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     This NBC Television Network Advance Information Program Guide is very rare.  It is an 8-page brochure packed with photos and information on the story behind the story of The High Chaparral characters, including information on creator David Dortort, director William Claxton, and writer Denne Bart Petitclerc.  Expect to pay over $100 for it, if you are fortunate enough to find a copy.

hcpresskit.jpg (11948 bytes)      The High Chaparral Press Kit is another collectible in high demand.  Currently, about the only place it can be found is in memorabilia markets in Canada.  It includes the Story Lines to the series, including guest stars, and it also has a nice black-and-white photograph of series star Leif Erickson.  Expect to pay around $50 for this packet.


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    The High Chaparral annuals are very popular.  From left, they are 1969, 1970, 1972, and 1973.  All are 8 x 11 inches and are hardback books.  Each runs about 90 pages in length and are filled with stories and features about the Ranch and its occupants.  Also included are colorful strip stories, quizzes, and games, plus many features on life in the Old West. 

     The books are all published by Jarrod & Sons, Ltd., Norwich, England, copyright National Broadcasting Company, Inc., World Distributors of Manchester, England.  Each annual is similar in style and layout.  There is no annual for 1971.  Expect to pay up to $40 for some of them in overseas used book stores or on eBay.  Not usually found in American stores.

There are several books in existence on The High Chaparral, nearly all of them paperback.  However, in 1969, Whitman published a highly collectible hardback Authorized TV Edition, titled Apache Way.  This book is readily available in used book stores and on eBay for $5-10.  For a synopsis see the Library Page.


     There were five paperback books written on The High Chaparral, and all are very difficult to locate in the United States.  Pictured above are Hell and High Water, Man of Honour, Gun Runner's Last Ride, Coyote Gold, and Town in Fear.  

   Except for Hell and High Water, which was written by Ed Friend and published simultaneously in the United States in a tan cover and in Great Britain in a green cover, all were written by Wayne Sotona and published in Great Britain. 

     It is not known if the other books were also published in the United States.  Expect to pay a hefty price for them in the overseas market.  Some show up infrequently on eBay.  For some of the synopses see the
Library Page.


Here are some items that appeared originally in the Netherlands:
I do not know what you might expect to pay if you can find them. 

  On the left is the Dutch version of the book, Gun Runner's Last Ride, and the one on the right is Man of Honour, both by Wayne Sotona as above.  These were published by Prisma Boeken (books) in 1968.  Rare in the U.S. and I'm not sure about their availability in Europe.
  These are two Dutch comic books.  
The one on the left is a general comic book with comics, stories, and color pictures of the cast.  It was released in 1969 and is hard to find even in Europe.

The one on the right is called Manolito: An Apache Does Right.  It was released in 1968 and is very rare to find anywhere.

Here is the Swedish version of the Dutch comic book above and the English one below.  These came from Mike Eriksson in Sweden but I don't know more about availability or cost.

There was only the one comic book ever issued of The High Chaparral in the U.S.  It can sometimes be found for around $20 in used comic book stores or antique markets.

Also from Mike Eriksson:
This is a Swedish comic book for girls called Vi Två (The Two Of Us), issue 1 1970. It used to sport a nice image on the back from a popular movie but in this issue they went with this nice shot of some of the lads in High Chaparral.

It says in the little print that it was printed because of high demand from readers. This comic should not be expensive for a collector in Sweden, if the issue in question go on sale an a site similar to eBay. Unless the seller highlights High Chaparral, then 5-7 dollars could be expected as the norm.

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There are several TV Guides featuring articles on The High Chaparral.   These are the four featuring The High Chaparral on the front cover:  January 20, 1968, June 15, 1968, February 1, 1969, and August 23, 1969.  All can easily be found in collector's markets or on eBay for about $10.



Showing up regularly on eBay is this September 1967 edition of Arizona Highways featuring an eight page feature article on The High Chaparral, which was just about to debut.  It includes four full pages of color photos plus additional text and photos about the new show.  You may find it listed under Arizona Highways rather than The High Chaparral.  Expect to pay $5-15.


     A variety of other fan magazines appear from time to time with articles about The High Chaparral and about the individual actors.  When "High Chaparral" is mentioned in an auction or sale, the price will usually be higher.


The original scripts for some of the episodes turn up from time to time on eBay.  
Expect to pay $10 to $15 per script. 
cookbook.jpg (14128 bytes) The All-American Cowboy Cookbook, Home Cooking on the Range by Ken Beck & Jim Clark was published by Rutledge Hill Press, Nashville, Tennessee, 1995.  Don Collier and his friend Bob Hoy, who played brothers Sam and Joe Butler on The High Chaparral, are both featured in this cookbook with recipes from their own families.  It may still be available for $14.95 from bookstores.

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In 1991, Neil Summers, stuntman extraordinaire, began a series of TV Westerns books, published by The Old West Shop Publishing of Vienna, West Virginia.  There are currently a total of four volumes, and they are all softbound.  Each book is filled with hundreds of photos, trivia, behind-the-scenes commentary, and a synopsis of a television Western.  Many of them Neil worked on, and he was acquainted with many of the actors.  Volume 1 profiles The High Chaparral.  These books are extremely difficult to locate and are highly collectible.  Expect to pay about $30 per book.
unsung.jpg (12440 bytes) In 1996, Neil Summers also dedicated a book to the professional stuntmen and stuntwomen of Hollywood.  As he says in the Introduction, "To be an all-around stuntman takes a lot of skill.   Not all films are Westerns, not all films are car chases and not all films have bar fights in them."  Bob Hoy, who played Joe Butler on The High Chaparral, gives the Foreword in this book, and between the pages are some of the most fantastic shots in film history, many of them with Bob in them.  This book may still be available in Old Tucson, Arizona for $30.


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