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Tec de Corsia as Dull Knife

Michael Baseleon as Two Pony, 
learning the blacksmith trade

Robert Loggia as Grey Wolf

4.92  The Forge of Hate
Efforts of a young Apache warrior to make peace with the white man are undermined by the belligerence of his long-embittered tribal chief.
Written by Frank Chase         Directed by Don Richardson

Story Line:  Determined to ease the ever-present threat of all-out war, youthful Two Pony negotiates a plan for peace with John Cannon whereby the Indian lad is temporarily housed at the High Chaparral to learn the blacksmith trade. His rebellious chieftain, Grey Wolf, thwarts the peace effort by carrying out a series of harassing attacks against Cannon and his herds.

Guest Stars:

Robert Loggia 
as Grey Wolf

Michael Baseleon 
as Two Pony

Ted de Corsia 
as Dull Knife

Raymond Mayo 
as Del Longly

Alan Caillou 
as Hanrahan


Character Highlights:  Most of the dialogue and characterization in this episode focuses on the Apaches and their internal conflict for power within the tribe. The ranch now has its own blacksmith shop and that allows Two Pony the opportunity to learn a trade he believes will ultimately allow his tribe to live in peace and survive.  John, as usual, is interested in any efforts toward a peaceful coexistence with the Apache even if he has to deal with skepticism and resistance from others at the ranch.  Wind, as usual, is sanctimonious and preachy not just towards residents at the ranch, but towards the Apache as well. 


Complete Episode Synopsis:  An Apache raid on a High Chaparral herd results in the death of one of the ranch hands and a renewal of hostilities between the white ranchers and the Apaches. Grey Wolf, a candidate for chief when the aging and sick Dull Knife dies, wants to stamp out the Cannon ranch and any other white settlers who enter Apache territory. The other candidate for chief, Two Pony, believes that peace must be the Apache future if the tribe is to survive. Dull Knife has indicated his preference for Two Pony, but Grey Wolf is strong with many braves following him, and he must be won over.

Buck and hands under fire.

Clem's belongings after his death.

Back at the ranch, the dead Clem's belongings are divided up between his friends, and his closest friend, Dell, wants vengeance. John, however, refuses to return hostilities until he has to. All are shocked when Two Pony rides into the ranch alone, expressing a wish to talk with John about the recent difficulties. John is reluctant to make a decision immediately, and puts off the Apache for two days. When Two Pony returns, John is ready to talk, and the two discuss their problems. Despite the fact that his tribe is divided in their thinking, Two Pony believes that his people have to find a way to survive in the white man's world, and to this end, he arranges to learn the blacksmithing trade at the High Chaparral.

When Dell learns that Two Pony is at the ranch, he refuses to work there any longer, and rides off in anger. Grey Wolf, watching from a distance, sees the rider coming from the ranch, and seizes his chance to kill another white man. Wounded, Dell makes it back to the High Chaparral and fires at Two Pony. After subduing Dell, John defuses the situation by telling Two Pony that he should leave. When he arrives back at the Apache camp, Dull Knife utters his last words, and Two Pony is acknowledged as new chief. Grey Wolf immediately challenges his authority, and learning of a shipment of horses that the Cannon men are making, he orders Two Pony tied down to the ground while he and his braves attack.

The death of Dull Knife

Two Pony, new chief of the Apache

The High Chaparral men dive for cover and return fire when Grey Wolf's braves descend upon them. Meanwhile, Dull Knife's wife frees Two Pony, and he heads another band of braves to try and stop Grey Wolf. Firing ceases when the two bands meet, and both leaders speak their views eloquently. Grey Wolf, however, has been wounded, and he falls dead to the ground after making his speech. The Apaches turn to bury their fallen warrior, and Two Pony, now undisputed chief, speaks to John. He tells him that he will listen to his people to find what they wish in the matter. Even though a conclusion is not reached, knowing that the Apaches have a reasonable and thoughtful man as their leader gives John hope for peace in the future. 

 (Synopsis by Lisa McKenzie)


Much of this material, including the Story Line descriptions, comes from The High Chaparral Press Kit released in 1971. The Character Highlights were written by Charlotte Lehan.  The Episode Synopses were written by members of the HC Discussion Group and are attributed at the end of each one.
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