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Our Favorite TV Westerns

This page was first developed by members of the Women's Writers' Block website, some of whom are also contributors to The High Chaparral website.  Since HC fans tend to also be fans of television Westerns it seemed fitting to have a mini-tribute to these great old shows.  Let us know if we missed one that meant a lot to you.  To read a brief overview of the show, see a picture of the cast, and learn a little behind-the-scenes trivia about it, click on any of the shows that are highlighted below.  We will be adding links (and shows) as we get a round tuitt - always an iffy proposition, but check back and you may see more links. 

If you know of a favorite fan site for any of these shows let me know and perhaps we can link to them.  I think we've got HC and Bonanza covered!  Most of these summaries and photos were contributed by Sandy Sturdivant, HC's previous webmaster.  Others were done by a variety of authors.  If one of these shows that has no link is your fave and you would like to write something about it, you too can get credited in these pages!  Let me know.

You can find HC cast members in most of these Westerns, especially those that are pre-1990.  Below our list of favorites is a list of all the TV Westerns I know of in which one of the main 12 HC actors have had roles.  Their names are linked to their filmography page that will tell you which episodes each were in.  The Links page offers other good sources of television archive information.

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The Wild Wild Westerns that We Love!

Alias Smith & Jones  1971-1973 Lonesome Dove  1992-1996
The Big Valley  1965-1969 The Magnificent Seven  1997-1999
Bonanza  1959-1973 Maverick  1957-1962
Bordertown  1989-1991 Outlaws  1960-1962
Broken Arrow  1956-1958 Paradise  1988-1990
Bronco  1958-1962 Rawhide  1959-1965
Cheyenne  1955-1962 The Rebel  1959-1961
The Cowboys  1974-1974 The Rifleman  1958-1963
The Dakotas  1963-1963 Stagecoach West  1960-1961
Daniel Boone  1964-1970 Sugarfoot  1957-1961
Death Valley Days  1952-1975 Travels of Jamie McPheeters 1963-1964
Gunsmoke  1955-1975 The Virginian  1962-1971
Have Gun Will Travel  1957-1963 Wagon Train  1957-1965
The High Chaparral  1967-1971 Wanted:  Dead or Alive  1958-1961
Lancer  1968-1970 Whispering Smith  1961-1961
Laramie  1959-1963 The Wild, Wild West  1965-1969
Laredo  1965-1967 The Young Riders  1989-1992
Lawman  1958-1962 Zane Grey Theater  1956-1962
The Lone Ranger  1949-1957 Zorro  1957-1961

TV Western Series in which one or more of these 
HC actors have had regular or guest appearances
(Let me know if I've missed some that you know of.)

Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., The (Markland) 
Adventures of Jim Bowie, The  (Contreras)
Adventures of Rin Tin Tin  (Summers)
Alias Smith & Jones (Mitchell)
Annie Oakley (Summers)
Bat Masterson  (Silvera)
Big Valley, The (Acosta, Contreras) 
Bonanza (Erickson, Mitchell, Darrow, Cristal, Slade, Acosta, Silvera, Collier, Hoy, Markland, Summers)
Branded (Erickson, Collier, Hoy)
Bronco (Acosta, Summers)
Buckskin  (Markland)
Cheyenne (Acosta)
Cimarron Strip  (Summers)
Colt 45 (Mitchell)
Cowboys, The  (Hoy, Contreras) 
Daniel Boone (Erickson, Mitchell, Darrow, Acosta, Silvera)
Death Valley Days (Mitchell, Acosta, Collier)
Dundee and the Culhane  (Silvera)
Great Adventure, The (Acosta)
Guns of Will Sonnett, The  (Hoy) 
Gunsmoke  (Erickson, Mitchell, Darrow, Silvera, Collier, Summers)
Have Gun Will Travel (Acosta, Hoy, Contreras, Markland, Summers)
Hondo  (Collier)
Iron Horse, The (Darrow, Cristal, Acosta)
Jefferson Drum (Acosta)
Johnny Ringo  (Silvera, Hoy)
Laredo (Acosta, Hoy, Contreras)
Law and Legend of Wyatt Earp, The  (Contreras)
Law of the Plainsman, The  (Hoy, Contreras) 
Legend  (Collier)
Little House on the Prairie  (Collier, Hoy)
Man Called Shenandoah, A  (Erickson)
Man from Blackhawk, The  (Silvera)
Maverick (Acosta, Contreras)
Outcasts, The  (Acosta)
Outlaws (Collier, Contreras)
Quest, The (Mitchell, Hoy)
Rawhide (Erickson, Cristal, Slade, Acosta, Silvera, Contreras)
Rebel, The (Erickson, Acosta, Silvera)
Restless Gun, The  (Markland)
Rifleman, The  (Erickson, Hoy, Contreras)
Riverboat  (Silvera)
Rough Riders, The  (Contreras, Markland)
Shane  (Hoy)
Sugarfoot  (Contreras)
Tales of Wells Fargo  (Contreras)
Tall Man, The  (Hoy, Summers)
Tate  (Markland)
Travels of Jamie McPheeters, The (Erickson, Acosta, Silvera)
Virginian, The (Erickson, Acosta, Collier, Hoy, Summers)
Wagon Train (Erickson, Mitchell, Darrow, Collier)
Wanted: Dead or Alive (Silvera, Contreras)
Westerner, The  (Contreras)
Wide Country, The  (Collier)
Wild, Wild West,The (Darrow, Slade, Silvera, Markland)
Young Riders,The   (Collier, Hoy)
Zane Grey Theater (Erickson, Mitchell, Hoy, Contreras)
Zorro (1957)  (Acosta)
Zorro (1990)   (Darrow) 
Zorro and Son (Darrow) 

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