The High Chaparral

Characters at Their Best

Affairs of the Heart
John and Victoria had an on-going romantic relationship throughout the series and some episodes focused on that.  For the other characters serious romance was doomed to failure by the end of the hour.  That didn't make them immune to Cupid's arrow, however, and these episodes are ones where he hit his mark or at least raised a passing interest.  For Mano, that was most episodes.

John & Victoria

Ghost of Chaparral 
Once on a Day in Spring

Threshold of Courage
Shadow of the Wind

Too Many Chiefs

John with Victoria
"Once on a Day in Spring"

Mano A Time to Laugh, A Time to Cry (Mercedes)  
A Joyful Noise
The Terrorist (Pilar)
The Lion Sleeps
The Firing Wall
Once on a Day in Spring
(The Countess Maria) 
A Quiet Day in Tucson
Champion of the Western World
For What We Are About to Receive

Mano with Mercedes in
"A Time to Laugh, a Time to Cry"

Lady Fair (Charly)
No Bugles, No Drums (Annie) 
Widow from Red Rock (Melanie)
Sudden Country
Gold is Where You Leave It
Tornado Frances

Buck with Charly
"Lady Fair"

Blue The Peacemaker (Moonfire)
The Legacy
Feather of an Eagle (Sarah)
Time of Your Life (Penny)

Blue with Moonfire
"The Peacemaker"

Don Sebastion Once on a Day in Spring  (Countess Maria)

Don Sebastian with Maria
"Once on a Day in Spring"

Sam Follow Your Heart (Trinidad)

Sam with Trinidad
"Follow Your Heart"

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