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The 2005 Reunion

David Dortort received special honors at the reunion from Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and California State Senators, Sheila Kuehl and Jim Battin.  All sent official certificates and commendations recognizing the contributions Dortort has made to the television industry. The one from Arizona spoke especially to the cultural contributions of The High Chaparral.  They are shown here:


 Who was There?

Here are some of the guests who attended the 2005 reunion brunch.


Marie Gomez, credited in several episodes of the first two seasons.  She played Manolito's (and Pedro's) occasional love interest and added spice whenever she appeared.


Rudy Ramos, who appeared in seven episodes of the fourth season as Wind.
Rudy's New Website

Don Collier, who played Foreman Sam Butler in all four seasons.
Don's Website


Bob Hoy, who played ranch hand, Joe Butler, in all four seasons
Bob's Website


BarBara Luna, who played the mischievous Conchita in "The Firing Wall" in Season One.
BarBara's Website


Malachi Throne, who played bandidos, in Season Two and Season Four
Malachi's Website


Gregory Walcott who played two of Buck's foes in Season Two and Three, and was being considered for the role of Buck Cannon before Cameron Mitchell came along.


Morgan Woodward, who had major guest roles in Seasons Two, Three, and Four

Susan & Kent McCray
Kent was an HC Executive Producer and Susan did casting for the show. 
Her late father, Harry Sukman, composed much of the HC soundtrack.

Creator of The High Chaparral, David Dortort, and his wife, Rose.  The Dortorts celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary shortly after the reunion.

Other guests attending included writer and stuntman, Alex Sharp; Guest Star, Warren Stevens; Sound Editor, Bill Wistrom; Stuntmen, Neil Summers and Jack Williams; Cinematographers, Don Walley and Wallace Johnson as well as other studio personnel.

Looking Forward to Next Time. . . .



Ted Markland, who played ranch hand, Reno, in the first two seasons was unable to attend due to his recent bypass surgery, but sent his regrets on the phone and looks forward to next time.
Ted's Website


Jerry Summers, who played Ira Bean in the first season was unable to attend but sent his regards and a photo saying he was looking forward to the next one.  Sadly, Jerry died on New Year's Day, 2006.  He will be missed by his many friends and fans.


When our guests had finally left and the clean-up of what had been a fabulously decorated banquet room was completed, some of the remaining fans assembled in the Sportsman Cafe for a debrief and wind-down session.  Everyone agreed it had truly been an event to remember. 

"The reason I called this meeting . . . Wait a minute now, who's in charge here anyway???"

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