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The writers for The High Chaparral were among the best in the business.  Their credits are listed on the Writers and Directors page if you want to know who wrote which episodes.  Writers' credits are also on each episode page, reached by clicking on the title. Here are some of our favorite quotes from the fourth season.  If you have more you'd like to add, please let me know. 

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Episodes 4.81 - 4.98

Pedro, Mano, and Sam in 
"It Takes a Smart Man"

Who's gonna say it wasn't a fair fight?  There's only you and me, and you'll be dead."

Buck to Tulsa in "It Takes a Smart Man"

"Buck is the last of a breed.  
Someday, he'll ride off and never make it back home again."

John to Mano and Sam in "

"He is only a fool, Diego, and he will die like a fool soon enough.  
But you, Mano, will die now by your own mouth if you open it again."

Francisco to Mano in "An Anger Greater Than Mine"

"I bet you'd like for them to cut it on my tombstone, wouldn't you?  
'Here lies Buck Cannon, a Fair Man'
But you know, I'd sooner end up standing over your grave 
and have people whispering behind their hands, 
'That's Buck Cannon.  He don't fight fair.'

Buck to Tulsa in "
It Takes a Smart Man"

"My tombstone should read:
'Here lies Buck.  If he don't go to Hell there ain't no reason to have the place."

Buck in "Spokes"

Diego:  I did not expect the pleasure of running into you.
Don Sebastian:  And I did not expect the displeasure.
An Anger Greater Than Mine"

"I pass my turn.  You two have used up all the good rocks."

Mano to Buck in "Wind"

Sam:  Am I the kind of man to be a part of this?
John:  Yes.
Sam:  All right then.  I'll try and hold down the trouble.

A Good Sound Profit"

"He don't care if you're red, white, polka-dot or something else. 
He treats everyone the same."

Sam talking about Wind to Talbot in "Pale Warrior"

John:  All that town needs to be a bomb is a fuse.

And the fuse is shaving.
referring to Buck in "

"If my grandson is harmed in any way and the Apaches don't kill you, I will." 
Casement to Victoria in "A Matter of Survival"

John:  How were things in Tucson?
Victoria:  Oh...quiet.
Buck:  That doesn't sound like Tucson.
Mano:  It doesn't sound like Victoria, either.  Wind, how were things in Tucson, really?
Wind:  Would she say anything that was not true?

The Hostage"

"If they see you, walk boldly.  If you hear a night lark calling, answer it. 
It won't be a night lark." 

Wind to Mano in "Sangre"

Sgt. Smith:  If you weren't here we wouldn't be here and 
if nobody was here there wouldn't be a war.

The fact is, if someday somebody hadn't gone somewhere, there wouldn't 
be no United States, no United States Army, and you'd be looking for a job.

"You figure it out, John."

Buck to John in "The Badge"

"To have such a father, John, is a heavy burden.  
It will probably do no good but I will try to talk to him."

Mano to John about Don Sebastian in "
An Anger Greater Than Mine"

"Victoria, there is one good thing to say about work, perhaps. 
It's the rest that comes after." 

Mano to Victoria in A "Matter of Vengeance"

Hired hand, Mobley:  Probably thinks more Apache than like us.
Sam:  Don't include me in the way you think, Mobley.  

Pale Warrior"

Sam:  Am I speaking too soft for you?
Wind:  The prairie dogs go to the ground when you speak, Sam.

"Pale Warrior"

"I will tell you how I feel about that money, Tio. 
It has all the appeal to me of embracing a corpse."

Mano to his Uncle Don Domingo responding to his suggestion to cash in
on Rancho Montoya rather than try to save it in "New Lion of Sonora"

"The line that divides the desert and divides
two countries cannot divide the conscience."
John to Julio Sanchez in "A Good Sound Profit"

Walt Fraley:  What's he doing here? I thought we were gonna
keep this between the six of us.
John Cannon:  Sam Butler is the left arm of the High Chaparral. 
He's my left arm. That'll be enough talk on that!


"You may not have wanted all this but you have it now!  
How dare you allow the Montoya name to be dragged in the dust?"

Mano to Don Domingo in "
New Lion of Sonora"

Mano:  You know, of the two of us you have been the stronger.
Victoria:  If that is true it is because yours is the heavier burden.

"New Lion of Sonora"

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