The High Chaparral

Here is a fabulous item that was brought to my attention by a reader recently.  He describes it in his letter below and sent these great photos.  It is the first I have seen anything like this and can only imagine that it is worth a significant sum.  Given the prices of other toys here it could well be over $500.  If anyone has any better information on this piece, please let me know and I will pass the information along.
     I lived for this show when it was on. It was great. I still have my High Chaparral daisy pop gun. A full size lever action carbine. It has High Chaparral on the simulated brass receiver with simulated filigree and a leather piece tied to the ring under the forward stock. I've never known anyone else who has heard of them, let alone have one.  Any idea of its rarity?

     It's a full size replica of a "Saddle" style rifle, roughly 36" in length. You cock it with the lever, like the real one, then you cock the hammer, like a single action, then pull the trigger and it pops. It was very loud and had a good kick when new. It still works but is not quite as loud. I think it came with some other stuff but neither I nor my family can remember. I've been asking around and still haven't found anybody who's even heard of one.

hcpistol.jpg (20026 bytes) The High Chaparral pistol kit is nearly impossible to locate.  It was authorized by Xanadu Productions and was made in Spain around 1969.  This particular kit is very large and includes many items not sold individually.  The set includes a vinyl belt with matching holsters, two die-cast metal cap guns, handcuffs, a 5-star badge with the name High Chaparral and a central portrait of a cowboy, and a red bandana with white dots.  The grips on the two cap pistols have decals featuring Manolito Montoya on one and Big John Cannon on the other, and the inside box cover and tray picture cast members of the Cannon family plus Manolito Montoya.  This set will run well over $200, if you can find it!  You can also find two pieces of this set sold individually, namely the badge and one gun-and-holster combination.  There is also believed to be a 2-gun-and-holster combination, but this has not been confirmed.

Here is The HIGH CHAPARRAL Double Holster Set with Guns. Made by Daisy in the 1960's. Holsters are tan and buckskin with fringe and turquoise jewels. Holsters have plastic gun locks and belt. This set comes with a pair of  9-inch Hubley western guns with steer grips.  This set can still be found, but expect to pay more than $100.

smallgunset.jpg (26551 bytes) The High Chaparral small gun kit can sometimes be found in antique stores.  It is not as comprehensive as the large kit, profiled on Memorabilia Page 3, but it is highly collectible just the same.  Expect to pay about $40 for it in good condition.

The High Chaparral Sheriff's Badge crops up now and then on the eBay Internet auction for about $10.  Our research shows it was marketed in Spain and sold by itself, but a similar one can also be found in the larger cap guns kit.


Here's another version of The High Chaparral Sheriff's Badge.  This used to sell for $1, and it can still be found in antique stores and flea markets, but usually not attached to the cardboard backing, as this one is.  Expect to pay about $10 for a mint condition of this highly-prized piece of memorabilia.

airfix.jpg (20941 bytes) Not to be outdone in The High Chaparral memorabilia department are the Airfix characters for building your own mock set.   These figures are drawn to scale and include buildings, horses, carriages, and people.  It can be found in collector markets and on eBay for around $15 - 25.

This Lledo Days Gone Model DG4-7 Horse Drawn Bus is the High Chaparral Vasternstaden Sweden livery.  It was first issued in 1985.  It can still be found in collectible markets in mint condition.  Expect to pay about $10 -15.

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