The High Chaparral

"One Way or Other . . ."

A close family of strong personalities is sure to run into conflicts from time to time.  Since it was the Old West, where everyone seemed to have a steel jaw, family disagreements occasionally turned to fisticuffs - sometimes out of sheer orneriness, sometimes out of fear or desperation, and sometimes to keep somebody out of harm's way, "one way or other".  We don't think of them as a violent family, but the times were a bit rougher and they were an intense group.  Here's a list of occasions when the situation came to blows.

Who Hit Whom? Episode Place/Situation Reason

Mano slugs Buck

3.68 Friends and

Tucson Saloon after working together at their new ranch. Mano responds angrily to Buck accusing him of being as fussy as an old lady.
Mano slugs Don Sebastian

4.83 Only the Bad
        Come to Sonora

Rancho Montoya living room when DS comes downstairs Mano must silence his father before he betrays the situation.

Blue slugs Buck

1.02 The Arrangement

Hills near the ranch where Buck has gone to retrieve Blue Blue is angry about his father's marriage and refuses to return with Buck.

Blue slugs Mano

3.76 Generation

Tucson Bar over a saloon girl Blue is really angry about not pursuing his artwork, but takes it out on Mano.

John slugs Blue

1.16 Doctor from

Rock outcropping outside the ranch John fears Blue's impulsive actions could have cost him his life against a gunslinger.
John slugs Buck

1.12 The Assassins

Living Room of Ranch House John fears Buck's impulsive actions could have cost him his life against Soldado.
John slugs Mano

4.89 Good Sound

Villain's desert hideout John must silence Mano before he can betray the situation.
John elbows Victoria

1.23 Champion of the
       Western World

A Tucson street John blackens Victoria's eye when he accidentally hits her as he cheers Blue on.
Buck slugs Blue

1.02 The Arrangement

Hills near the ranch where Buck has gone to retrieve Blue Buck uses force to convince Blue to return to the safety of the ranch with him.
Buck slugs Blue

1.14 The Terrorist

Corral at the ranch Buck stops Blue from going to town to sell his share of the cattle to the French.
Buck slugs Blue

2.52 A Fella Named

Tucson street Buck keeps Blue out of harm's way by stopping his involvement in a showdown.
Buck slugs John

3.59 The Brothers

Tucson saloon Buck's resentment of John finally explodes.
Buck slugs Mano

1.15  Widow from Red

Living room of Cawthorne ranch Buck thinks Mano is taking liberties with Melanie.
Buck slugs Mano

2.47 The Glory

Tucson street Buck convinces Mano to accompany him and the missionaries to Tombstone.
Buck slugs Mano

3.68 Friends and

Tucson Saloon after working together at their new ranch. Buck hits Mano back during their argument about housework.
Victoria slaps Mano

1.03 Ghost of

Yard of the ranch Victoria chastises Mano for speaking disrespectfully to her husband.

Victoria hits Mano with her purse

3.62 The Lost Ones

Porch of the ranch house Victoria is fed up with Mano's irresponsibility.

Victoria whacks the bunkhouse gang with her broom

1.14 The Terrorist

In front of the summer kitchen Victoria loses her patience with the group's rowdiness when company is expected.
Pretty much everybody slugs everybody, except Mano never hits Blue or John, and Blue never hits John - he'd have a distinct height and reach disadvantage anyway.  While it makes them look like a pretty violent family (especially Buck), many of these situations were ones where the instigator was actually trying to protect the recipient by "one way or other" persuading them to change course. Still, it's just a good thing these folks were blessed with such sturdy teeth.
As far as the most frequent recipient, it is clearly Mano (7 times), followed by Blue (4 times), Buck (3 times), John, Don Sebastian, and Victoria (if you count accidental), once each.  Kind of an odd distribution given that Mano appears to be the least violent one of the bunch.  By season this tally would indicate that the first season, as we might expect, was the most violent with 9 incidents, the second with 2, the third with 5 and the fourth season also with 2 incidents.

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