The High Chaparral
Reunion 2003 Photos

Page 3

Sitting: Mr. Dortort, his wife Rose, Bob Hoy. Standing: Barbara Luna, Ted Markland, Susan McCray, Henry Darrow, Kent McCray.

Same folks as left.

Ted Markland (Reno), Henry Darrow (Mano), Bob Hoy (Joe)

Ted Markland chatting with friends.

Bob Hoy with Charlotte, Denise, and John

Charlotte and Bob Hoy

Henry Darrow and Bob Hoy

Ted Markland, Henry Darrow, and Bob Hoy

Henry and friend

Bob Hoy and Vickie

Mixing and mingling

Greeting Rose Dortort

David Dortort answering questions

Preparing for the panel discussion

Henry, reading one of the question cards

Another view of our panelists

Panelists on the panel discussion

Panelists on the panel discussion

Another view of our guests

Chatting with friends after breakfast

Bob Hoy and Vickie who brought us this page of photos

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