The High Chaparral

The 2003 Reunion


  The High Chaparral International Convention
        The Sportsmen's Lodge Hotel in Studio City, CA
   Friday, August 15th to Sunday, August 17th, 2003

The High Chaparral Reunion 2003 Gang
Sitting - Andy Klyde, Denise (Sawbones), Denise Lynch. 
Kneeling - Carol Ann, Jackie. Standing first row - Marii Ann, Vickie. Standing back row - John, Al, Elsa, Bonnie, Charlotte, Rusty, Marce. Apologies for misspelling names.

Another Picture of The High Chaparral Reunion 2003 Gang

Andy and Friends
Guy Williams Jr., Andy Klyde, Barbara Luna, Henry Darrow

Our Special Guests
Sitting: Mr. Dortort, his wife Rose, Bob Hoy. Standing: Barbara Luna, Ted Markland, Susan McCray, Henry Darrow, Kent McCray.  Photo on screen shows David Dortort speaking with Leif Erickson.

Jackie and Friend

Rusty & Jackie speaking with Mr. Dortort

Henry Darrow speaking with Mr. & Mrs. Dortort

Henry Darrow and Myra MacKay, a producer, who works with Western stunt people.

Panel discussion from RIGHT to left: Al Sharp (stuntman & writer), Barbara Luna (Conchita in "The Firing Wall"), Ted Markland (Reno), Mr. Dortort

Panel Discussion from RIGHT to left: Mr. Dortort, Bob Hoy (Joe), Kent McCray (Producer), Susan McCray (Casting Director & it was her father who worked on the HC music)

Bob Hoy & Jackie

Denise Lynch and Henry Darrow with gift

David Dortort, Creator of High Chaparral and Bonanza

David Dortort sharing his recollections.

Henry Darrow enjoying his gift from Denise Lynch.

Panel Discussion: Henry Darrow

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Some of the comments left by participants in the High Chaparral Reunion:

"I guess I should mention what a fantastic, awesome, amazing,
incredible, delightful, and a once in a life time experience it was meeting
with the other HC fans and then meeting the cast and crew that showed up at
the brunch.  I am deeply sorry more of you couldn't have been there to join
in this incredible experience."

"Carol Anne called me as well and let me speak to Henry!  WOW!!!  What a
thrill!  Yes, he was very nice and gentlemanly!
Thank you Carol Anne for the chance to "meet" Henry.  I am still smiling!"

   "I finally have to chime in on the kudos and raves about the reunion. As everyone has already said, it was a WONDERFUL event, and I wish everyone on the list could have been there. From my side, I had a great time and was so happy to finally get to meet so many members of our group. I've been fortunate in already having met all the cast members, the Dortorts and Andy Klyde before, so meeting fellow listers was very important to me. All I can say is that you are all very nice people, and as Mr. Dortort said, we feel just like family!
   Andy called me on Sunday night and was very pleased with the way everything worked out. Like Charlotte, I received a voicemail from Bob Hoy on Monday morning and he was still complimenting the event very enthusiastically. Henry really enjoyed it as well, even though we kept handing him Carol Anne's cell phone and asking him to talk to complete strangers! Garla, Joan, Jane, and everyone else he spoke to: he had as much fun as much as you did. I'm glad that other members of our group were able to find out that he's as nice as I already knew he was.
   I can't say enough about Charlotte's marvelous slide show. Rest assured, Charlotte, that the "professionals" were most impressed and the rest of us were not only impressed, but moved as well. Excellent, excellent job.  Thanks for sharing your photos already, Jackie. I took so few that it's nice to see the group shots especially.
   My final comment on this event is: let's do it again! A number of people put a LOT of work into making sure it would be a success (that's you Denise, Denise, Charlotte). Maybe we can share the responsibilities more the next time, but we definitely need to do it again."
kat  ^..^

