Victoria’s place in his life while letting go of Annalee. Buck is closely partnered with John throughout the episode, supporting him within the family and backing him up when they face outsiders. Has an excellent town scene where John and Buck are truly partners who anticipate and back up each other’s moves seamlessly. Mano has difficulty accepting the harsh edicts of "Mr. Cannon" and commiserates with Blue about their common issues with unsympathetic, driven fathers. John yells at Victoria for trying to help without consulting him, but when Mano berates John for it she turns on Mano. Buck plays the role of mediator throughout, confronting John directly at Annalee’s grave when John says he regrets his marriage. The famous wind chime scene with Vaquero is here where John finally moves toward letting Annalee go by allowing the chimes to be removed. All the bunk house boys are involved in this episode and they do get some good lines. Sam to Ira when they are pinned down from two directions: "Ira, what the devil are we doin’ here?" Ira: "I don’t know pard, but I’ll see you later." After they dash to a new hiding spot, Reno dives for cover and Ira says to him flatly, "Find your own rock."

Buck is now on Rebel, Blue has Soapy, and John is riding Billy. Mano is still on Diablo.

Complete Episode Synopsis

It's a typical day for the Cannons -- one battle raging out on the range, another taking place at home. The Cannons have just discovered that someone has been selling rifles to the Apaches, which puts the new settlers in greater danger. The man responsible, Dolf Tanner, is a ruthless cattleman who bullies poor ranchers into selling him their "beeves" so that Dolf can turn around and re-sell them to the army -- at a huge profit. He then bribes the Apaches with guns so he can move his herds safely through the territory.

Buck and John examine new rifle taken from the Apaches.

John and Buck pinned down by Tanner.

John Cannon, though, is the new kid on the block who actually stands up to Tanner by offering to buy the cattle from the poor ranchers himself -- at a much fairer price. Although the ranchers fear retaliation from Tanner, one ranchero -- Jacinto Perez -- does agree to sell to Cannon, but ends up paying for the decision with his life. A final showdown between the Chaparral crew and Tanner's gang is inevitable, with the "good guys" barely squeezing out a victory when Blue and Mano come to their rescue.
Meanwhile, "back at the ranch," Victoria is fighting her own battle ... how to take Annalee's place in her husband's heart? Troubled by John's inability to relinquish the all-consuming memory of his dead wife -- as evidenced by Annalee's wind chimes, still hanging over the front door -- Victoria tries harder to win John's affection by helping to convince Perez that he should sell to her husband.

Victoria convinces Jacinto to sell to John.

Buck consoles John at Annalee's grave.

Infuriated by her interference, John storms out to Annalee's grave, where he is confronted by Buck, who demands to know, "What are you afraid of? Are you afraid if she starts actin' like a wife, you're gonna have to treat her like a wife?" John, miserable, argues, "It's too soon, Buck ... I need more time," Buck replies, "More time. Well, John, mebbee so ... let's hope you don't need more than you got." 
Buck's words somehow manage to reach his brother, for that night, John discovers Vaquero taking the chimes down and angrily demands to know why. When John realizes that Vaquero was taking them down at Victoria's request, John reconsiders, telling Vaquero to "take them down." The last visible evidence of Annalee is put to rest and, in allowing this to happen, John takes a crucial step towards his future with Victoria. 

(Synopsis by Brenda Meskunas)

John finally decides to let go of
Annalee's wind chimes.

Supervisory Producer:  Irving Elman
Production Manager:  Kent McCray
Music by Harry Sukman; Theme by David Rose      
Director of Photography:  Harkness Smith, A.S.C.
Color Consultant:  Edward P. Ancona
Unit Production Manager:  Andrew J. Durkus
Assistant Director: Ray de Camp
Stunt Coordinator:  Henry Wills
Art Direction:  Hal Pereira, McClure Capps
Edited by Sidney Levin, A.C.E.
Set Decoration:  Robert Benton, Bill F. Calvert
Post Production Co-ordinator:  Bill Wistrom
Casting:  Russell Trost
Sound Recording: Joe Edmondson, Joel Moss
Make-up Supervision:  Wally Westmore, S.M.A.
Hair Style Supervision:  Nelly Manley, C.H.S.
Titles by Cinefx
Location Scenes filmed at Old Tucson, Tucson, Arizona
Filmed at Paramount Studios, Hollywood, California

Much of this material, including the Story Line descriptions, comes from The High Chaparral Press Kit released in 1971. The Character Highlights were written by Charlotte Lehan.  The Episode Synopses were written by members of the HC Discussion Group and are attributed at the end of each one.
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