The High Chaparral

The Color Plates.

The color plates of the opening and closing credits were done from sketches taken mostly from film scenes of the pilot.  They have been very popular since the series first aired.  Unfortunately, according to David Dortort, the originals were destroyed shortly after they were produced because no one anticipated how in demand they would become.  I do not know the name of the artist, but there were twelve different watercolor prints that appeared as transitions and background for the opening and closing credits.  Some of these plates always appeared with the same credit information and others changed with the episode.  They were used throughout all four seasons for all episodes except for "New Lion of Sonora" which was a made-for-television movie and had a different look.

The Opening Credits

The opening plate is a rearing horse and caballero that
becomes the background for the series title.

The second plate is of Cochise and another Indian on
the overlook.  It becomes the background for both
Leif Erickson and Cameron Mitchell.

The third plate is of Apaches riding at full gallop.  It
becomes the background for Mark Slade and Henry Darrow.

The fourth plate is of a saguaro cactus and rocks.
It becomes the background for Linda Cristal.

The fifth plate is of Apaches chasing a wagon.  This one is
used for the background for guest stars and may include
a single slide or multiples.  In this episode there were two.

The sixth plate is of the main house through the front gate
and is used for the episode title, here, "A Joyful Noise".
It begins with a close-up of the sign and zooms out to full.

The seventh plate is of John firing a rifle.  It becomes
the background for Creator/Producer, David Dortort.

The eighth plate is of cattle with a cowboy riding herd.
It becomes the background for the producer, who varies
from episode to episode. In this one it is Bill Claxton.

The ninth and final plate of the opening credits is of a
group of cacti on a hillside.  It becomes the background
for first the writer, and then the director.  For this
episode, William Blinn and Richard Benedict.  Multiple
writers occur on the same slide.

Closing Credits

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