"First, I want to state my immense appreciation to Denise L & Denise
hcsawbones for the fantastic job they did in arranging the reunion.  The
amount of work that went into planning and excuting such an event was
phenomenal and they did a great job!  The Sportsman turned out to be a
fantastic location that made everyone (fan, cast, and crew) feel
comfortable.  Thanks to Carol Ann for bringing the iron-ons and the sticky
photos for the t-shirts, canvas bags and pseudo-rubic cubes.  Thanks to
Andy Klyde for letting the reunion borrow 10 digital episodes.  The shows
were awesome for their color & clarity and uncut scenes!!! Oh, the memories
these episodes brought back.(pause to wipe tears) Thanks to John Lynch for
being the technical guru for the projection equipment used in showing the
10 episodes as well as Charlotte's presentation.  Speaking of Charlotte's
presentation... words cannot express what a tribute she, Andy, and many
others put together. The presentation made me smile hundreds of times,
laugh as many times as well as bringing tears to my eyes. (again, pause to
wipe tears of happiness) The cherished memories Charlotte brought back were
amazing.  You had to have been there to know how special the weekend and
especially the brunch was.

I wish all of you could have been there!  I am not exaggerating when I say
it was a once in a lifetime experience.  I am still pinching my self to
make sure it wasn't a dream.  And no, I have not washed my cheek where
Henry placed a gentle kiss."


   "I would add my concurrence to the comments that this was a once in a lifetime event and many thanks are due the Denises for all their efforts in putting together a fabulous weekend.  I really appreciate the comments about the slide show since I was quite nervous going into a presentation in front of Hollywood professionals with what is really a very amateur show.  Naturally, every time I watch it I see things I could have done better.  Mostly I was relieved that our guests seemed to enjoy the show and to enjoy themselves generally at the Sunday brunch. 
   So here is the best part:  I didn't get off my plane until after 4 pm Monday and had a city council meeting to chair at 5 pm.  I walked in a few minutes late and was greeted with two of my staff people asking me about some Hollywood actor who had left a lengthy voice mail for me at City Hall. They thought it was someone named Charlie Hoy (they are a bit younger than me).  I asked if it might be Bob Hoy and they said yes that was probably it after all.  So I picked up this very nice voice mail that Bob had left earlier in the day.
   He was very complimentary of the show, but further more went on to say that it was the finest one of these kind of events he had EVER been to.  He said that everyone (meaning the guests) had a great time partly because it was small and because they had time to chat with the fans and with each other in a relaxed setting.  Because we had a fairly large turnout of actors and crew members, it really was like a reunion for some of them and I think the Denises should definitely feel good about facilitating that for them aside from the obvious enjoyment of the fans." 

"I am just so happy that so far everyone that has chimed in got home
safely. I won't get home until Sunday and then hopefully can
download our pics somewhere? But by that time I bet everyone will be
burned out by photos! LOL
I just want to add that Carol Anne will pipe in here soon and she
can tell you more about what Barbara Luna told her and what Carol
Vogel said.  Those remarks for me made me very happy.

I'm glad to see that some of you are still on cloud nine! Vickie
didn't get tossed in the pool so I owe her one.
I'm not sure if the HC bags you meant were the ones that were small
with the cast photo on the front? If those were the ones you were
discussing then I can bore you with how I made them off list.

By the way going to Kinkos at that time in the morning was a kick in
the pants!! Poor Char got roped into that adventure and indeed it
was. Bonnie the driver delivered us safely and Andy provided more
excitment with his determination to get the scanning of 15 or more
photos done. That poor Kinkos employee was so unprepared for our
invasion. I sure hope our Kinko friend didn't lock the door after we
left and quit."
denise in California at least till Friday LOL

"Carol Anne called me on Sunday, too.  Thank you, thank you.
I got to speak to Kat (Garcia) and she put me on with Henry.  What a
charming man he is!!!  He asked me where I was and was I affected by
the blackout.  Turns out he used to live about 20 miles north of
where I live. And, it sure sounded like y'all were having a fabulous time.  
I'm so jealous."

"Carol Ann called me while at the reunion and I got to speak with
Henry Darrow!!!!!!  Yee-haw!  I was (and still am) so excited!  He
was very sweet and caught me up on what he's been doing. SIGH....."

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