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The writers for The High Chaparral were among the best in the business.  Their credits are listed on the Writers and Directors page if you want to know who wrote which episodes. Writers' credits are also on each episode page, reached by clicking on the title.  Here are some of our favorite quotes from the third season.  If you have more you'd like to add, please let me know.  

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Episodes 3.55 - 3.80

Mano, Buck, Jeff Patterson
"A Piece of Land"

"I know you're a man of integrity, but this is different.  This is business." 
Banker to Mano in "A Piece of Land"

"Hey, Senora Cannon, we Scotch-English-Welsh-Irish-Spanish-Arizonans -
we don't give up, do we?"

Buck to Victoria in "
New Hostess in Town"

"I do not chase women.  I beckon them and they follow."

Mano in "Generation"

"Better to be a live dog than a dead lion."
Mano to Blue in "
Time of Your Life"

Blue:  I'm glad you see it my way.
John:  I don't.  But you're you and I'm me. 
That's what you've been telling me.  And you're right.

Time of Your Life"

"I used a lot of time raisin' you, Blue."

Buck to Blue in "
Time of Your Life"

John:  So you took the necklace that belonged to my wife.
Mano:  No, I took the necklace that belonged to my sister.
A Piece of Land"

Buck:  But that's wrong.  It's the principle of the thing that counts, John.
John:  You're not talking about principle, Buck.  You're talking about a stupid gesture.  
The only thing around here that counts is the High Chaparral.  That's all.

The Legacy"

Blue:  Don't tell me that.  It's not true.
Victoria:  Don't blind yourself.
Blue:  And don't you lecture me.  You're not my mother.

The Legacy"

Blue:  Don't you think everything has already been said?
Mano:  Well, possible' . . . Did you change your mind?
Blue: No.
Mano:  Then everything has not been said.
Time of Your Life"

Buck:  Backing off is wrong, John.
John:  Breaking the law is worse.
The Legacy"

"Hey, everything will be alright, muchacha.  
You must never doubt that, Dona Victoria Montoya de Cannon."

Mano to Victoria in "Trail to Nevermore"

Victoria:  Manolito, I need some wood for the stove.
Mano:  I'm very happy for you.
Auld Lang Syne"

Mano:  Good evening amigos.  Victoria, I have just noticed something very strange.  
The sun is setting in the east.  Never have I seen that before.
Victoria:  And the strangest thing is that it's setting backwards
and getting higher every second.

Mano:  Ah, well that explains why I am so sleepy. 
I have been riding the range all night then!
"The Lost Ones"

"May all of the teeth fall out of your mouth except one -
and that one shall have a toothache."

Pedro to another ranch hand in "
To Stand for Something More"

"A dog with a cow's head would not get a friend in as much trouble."

Mano to Pedro in "To Stand for Something More"

"A contract's just a piece of paper between two men who don't trust each other."  
Buck to John in "
A Piece of Land"

"Buck, I have this fire inside of me that will not be quenched 
until it is cooled by the waters of revenge."

Mano speaking of Blue in "The Reluctant Deputy"

Mano:  Tell me, what kind of man would be around this country?  
Buck:   You mean besides us?  
Mano:  Of course, besides us.

No Trouble at All"

"I have never been able to decide whether it is more of a thorn in my side 
to have a son or a son-in-law."

Don Sebastian in "Mi Casa, Su Casa"

"We will all be massacred to death!"
Victoria in "
Mi Casa, Su Casa"

"There's a lot more to officering than following orders. 
There's judgment and intelligence.  
Otherwise they'd hand out that gold braid to the mules."

John to Army General in "The Lieutenant"

Blue:  You can untie me.  I won't run away.
Chief Morales:  That's not why your hands are tied.  It gives strength to my people.
Blue:  How do you figure that?
Chief Morales:  Anybody can kill an enemy.  It takes strength to kill a friend.
Apache Trust"

"You think you are the Great Patron of the desert?"
Mano to Blue in "Too Many Chiefs"

"Men!  And the children of men who are nothing but children!!

Victoria in exasperation in "
To Stand for Something More"

"Remind me to lecture my daughter's husband on the nice points of cattle raising.  
These cows insult the eyes!"

Don Sebastian to Mano in "Mi Casa, Su Casa"

Buck to Joe about John:  The only reason I don't get mad at that . . (unspoken expletive) 
. . .is 'cause he's meaner to his self than he is to the rest of us.  I think.  Hmm?

Joe:  I think so.

Too Many Chiefs"

"Mr. Keough, if anything happens to that boy, I'll be next in line.  
Maybe I ain't as young as you, but I'm kinda sneaky."

Buck to Johnny Keough in "Time of Your Life"

"No matter what I do, or how I do it, I just can't please you."  
Blue to John in "

"This Pelletier, he is no more of a cattleman than you are -- even less of one!"
Mano to Buck in "The Reluctant Deputy"

"I only donate to charities, gracias."  
Mano to the other poker players, Buck, Pedro, and Joe in "

Garnet:  You'll lose this ranch and everything you've worked for all these years.
John:  Without my wife that means nothing to me.
"Journal of Death"

"Because John Cannon is not just your father, nor just the husband of my sister.  
He is a man in charge of his business, which is the High Chaparral -
and we are part of that."

Mano to Blue in "
To Stand for Something More"

Buck (about his shirt):  It's new. Like it?
I love it. But it looks just like the other one.

"Friends and Partners"

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