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The writers for The High Chaparral were among the best in the business.  Their credits are listed on the Writers and Directors page if you want to know who wrote which episodes.  Writers' credits are also on each episode page, reached by clicking on the title. Here are some of our favorite quotes from the second season.  If you have more you'd like to add, please let me know. 

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Episodes 2.29 - 2.54

Joe and Sam in "The Covey"

"Pay me later - if there is a later. 'Cause where I'm goin' everything's free.  
But where you're goin' you might need five dollars."

Sam to Joe in "
The Covey"

Blue:  I need all the rest I can get, Uncle Buck.
Buck:  When I was your age, Blue, that word 'rest' hadn't been invented.

"The Covey"

Buck:  John, what is this all about?
John:  Well, they think we stole this turkey.
Mano:  Well, did you?

For What We Are About To Receive"

"I see the one who does not kiss pigs has no feelings where dogs are concerned"

El Lobo to Mano about the bar girl who is kissing Mano in "The Glory Soldiers"

Don Sebastian:  You are a disgrace to the name of Montoya, a disgraceful disgrace . . .
The decent girls of Sonora, at the mention of your name, they are frightened.

Mano: You know, my name was yours before I was born.  
And by the way, I have heard many stories about you, padre mio.

Don Sebastian:  In my time a man was judged by his virtues.  
I had the common sense to practice my vices in private.
"The Glory Soldiers"

"So what’s a little poverty as long as Victoria’s happy?"

Buck to John in "Our Lady of Guadalupe"

"If your dreams are mine, your dangers are mine also."

Victoria to John in "
The Last Hundred Miles"

"Yes, my dear Brother Manolito,
the Lord works in wondrous ways his magic to perform."

Buck to an unconscious Mano after using some "persuasion"
to gain his cooperation in "The Glory Soldiers"

"He is a dog.  He is the son of a dog.  He has the heart of a dog."

El Lobo, grumbling to himself about Manolito in "The Glory Soldiers"

Ellie:  With the Lord with us, who can be against us?
Mano:  Well, as far as Tombstone is concerned there is
Doc Holiday, Johnny Ringo, Buckskin Frank Leslie, . . .
Ellie:  And they are all children of the Lord.
The Glory Soldiers"

"Mano, you are like a gnat who keeps bothering around my eyes.
I am going to have to kill you, amigo."

El Lobo to Mano in "The Glory Soldiers"

"You know it sounds like we’re surrounded by turkeys."

Sam to John in "For What We are About to Receive"

"Well somebody's gotta save him from hisself."

Buck to Victoria about Mano in "
The Glory Soldiers"

"Buck, please, you know me.  I have such a . . . weak character."

Mano to Buck in "The Covey"

Joe, referring to the tequila:  What did you say it was made of?
Pedro:  Cactus.
Sam:  Well, I wish they'd take the stickers out before they bottled it.

The Covey"

"Sam, you know better than to loan me money when I’m drinkin’."

Joe to Sam in "
The Covey"

"He is one of my ranch hands. He cleans my stables."

Mano introducing Buck to a pretty girl in "
The Covey"

"Don't you come hard nosin' at me, Mr. Munn. 
I'll drag your hind side out in the scrubs, rub your nose in heifer dust
and you can get your information from the Apache."
Buck to stage agent in "The Promised Land"

"My husband is trying to feed the Indians what they were promised to protect you, 
as well as everyone else, and you cannot see beyond your dinero.  
I am ashamed to call you my father!"
Victoria to Don Sebastian in "
The Promised Land"

Victoria:  Buck!
Yes, Ma'am?
Where's John?
John who?

"Shadow of the Wind"

"Mano's the only guy I know who could fall into a
gully full of rocks and come out with a gold nugget."

Sam to Joe as Mano rides into the yard with another damsel in distress in "The Deceivers"

"How could anyone hate you, chiquita? Uh? There - there at last. 
Now I know you are unchained - your smile has escaped!"

Mano to Tina in "The Deceivers"

"I think you do not know why they call me El Lobo. 
Now, I will show you how a wolf thinks."

