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Getting to Know You with Susan McCray is Susan McCray's interview radio show.  Susan was Casting Assistant to High Chaparral Casting Director, Milt Hamerman.  She is married to Kent McCray who was the show's Producer, and is the daughter of Harry Sukman, the composer who wrote much of The High Chaparral soundtrack, so she is well-connected to The High Chaparral and to the entertainment industry.  She interviews celebrities from the television, motion picture, and music industries as well as sports figures, educators and more.  If you have a specific question, you may e-mail it to for her to ask her guests.  Her show is on alternate Tuesdays, at 6PM Pacific time, then repeats on Thursday at 6PM Eastern time on Henry Darrow has been her guest in the past so you can hear his show in the archives.  Don Collier and Rudy Ramos are on her future guest list.

The High Chaparral  Related Sites

Official site for Henry Darrow's authorized biography, Lightning in a Bottle, written by Jan Pippen with Henry Darrow.  You can order your copy at this very interesting site.
The High Chaparral Newsletter is the place to subscribe to a newsletter produced and written by Penny McQueen.  You can stay up to date on the latest news about your favorite stars, up-coming events and more.
The High Chaparral Reunion web site is where you will find information on HC get-togethers.  Check out the photos of fans, cast, and crew members from the 40th reunion in August, 2007.  When new events are planned this is the place to find all the details.
The Don Collier web site is chock full of everything you ever wanted to know about this amazing and talented actor.  He was already well-known long before he became Sam Butler, foreman of The High Chaparral.
The Bob Hoy web site is a fun tribute to the work of Bob Hoy who played Joe Butler on The High Chaparral.  It has lots of information about his long acting career as well as his significant body of work as a stunt man.
The Henry Darrow web site is home of one of the most loveable characters in television history, Manolito Montoya of The High Chaparral.  Here you will find everything you need to know about Henry and his varied career.
The Mark Slade Studio web site is the official site for Mark Slade's art studio and promotion of his current artistic endeavors.  He and his wife and son are all talented artists in California.  Mark played Blue Cannon in the first three seasons of The High Chaparral.
The Rudy Ramos web site is his professional acting site that includes excellent clips from several of his film and television appearances.  Rudy played the teen-aged half-breed, Wind, in the fourth season of The High Chaparral.
The Ted Markland web site is the official site for Ted who played Reno.  Lots of information about his long and colorful career in the film industry.
High Chaparral and Bonanza Fanfiction is the place to find fanfiction about The High Chaparral and about Bonanza.  It's also a place to submit your best writing efforts if the spirit moves you.
Harry's Piano is the official page for the children's book by Susan Sukman McCray, about the early life of her father, Harry Sukman (composer of the beautiful High Chaparral soundtrack).
Gammons Gulch is an authentic old west town and movie set operated by the son of John Gammons, who was the head of security on the HC Tucson set.  Jay Gammons is very personable and he spent a lot of time on the HC set with his dad.  He and his wife, Joanne, operate Gammons Gulch, 60 miles east of Tucson.  Check it out if you are headed that way.
The Bonanza Legacy website is the only officially licensed Bonanza website sanctioned by Bonanza Ventures. The site is dedicated to David Dortort's creation of Bonanza and consists of fanfiction in both English and Spanish, articles on Bonanza, a page for news from Bonanza Ventures, and links to other Bonanza sites.

General Movie and Television Resources

Internet Movie Data Base (IMDb) has information about The High Chaparral full cast and crew, as well as extensive filmographies for the individuals involved.  It is the largest film data base, covering both movies and television, but even IMDb doesn't have everything so check some of the others if you don't find what you need here.
All Movie Guide (AMG) is another good resource for actor filmographies and information on movies. 
Jump the Shark Check this site out to find when fans thought The High Chaparral, (and other TV shows) took a wrong turn and started to decline.  Of course most of us don't think that ever happened to HC, but it's an interesting read.

Western Lore Resources

Old West Notorious History  Want to know a little bit about the saloon girls and ladies of the night affectionately known as "soiled doves?"  A visit here is the place for you. 
The Ghost Town of the Month is all about Arizona ghost towns.  Photos, maps, tourist information, and lots of historical and archeological information abound.  

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