The High Chaparral

The Color Plates.

The Closing Credits

The plates used in the closing credits include two from the opening credits and three new ones.  There is more variety in how the closing plates are used because of the variety of regular cast members, guests, and crew who are credited in different episodes.  This is also where information about special set locations will occur.

The first plate in the closing credits is a repeat from the
opening set of a cowboy riding herd.  This one may be used
for multiple slides to credit the bunkhouse gang and any
other guest actors who did not appear in the opening credits.

The tenth plate of the series is of an Apache brave on
horseback with a lance.  It is used to credit assistant
producers or supervisory producers and always
Production Manager, Kent McCray.

The eleventh plate is of an Apache raid on horseback
coming over the yard fence.  It is the background for
the music and photography credits, as well as Stunt
Co-ordinator, Henry Wills and others.

The twelfth plate is of two cowboys roping a calf and is
used for all the remaining credits that vary each episode.

The closing plate is a repeat of the front gate shot that is also used for the episode title.  There will be more than two slides of this if there are multiple set locations.

The closing slide is the Republic Pictures logo.

Opening Credits

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