The High Chaparral

This card collection is another unique collectible which is very rare.  There are 125 cards in the wrapper which tell the complete story of The Mark of the Turtle from Season One.  The backs of the cards are blank.  Various individual cards were also sold in individual packets of gum, but you had to purchase a lot of gum to get the complete story.  Some collectors never found all the cards.  This set is not likely to be found intact.  Expect to pay anywhere from $25 - 100.   

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These are called Monty Cards, an extremely unique set of story cards on The High Chaparral manufactured in Holland in 1971.  A full box will contain 200 packets, each containing 3 cards and when put together as sets of 125 cards, they tell a complete story.  The packets can be sold individually like American gum cards.   These are not available in America and are seldom found overseas.  The last set spotted fetched more than $300 at auction.

premiumcard1.jpg (12655 bytes) This card of about 3 x 5 was inches issued in Germany by Penny Products in 1974.  It is #18 in a set of 50 cards entitled "Unsere Bambi Lieblinge," which is akin to a  German "Oscar" award.  The back has a brief description and details of the set.   It was given as a free premium with the purchase of Penny products and was intended to be mounted in a special album using the glue residue on the back of the card.  It is very difficult to obtain in an un-mounted collectible condition.  Expect to pay handsomely for it, if you can find it.

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All of these are post cards from The Netherlands.  They sell for approximately $8 each in collector's markets in the United States, if you can find them.  

hcset.jpg (18940 bytes) This post card of The High Chaparral set located in Old Tucson, Arizona, is now a collector's item.  Although rare, it can still be found, but it will sell for around $10.

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