The High Chaparral


The High Chaparral  has not yet been made commercially available in the U.S. on DVD, but it is available from international sources.  For the latest on DVD releases visit the HC Newsletter.

Only two episodes were ever made available commercially on video tape.  They are the double episode called "New Lion of Sonora", and a black and white version of "Shadow of the Wind" that was part of a 7-pack of old television Westerns sold a few years ago at Costco and elsewhere.  You can see a photo of the full set below, but it may end up on auction sites alone or with the set.  The one from The High Chaparral is last in the set with Leif Erickson's picture at the top.  The other tapes are for other television Westerns, all in black and white regardless of whether or not they were originally shot in color.  

"New Lion of Sonora" is frequently available on auction sites or through other video outlets in its commercial packaging.  It usually lists for $15-20.  "Shadow of the Wind" is seen less often and may go over $25, especially if it includes the original set of Westerns. 


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