The High Chaparral

Characters at Their Best

"Thank Goodness It Only Grazed Him"

As unlucky as most of the HC characters were in love, they were very fortunate when it came to escaping serious injury.  Being the wild west, bullets and arrows were constantly flying and rattlesnakes might appear from behind any rock or bush.  Our characters were often stricken, but never so seriously that they couldn't be up and about by the end of the hour.  With Victoria's liberal application of alcohol, infection was never a problem either. Here are some of the more serious injuries, not counting the bar room brawls and fist fights, which occurred regularly with never so much as a loose tooth or a cut hand.  


Price of Revenge (Gunshot in head)
Brothers Cannon
(Snake bite in leg)
Trail to Nevermore
(Concussion from wagon fall)
(Serious cactus infection of leg)

John with concussion in
"Trail to Nevermore"

Buck No Bugles, No Drums (Gunshot in arm)
Young Blood
(Broken leg from horse fall)
Bad Day for a Thirst
(Gunshot in leg)
The Long Shadow
(Gunshot in arm)

Buck, shot in the arm in 
"No Bugles, No Drums"
Mano Threshold of Courage (Gunshot in head)
A Time to Laugh, A Time to Cry
(Gunshot in head)
Joyful Noise (Snake bite in leg, gunshot in arm)
Ride the Savage Land
(Whipped by Indians)
Wind (Gunshot in arm)

Mano, shot in the head in 
"A Time to Laugh, a Time to Cry"

Victoria Journal of Death  
(Broken ribs, ruptured spleen 
from collision with horse)

Victoria, prepped for surgery in 
"Journal of Death"
Blue The Arrangement (Arrow in back)

Tiger by the Tail (Gunshot in head)

The Deceivers (Arrow in leg)

Generation (Gunshot in head)

Alliance (Gunshot in arm)

Blue, shot with an arrow in
"The Arrangement"

Blue, shot in the head in
"Tiger by the Tail"

Don Sebastian The Lion Sleeps (Gunshot in chest)

Don Sebastian, shot in the chest in 
"The Lion Sleeps"

Reno Young Blood (Gunshot in arm)

Tiger by the Tail (Gunshot in leg)

Reno, shot in the arm in
"Young Blood"

Reno, shot in the leg in
"Tiger by the Tail"
Sam The Long Shadow  
(Gunshot in leg, not actually present)

A Matter of Survival (Arrow in leg)

Sam having arrow removed from his leg 
in "A Matter of Survival"
Pedro The Long Shadow (Gunshot in shoulder)
Pedro, shot in the shoulder in
"The Long Shadow"
Joe Alliance (Gunshot in leg)
An Anger Greater Than Mine
    (Gunshot in shoulder?)

The Arrangement (Arrow in leg)

Joe, shot in the leg in 
"The Arrangement"
Wind Wind (Gunshot in arm)
Wind, shot in the arm in  "Wind"

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