The High Chaparral

Guide to Writers and Directors

         Over the course of four seasons The High Chaparral credited 53 writers and 29 directors with contributions to the show's creative efforts.  They include some of the top names in the film industry, especially in the Western genre.  Below is an alphabetical listing of the writers and directors, along with the number of episodes for those with multiple credits.  More than one writer or director may have received credit for a single episode.  Below the full listing you can go to the writers and directors' guides by season to find who was responsible for any particular episode.

     The fan letter above, written to Story Editor Tim Kelly, was contributed by the Mitchell family and appeared originally as an advertisement in the August 9, 1968 edition of Variety Magazine. 


George Atkins
Don Balluck  (8)
Leon Benson
Ron Bishop
John D.F. Black
Walter Black  (11)
William Blinn 
Don Carpenter
Richard Carr  (2)
Frank Chase  (4)
Ramona Chase  (2)
Frances Cockrell 
Gerry Day  (3)
Peter Dixon
David Dortort  (2)
Warren Douglas  (3)
David Duncan
Michael Fessier  (6)
Pat Fiedler 
Michael Fisher
D.C. Fontana  (2)
Warren Garfield
Milton Gelman  (3)
Mel Goldberg  (2)
Ward Hawkins
Christopher Helms
James L. Henderson  (2)
Lowell Hjermstad
Alan L. Honaker
Tim Kelly  (5)
Laird Koenig
Charles Lang
William F. Leicester  (6)
Gene McCarr
Bob & Esther Mitchell 
John Starr Niendorff  (2)
Denne Bart Petitclerc  (3)
Ken Pettus  (4)
Jon Bennett Reed  (2)
Don Richardson
Richard Sale  (3)
B. W. Sandefur  (2)
James Schmerer  (3)
Alex Sharp  (2)
Jack Sowards  (5)
Thomas Thompson  (2)
Steven Thornley 
Irve Tunick  (2)
Gabrielle Upton
Al C. Ward
Clyde Ware  (2)
Robert Warren
Henry Wills

Justus Addiss
Corey Allen
Richard Benedict  (4)
Leon Benson  (11)
James B. Clark  (2)
William F. Claxton (22)
Herschel Daugherty  (2)
Gerry Day
Robert Friend
John Florea
Robert Gist 
Harry Harris  (6)
Ralph Hayes
Leonard Horn 
Don McDougall
Arthur Nadel
James Neilson
James Pevney  (8)
Phil Rawlins  (9)
Allen Reisner 
Don Richardson  (5)
Seymour Robbie  (2)
Richard Sale 
Ralph Senensky
Robert Sparr 
Paul Stanley 
Virgil W. Vogel  (3)
William Wiard  (4)
William Witney  (4)


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