El Lobo to his men in "
The Covey"

Buck:  Wait a minute, Mano, you cheat . . . a lot.
Mano:  Never.  Short twig goes.  You win.
Buck:  Wait I didn't see . . .
Mano:  You're not going to impugn my honor, are you?

Buck:  What are you takin' that jacket for?
Mano:  I always go well dressed on occasions like this.
Buck and Mano under fire, arguing about who will make a run for it in "The Covey"
(As usual, Mano tricks Buck into letting him go.)

"Never have I seen such a pretty scalp overlooked."

Mano to Tina in "
The Deceivers"

"Poor Victoria.  What kind of life will she lead being
married to an hombre who is honest?"

Don Sebastian to Mano in "The Promised Land"

Mano:  I feel sorry for Mr. Hipple.
Sam:  I feel sorry for every man in town. 
What's it going to be like without a saloon?

Tornado Frances"

Mano:  I suppose your father would be angry if we joined him. (Meaning Sam)
Blue:  Yep.
Mano:  It would do us no good to get your father angry with us.
Blue:  Nope.
Mano:  Fathers are always angry with their sons. Si?
Blue:  Si.

As both head for their horses in "Follow Your Heart"

"If you don't follow your heart this time, John, 
you will surely destroy yourself and all the people you love."

Victoria telling John to go help Sam, even over Sam's objections in "
Follow Your Heart"

"Do not feel badly, Senor Montoya.  Our Father is eternally forgiving."

Father Rufino's response to Don Sebastian when he refuses to
keep his word to the poor villagers in "
The Promised Land".

Blue:  What do you think's keeping Mano?
Buck:  Could be a good sign, Blue Boy.  Bad news don't usually take so long.

Buck trying to ease Blue's worry about what has happened to his father.
"A Way of Justice"

"Eben, do you think I like to follow you around like a shadow? 
No.  I would much rather be in a cantina drinking a beer, or
looking into the eyes of a pretty senorita, or one not so pretty. 
I would rather walk in the desert without my shoes in June
than follow you around, amigo."

Mano to Ebenezer Binns in "Ebenezer"

"Blue Boy, why don't you get the wood for the fire? 
Frettin' sets better on a full belly."

Buck to Blue in
"A Way of Justice"

Vaquero:  Ah, Senor Montoya, you're a great benefactor of humanity. 
You have just been blessed by our great lord in heaven!

Father Rufino:  Si, the Angel in heaven has stolen your heart!

Spoken to Don Sebastian after he inadvertently
agreed to keep his promise in "
The Promised Land". 

"Never have I been so happy to see your ugly Gringo face.  
How did you come - by turtle?" 

Mano to Buck in "

"Let me tell you a secret about Victoria.  
She is not just a pretty and fragile creature.  There is much iron in her."

Mano to John in "North to Tucson"

"Your father may be the Lion of Sonora, but you are the Rooster."

Anita Santiago to Mano in "The Lion Sleeps"

"The fire's as cold as a widow's kiss."

Buck in "A Way of Justice"

"A man knows who's a friend only when he needs one"
Buck to Kolos in "
A Way of Justice"

"Well Eben, I must say for sheer downright outright guts, you take the whole pot --
though I still think you're a darn fool."

Buck to Ebenezer Binns in "Ebenezer"

"I have something wrong with my hearing.  
Never in my whole life have I heard a woman say 'no' to me." 

Mano to Countess Maria in "Once on a Day in Spring"

"Papa, before I too begin to cry I must go join the cows."

Mano responding to Don Sebastian's histrionics in "The Promised Land"

Escaped Robber, Mitch:  Why you draggin' us all this way? 
You got the money.  We can't do you any good now.

Buck:  I figured if I brought you along it might take the flies off the rest of us.
A Way of Justice"

Santos:  You are not the man Cannon.  I have seen him in the council of Cochise.
Buck:  For right now I am the man Cannon.  Hermano. 
Santos:  Blood brother?
Buck:  Blood Brother.
Feather of an Eagle"

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