The High Chaparral

Buck Cannon's Outfits

"The Kinsman"

Not withstanding the outfit above, Buck's wardrobe, like most of the men's, remains fairly constant throughout the series.  His can be summed up as black on black on black, although in the first season and part of the second his scarf is light colored.  After that the scarf is dark blue.  We have been told by producer, David Dortort, that Cameron Mitchell kept himself cool by immersing himself in water frequently, but because of the dark colors, it didn't show, so he actually was often cooler than the other actors whose lighter colored outfits didn't allow that option.  Cameron Mitchell treated his "look" with more abandon than most of the actors, running water through his hair most anytime water was available - something Mano, John, and Blue never do, no matter how hot it is.  He is also usually the only one in a scene who is actually eating food.  Mano and Victoria are never shown eating, John and Blue only rarely. 

Buck in the Pilot
When we first see Buck he is in a full button black shirt and the short black vest, both of which are replaced after this.
His scarf is light colored and remains so through the first season.  He appears briefly in the pilot without a vest.
He is wearing his leather wrist band, but not the ammo arm band that he wears for all the other seasons.

His pants are dark colored but in close-ups they actually have a thin stripe to them.  Later they are solid black.

When he goes to see Blue he is without the scarf.


In the closing scene he has the full outfit with the hat that he uses for most of the next two seasons.

Buck Through the Seasons

First Season Second Season Third Season Fourth Season

"The Kinsman"


"The Reluctant Deputy"


While Buck's basic look doesn't change much, even in head shots you can notice some changes season to season.  The long black vest with the epaulets is a staple in the first three seasons, but disappears in the fourth.  Halfway through the second season, the scarf changes from light to dark.  His hair, which is quite blond in the first season, is a darker blond in the second, brown in the third, and dark brown in the fourth.  Cameron Mitchell is also noticeably thinner in the fourth season.  The hat band is the same for the first season and part of the second, but changes after that to a different bead band on what appears to be a slightly smaller brimmed hat.  In the fourth season he starts wearing his scarf snug around his neck inside his shirt collar rather than loose on the outside of his shirt.  The shirt itself is a collarless pullover for the first three seasons, but has a collar in the fourth.

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