The Cowboys

Annie Anderson:  Diana Douglas
Jebidiah Nightlinger:  Moses Gunn
Cimarron:  A. Martinez
Slim:  Robert Carradine
Jimmy:  Sean Kelly
Homer Wheems:  Kerry MacLane
Steve:  Clint Howard
Hardy:  Mitch Brown
Weedy:  Clay O'Brien
Marshal Bill Winter:  Jim Davis

This short-lived Warner Brothers series was produced by HC's David Dortort and John Hawkins.  It aired in February 1974 and ran for 13 thirty-minute episodes Wednesdays on ABC.  Unfortunately it was not renewed in the fall.  Set in 1870's New Mexico, the story line picked up where the 1972 movie of the same name, starring John Wayne, left off.

Will Anderson (Wayne) is dead, and his trail cook, Jebidiah Nightlinger (Moses Gunn) and the seven boys he hired to drive his cattle have returned to the Anderson Ranch to tell his widow, and deliver the money from the sale of the cattle. Annie Anderson (Diana Douglas) has a decision to make: Sell the ranch, or try to keep it going. With Nightlinger as the new foreman, and seven of the boys, age 9 to 17, staying on as ranch hands, she stays. It isn't easy, since she insists the boys continue their education, as well as work the ranch, and someone always thinks a bunch of boys and a widow make an easy target.

Robert Hoy appeared in the first episode "David Done It", along with DeForest Kelly. 
Roberto Contreras appeared in the sixth episode "The Accused".
HC Guest stars who also appeared sometime during the 13 episodes included Gregory Walcott, Kevin Hagan, Walter Brooke, Ted Gehring, Michael Keep, Myron Healey, and Jerry Wills.

Other High Chaparral connections include directors, Bill Claxton, William Wiard, and William Witney, as well as the music of Harry Sukman.

(Text courtesy of Ann Evetts)

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