The High Chaparral

Manolito Montoya's Outfits

"Shadow of the Wind"

Mano in the Pilot

When we first see Mano he is in his friendly bandido outfit, unshaven and looking a bit rough.

The bandido outfit includes a print shirt, beaded suede vest, blue scarf, and a sombrero which is mostly worn off his head.

In the cantina where he is rousted out of bed, we see him with just the shirt and pants.

Visiting Rancho Montoya he has the bandido outfit back together, much to his father's displeasure.

When Mano dresses for dinner he is clean-shaven and in this red outfit which I don't recall seeing appear again.

Later at the Cannon ranch Mano is close to his signature look, although the hat, shirt, and jacket are not quite the ones he uses for the series.

Mano Through the Seasons

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"The Firing Wall"

"Once on a Day in Spring"

"The Lost Ones"

"Too Late the Epitaph"

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