The High Chaparral
Reunion 2003 Photos

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Sitting: Mr. Dortort, his wife Rose, Bob Hoy. Standing: Barbara Luna, Ted Markland, Susan McCray, Henry Darrow, Kent McCray.

Myra MacKay, Mr. Dortort, Andy Klyde, Rose Dortort, Haskell Boggs' grandson (Bob Michaels?) and daughter, Debbie, and Vickie in the background. Haskell Boggs was one of the cinematographers on THC.  Myra is a film producer who has also been involved with the Hollywood stunt community for many years.

Carol Ann having a blast with Susan McCray while Ted Markland speaks with Kent McCray.

Ted Markland (Reno), Henry Darrow (Mano), Bob Hoy (Joe)

Another version of the tres hombres.

Yet another version of the tres hombres.

Bob Hoy (Joe) demonstrating how to tie a bandana.

Ted Markland (Reno)

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