The High Chaparral

Victoria Cannon's Outfits

Tastefully in the Altogether

"Young Blood"

Victoria had the most variety in outfits, plus she had her magic closet from which she outfitted wayward females who happened across her path.  These were apparently outfits she was eager to get rid of because none of them are ones she herself was ever seen in.  Victoria tended to dress in a skirt and blouse.  She tended to give away frilly dresses. 

Victoria in the Pilot

When we first meet Victoria she is making a grand entrance for dinner at Rancho Montoya to meet John and Buck.  She is dressed formally in an outfit we don't
see again.  (Maybe she left it behind at Rancho Montoya.)
Later at the Cannon Ranch she wears this dinner outfit of a dark skirt with blue and white sheer yoke blouse.  It is seen often during the first season.
Victoria is also seen in her underclothes as she prepares for bed during the pilot.

In the closing scenes of the pilot Victoria is in this daytime work outfit, but it doesn't show up again in the series.

Victoria Through the Seasons
First Season Second Season Third Season Fourth Season

"The Kinsman"

"The Hair Hunters"


"A Matter of Vengeance"

Victoria's general look develops through the four seasons from almost an ingénue to that of a mature woman.  The four outfits shown above are all ones she wears in multiple episodes and sometimes multiple seasons.  Aside from formal occasions, her hair and make-up remain reasonably constant with two main exceptions.  In the third season her full eyebrows become pencil thin, only to return (though not as dark) in the fourth season.  The other change is in the height of her everyday hair in the fourth season.  She has always piled her hair up high for formal occasions, but otherwise it is usually just pulled back from her face, letting it hang loose in back or winding it up in braids.  In the fourth season though, there is considerable back-combing involved so her hair in any style has significantly more height to it. 

Click on any of the pictures above to see the range of costumes for that season.


Outfits From Victoria's Magic Closet
"A Joyful Noise" - First Season
Novice, Maria (played by Laurie Mock), borrows one of Victoria's dresses to wear for dinner and dancing at the ranch.  We know this is what has happened only because one of the nuns tells us.  It is not clear whether it was meant as a gift or not.  It is not a dress Victoria ever wears.

Regular Outfit

Dancing with Mano in Victoria's Dress

Pursued by Ramon

"The Deceivers" - Second Season
Half-breed, Tina Grainger (played by Bonnie Bedelia), is rescued from a life of crime with her father, Chio, and is intrigued by the fine clothes offered by Victoria.  Besides the dinner dress, she received a nightgown and robe set, which we have never seen Victoria in either.

Regular Outfit

Deciding on a Dress

The Grand Entrance

Nightgown/Robe Set

"Feather of an Eagle" - Second Season
Indian hostage, Sarah (played by Quentin Dean), is rescued from life with the Apaches and eagerly exchanges her Indian clothes for a dress from Victoria.

Apache Outfit

New Bathrobe

Trying on the Dress


On the Ground

"The Little Thieves" - Third Season
Teenagers, Annie and Bet (played by Jo Anne Harris and Heather Menzies), are rescued from a life of crime by the Cannons and reluctantly allow their wardrobes to be rehabilitated by Victoria.

Regular Outfits

The Grand Entrance

At Dinner

"Lady Fair" - Third Season

Freight haul contractor, Charly Converse (played by Joanna Moore), doesn't need to be rescued by anyone, but appreciates Victoria's advice on the finer points of femininity and formal dressing.

Regular Outfit

The Grand Entrance

At Dinner

That DayGlo Glow

"Mi Casa, Su Casa"

An interesting wardrobe accessory was the DayGlo hair yarn, seen in a variety of neon colors in different seasons.

"Friends and Partners"

"Tiger by the Tail"

"Mi Casa, Su Casa"

"Sudden Country"

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