The High Chaparral

The Music

      The music of the High Chaparral by composer, Harry Sukman, produced and arranged by David Rose, was highly acclaimed and is still among the finest and most recognizable TV themes.  Besides the title theme, most of the characters had their own themes that often played when they were featured on screen.  The Montoya theme, used for Don Sebastian and for Rancho Montoya was especially beautiful.  


The Double Album

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     David Dortort, the producer of The High Chaparral, was also the producer of Bonanza.  In 1971, the music to both television Westerns was put on vinyl.   This gatefold record cover is usually hard to find in good condition, as it normally has ring wear through the center of the photographs, but the two records usually play just fine. 

    Although somewhat rare, this double record can still be found in antique markets and appears on eBay from time to time.  Music is rather stylized and not quite what you hear on the television show.  Expect to pay about $20.

The Single Albums

     Here's one which is highly collectible.  It is a Capitol recording of the title song with the original music of composer David Rose and his Orchestra.  The flip side is the theme heard in the television episodes whenever Victoria is on-screen.  This record is a real gem.  To our knowledge, it has never been seen since the original production of the show, which was back in 1969!  Expect to pay a small fortune for it.
quentin.jpg (24604 bytes) This is Charles Randolph Grean's first solo album, inspired by the Dan Curtis ABC television series, Dark Shadows. Selections include Manolito from The High Chaparral, as well as Quentin's Theme, #1 At The Blue Whale, Shadows Of The Night, Forgotten Dreams, La Golondrina, Deep Purple, Serenade To Summertime, Sunset, and On The Trail from the Grand Canyon Suite, as well as The Perfect Song, which is the theme from The Amos & Andy Radio Show.  It's on Ranwood Records (8055).   Although somewhat difficult to locate, it can still be found for about $10 in the collector's market.

The Songbook

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The High Chaparral Song Book was done at the height of the series' popularity in 1970.  It features many full page photographs of the main cast, plus bios on David Dortort (creator & executive producer), James Schmerer (producer), Harry Sukman (composer & conductor), David Rose (musical director), and Joe Lubin( music folio coordinator).  Songs included are Manolito, All For You, Blue's Theme, (The) Buffalo Soldiers, Cantina, El Burrito, Friends and Partners, (The) Guns of Johnny Rondo, Montoya, Moonfire, Ridin' the Trail, Victoria, and Hi There "Frisco."  All are arranged for piano.  Expect to pay about $35 for this, if you can find it.

The 45 rpm Records


This is a full page advertisement for guitarist Al Caiola's single 45-rpm record released in 1968.  It was designed to be placed inside the front window of stores as a way of enticing buyers to purchase the record.  Side One was The High Chaparral, which means it received the most air time from disc jockeys at the radio stations.  Side Two was Master Jack from the movie Billy Jack.  This advertisement is extremely rare.  Expect to pay $10 or more from a paper collector market.
music1.jpg (9594 bytes) This 45-rpm record was not intended for resale.  It was distributed to radio stations across America and played to to promote the music of Al Caiola.  All promo records are on white labels, and usually, it was Side One which received the most air time.  This one is on the United Artists label, UA 50471.  Side One is "High Chaparral," and Side Two is "Master Jack" from the movie "Billy Jack."  Expect to pay at least $20 for it.   
This is another promotional 45-rpm record not originally intended for resale.  Side One is "High Chaparral" and Side Two is "Merci Cherie".  Released on Capital Records, #P-2094. Greenish-yellow promo label. Recently sold on eBay for over $50.


The following four items were submitted by Mike Eriksson of Sweden.  They demonstrate how popular the series was in that country.  The descriptions and cost estimates here are his. 

These four items were submitted by Mike Eriksson in Sweden.  They demonstrate how popular the series was in that country.  The descriptions here are his 

"Theme From High Chaparral" by David Rose was issued as a 45 in Sweden by EMI/Capitol in 1968. It is probably a release that went out in several countries but this pressing had the Swedish Top 10 chart printed on the back so at least the cover was unique for Sweden. The flipside is another song by David Rose titled "Merci Cherie". This turns up every now and again on sites similar to eBay and will cost the collector anything between $5-20 depending on buyer's luck.

Manolito was very popular in Sweden and a popular songwriter/singer called Thore Skogman wrote a tribute to him titled "Manolito". It had to be sung by a female so it was given to an artist called Lill-Babs (real name Barbro Svensson), an icon in Sweden. This song, like all songs released by Lill-Babs back then, became a huge hit in the charts. It was released on the Karusell label in 1967 and the flipside had a song titled "När Du Längtar". Lyrics were in swedish, and had lines like "My knees go weak as I see High Chaparral" etc. Great fun. Nice cover with picture of Manolito and Lill-Babs, same front/back. Henry Darrow did visit Sweden on the back of the success of this release and met huge crowds with the lovely Lill-Babs. He is known for High Chaparral and this song in Sweden. Collectors in Sweden will be able to find copies relatively easily on sites similar to eBay, but will have to spend $10 or so for a copy.


Mike found this by accident on a site similar to eBay.  It is a German single from 1969 and the b-side is called "Manolito".  He doesn't know much about it, but if there are German fans who know more we would love to hear from them.  He thought it could be a German conversion of Lill-Babs Swedish release.

Even a CD . . . .

The song "Manolito" is still available in Scandinavia on a double "Best Of" type release from Lill-Babs called "Lill-Babs I Lyxförpackning - Det Bästa Med Lill-Babs" (Universal 2004). This collection has 38 songs on it and spans a career that started in 1954. The collection was promoted with TV spots and charted in Sweden at the time of the release and on the back of this Lill-Babs launched a Broadway-type show celebrating 50 years as an artist in Stockholm.


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