The High Chaparral


Apache Way  by Steve Frazee.  Typical tale of Blue and his father getting into an argument, resulting in Blue riding recklessly out the ranch gate under the baleful glare of a thirsty desert sun.  Blue's intention is to join his uncle and the cowhands guarding cattle.  On the trail, he meets Manolito, and when both of them fall victim to a sudden flash flood, they are taken captive by the Apaches.  It is now up to Big John and Uncle Buck to effect a rescue. 

Town in Fear  by Wayne Sotona.  The Protection racket...a jealous woman who tries to doublecross the mysterious gang leader...and the kidnapping of Big John Cannon's wife Victoria when the High Chaparral folk refuse to pay.  These are only some of the exciting ingredients of this action-packed story.

Coyote Gold  by Ed Friend.  Big John, left alone at the ranch, encounters a scheming, old prospector and his hellion of a daughter and finds himself in the worse trouble of his life.  John Cannon wasn't proud of himself just then.  There must have been more he could do to keep High Chaparral from being turned into a bloody battlefied.  He could have told the gamblers the Indians had gone off to drygulch the gold seekers.  They wouldn't have believed him, but he could have told them.  Up in the foothills, a rifle went off, and Indian whooped, and a man screamed.  So many wars --- so many years, and at the end of it High Chaparral, with water and grass and wood.  And blood to make the grass grow, now.

Hell and High Water  by Wayne Sotona.  High Chaparral attracted its share of violence from the renegade Apaches but it never knew fear like the terror unleashed by the unarmed stranger, Emmett.  He was a deadly loner, a power-hungry maniac determined to break Big John Cannon...and earn himself ten thousand dollars in the process.  But he reckoned without John's indomitable spirit...and the close-knit, camaraderie of the High Chaparral spread.  Nothing could hold the relentless search that followed Victoria Cannon's kidnapping...nor the hate that filled Cannon hearts...and triggered Cannon guns.

Gun Runner's Last Ride  by Wayne Sotona.  Guns boom and flame in this powerful yarn of the Cannon family's attempts to save the life of a boy dying from the plague.  It seemed an easy task until they met up with Gomez Barcia, the gun-runner...and Black Hawk, the proud and cruel leader of the Apaches!  Excitement...Danger...Suspense!  It's all here in this fast moving story.

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