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               SEASON NOTES:  Season Four is only 18 episodes long but stirs up more controversy among fans than any other season.  Most fans were disappointed, not only in the loss of Blue from the series, but in the manner in which he disappeared without explanation and was never referred to again. This is particularly hard to explain in the rather odd flashback episode, The Badge, where we go back in time 15 years or so and Blue doesn't appear to exist in the past either.  The addition of Wind in a lead role for several episodes is also controversial, with some appreciating the new character and others clearly annoyed by his arrogant attitude toward our favorite regular characters.  Sam is back as foreman and he plays a stronger role than usual in several episodes.  Buck has a new article of clothing this season:  a tan overcoat that appears in several fourth season episodes.  He is otherwise still in his black outfit but the leather vest is gone.  Along with her higher hair and eyebrows that go from thin to thick again, Victoria is seen for the first time wearing pants around the house.  John changes from his standard light colored shirt to a dark brown one.  While the fourth season has generally darker themes and not much humor, it also turns in some of the best dramatic performances of the series. The final double episode, New Lion of Sonora, filmed after the death of Frank Silvera is particularly powerful for all the cast members.  

Episodes are listed here in the order most likely to offer the best series continuity when viewed in order.  It is based on production dates except where the story line clearly indicates a different order.  For a comparison of actual production order and air dates see the Production Order page. The first number indicates the season, the second indicates the episode number (1-98). Some sources refer to 96 episodes, but the two double episodes are treated individually here which brings the total one-hour episodes to 98.  The Character Guide pages show which characters played prominent roles in each episode.


Original Air Date

4.81  Spokes 25 Sep 70
4.82  It Takes a Smart Man 23 Oct 70
4.83  Only the Bad Come to Sonora 02 Oct 70
4.84  Wind 09 Oct 70
4.85  An Anger Greater Than Mine 18 Sep 70
4.86  A Man to Match the Land 12 Mar 71
4.87  A Matter of Survival 16 Oct 70
4.88  Sangre 26 Feb 71
4.89  A Good, Sound Profit 30 Oct 70
4.90  Too Late the Epitaph 6 Nov 70
4.91  Pale Warrior 11 Dec 70
4.92  The Forge of Hate 13 Nov 70
4.93  The Hostage 05 Mar 71
4.94  Fiesta 20 Nov 70
4.95  The Badge 18 Dec 70
4.96  A Matter of Vengeance 27 Nov 70
4.97  The New Lion of Sonora (Part I)
4.98  The New Lion of Sonora (Part II)
12 Mar 71

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