The High Chaparral

The 2005 Reunion

August 19 - 21
Sportsman Lodge Hotel
Studio City, California

Moving generally left to right:  Bill Wistrom, Kent McCray, Susan Sukman McCray, Don Collier behind Rudy Ramos,
Warren Stevens, Malachi Throne, Alex Sharp, Bob Hoy in front with BarBara Luna, Greg Walcott,
Morgan Woodward, Wallace Johnson, Jack Williams.  
Marie Gomez was in some of this grouping but apparently stepped away for this one.  David Dortort was out of the room.

Where was it?

For the second time the High Chaparral Reunion was held at the Sportsman Lodge Hotel in Studio City, California.  It has been held there for the last two reunions because it is a lovely facility, it is centrally located for many L.A. based actors, and it caters especially to Hollywood Westerns.  The only problem with it is that the popularity of the event seems to have grown, especially among the character actors associated with The High Chaparral and the banquet room was barely large enough to hold all of us. 

On the Marquis

The Pool and Terrace

Special Treatment

What Happened?
The High Chaparral Reunion had four objectives:  To honor those who had a hand in its creation; to share archive materials such as scripts and photographs; to actively lobby for the release of the series on DVD, and finally, have fun doing all of it. We certainly did the first two, gave the third our best shot, and had fun pretty much all the time.  
Friday evening and Saturday:
Friday afternoon/evening reunion goers drifted in to join other members of the group poolside or later in Carol Anne's room for pizza and Chinese food.  Saturday we had the Terrace Room to ourselves and started off the morning video fest with a rousing HC sing-a-long to the HC episode "The Guns of Johnny Rondo" with Kurt Russell.  Charlotte's nephew had added the words of the song to the appropriate scenes and everyone broke into song on cue.  The rest of the morning was spent watching the uncut episodes that Hallmark has refused to broadcast, courtesy of Andy Klyde who borrowed them from the studio.  Some folks took a break after lunch to make the traditional trip to Kinko's to copy some of the scripts that had been acquired since the last reunion.  Then back to more episode viewing, occasionally broken up with swimming in the pool, general socializing, and last minute preparations for the Sunday Brunch.  

Gathering on a Poolside Deck

Carol Anne seems to have lost Texas

Thank goodness it's found!

The Saturday Crew on the Pool Deck
Back:  Washington Denise, Marcelle, Charlotte, Ariel, Andy, Cactus Sam Saguaro, Elsa, Patty, Chris, Bonnie
Middle:  Vickie, Ginny, Mary Ann, Tina
Front:  Rusty, Marian, Carol Anne, New Jersey Denise, Jackie

The Adventures of Cactus Sam Saguaro
Ariel, Denise, Bonnie, and Vickie ham it up with Sam.

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