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Christopher Dark as Chief Ramadan

Victoria tending the chief's wounded son

Richard Lapp as Nemo

3.62 The Lost Ones             Victoria, Mano
Because she once "magically" saved the life of an Indian brave, Victoria is forcibly brought to an Apache camp to treat the chief's dying son.
Written by David Duncan, Thomas Thompson         Directed by Phil Rawlins

Story Line:  In awe of Victoria, who he believes to possess special curative powers since she treated him, Apache brave Nemo demands that she similarly aid the critically wounded son of his tribal chief. Victoria's own life is in the balance when she realizes there is little hope for the injured man.

Guest Stars: 

Richard Lapp 
as Nemo

Christopher Dark 
as Chief Ramadan

Character Highlights:  Victoria is the central character here but Mano steals the show several times.  Their conversation about the sun setting in the east is classic and when she smacks him with her purse as he comes around the post it appears to genuinely surprise him.  As her protector on the way to Tucson he tries her patience when he falls asleep on his horse and later when he falls asleep guarding her in the wagon.  When they end up as hostages of the Apaches he steps up to his task of protector and they work together to come up with a plan for help.  Much of the episode revolves around Nemo and his relationship with his chief and with Victoria whom he has come to deify.  After they are safely back at the ranch, Nemo arrives to return Victoria's portrait.  Mano's speculation as to why he has come:  "He probably has a thorn in his foot and he will allow only Victoria to remove it."    

Complete Episode Synopsis:  Out herding cattle, the High Chaparral group is attacked by Apaches led by Ramedan. Two of the Apaches are hurt. One is Ramadan's son, who manages to get up behind a friend and ride away, and the other is Nemo, who is presumed dead. Nemo is transported back to the High Chaparral, where he is impressed with Victoria's apparent "power" over John. When he is well enough, and while Pedro is on guard duty, Nemo leaves, taking a portrait of Victoria with him.

The next morning, Victoria is upset that Nemo and her portrait are both missing. Since Nemo left in the middle of the night, Big John wants to know why Pedro didn't do something. Pedro says he just guards against people coming into the compound, not someone who is already there and intent on leaving. When Nemo takes the portrait back to his village, we learn that Nemo thinks Victoria is some sort of god for returning his life to him, and he wants the portrait as a shrine. He tells Ramadan, the chief, whose son is now dying from his wounds received in the same battle, that Victoria can cure the boy. Nemo pledges his own life as forfeit, if it is not true, and then he heads out to get Victoria.

Back at the ranch, Victoria is furious that her wayward brother has not come home to escort her into Tucson. She's on the verge of making the journey by herself, much to the objection of Big John, when Mano rides in from his night on the town, obviously in no condition to act as escort for anyone or anything. He announces to Victoria and John that a strange phenomena is occurring---"the sun is setting in the East!" This gets Victoria and Mano into one of their arguments.

On the trail to Tucson, Mano falls asleep on his horse and strays off the path. Victoria promptly takes the rifle from the seat of the buckboard and lets go a blast at Mackadoo's feet. The horse shies, Mano falls off, and when he picks himself up, he announces that ‘it is much safer for you if I ride in here.' He ties Mackadoo to the back and gets into the buckboard, and they are promptly overtaken by Nemo and a band of Apache warriors. They are taken to the Apache village where Victoria learns she is to cure Ramadan's son or they all die. Since the wound is two weeks old and was not properly cleaned, infection has set in, resulting in gangrene. The youth is dying, and no amount of nursing will save him. She tells Mano, who tells her to do whatever is necessary to keep the youth alive long enough for Big John to mount a search and rescue effort. In an effort to speed up the rescue, Mano concocts a plan to send Mackadoo for help. He fools the Apache guards into thinking that Victoria needs horsehair for her conjuring, and he gains access to the corral, where he promptly chases Mackadoo out. Mackadoo races directly to the High Chaparral, and everyone mounts up for the search.

Victoria finally manages to convince Nemo that she is only a woman and no god, and she urges the youth to save his own life. Nemo slowly begins to reason things out. Ramadan's son dies, and because the wounds were in similar places, Nemo takes his place to fool Ramadan long enough for Nemo to think of a way to save Victoria's and Mano's lives. He is more than willing to die, as he promised Ramadan that he would, but he apologizes to Victoria for getting her into such trouble. Ramadan enters and discovers the trick at about the same time that Big John rides unarmed into camp. John signals for his men to shoot into the air to let Ramadan know that he is not alone, and then he demands the release of Victoria and Mano. As they ride out, Nemo hands Ramadan a knife for his execution, and stands proudly to face his own death. Ramadan cannot kill Nemo, however, and Nemo then returns the portrait to Victoria with a huge grin which Big John interprets as an Apache way of saying "thanks."  (Synopsis by Sandy Sturdivant)

Much of this material, including the Story Line descriptions, comes from The High Chaparral Press Kit released in 1971. The Character Highlights were written by Charlotte Lehan.  The Episode Synopses were written by members of the HC Discussion Group and are attributed at the end of each one.
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