The High Chaparral

Blue Cannon's Outfits

"The Peacemaker"

Blue in the Pilot
When we first meet Blue he is in his maroon striped shirt, a dark vest and tan pants.  The dark vest is replaced with a lighter one after the pilot, but the shirt continues into the first season even though he was shot with an arrow through it in the pilot. 
His outfit also includes long johns, usually apparent under the shirt.


Blue has more wardrobe variety in the pilot than probably any other episode, appearing in three different shirts including this green shirt at dinner.


When Blue is off sulking we see him in just the tan pants and his pink undershirt.

During the battle at the ranch Blue has several scenes wearing this bandolero, which never reappears.

In the closing scene Blue is in a light colored shirt similar to his father's, no vest, and a lighter colored, shorter hat that stays with him through the first two seasons.

Blue Through the Seasons

First Season

Second Season

Third Season

"The Kinsman"

"The Buffalo Soldiers"

"The Reluctant Deputy"

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