The High Chaparral

The Great Room

       The floor plan below is a combination taken partly from Ronnie's house plans for the great room and partly from best guesses for the other first floor rooms.  Since his plans for the front room were taken from actual measurements, they are probably close to scale, although the two front entrances were probably closer together.  The Kitchen is hard to assess because there were only a few episodes where we went in there, two of them being "Bad Day for a Bad Man" and "Journal of Death".  The side entrance on the right never seems to show from the inside, but a door is definitely shown there from the outside.  

        No matter how you look at it, the window in John's Office is an impossibility.  The Void Area is one that we can ascertain from both the exterior and the interior shots - there has to be a big space there somewhere that we never see.  In Ronnie's house it's where he put his kitchen.  The Summer Kitchen was open on the two sides shown with the dashed lines.  The Storeroom behind it is where they held the Marshal in "Journal of Death" .  The interior ladder to the roof was just to the left of the Spindle Doors.  For a possible layout for the impossible second floor, go to the Bedroom page.

The Great Room when we first see it . . .             . . . . and with a little fix-up.          
(1.01 "Destination Tucson")                                              (3.76 "Generation")

Two views of the ranch house that show the uniform level of the roof that would
not allow for the high ceilings and two stories that we find inside.
(3.76 "Generation")                                                     (4.88 "Sangre")

1.  Rare shot from outside near the summer kitchen looking in through the spindle doors 
(4.95 "The Badge")

2.  From inside looking toward the spindle doors with the heavy doors closed.  Shows access to roof guard station. John is at the main entry door.
(4.88 "Sangre")

3.  From the living room looking toward the spindle doors with
the heavy doors open.
(4.85 "An Anger Greater Than Mine")

4.  Similar shot toward the spindle doors and the stairs from the gold couch.  Lamps change frequently.
(3.76 "Generation")

5. Similar vantage point as 4. but looking toward the dining room.
(3.74 "Journal of Death")

6.  Living room.  Side door should be behind Mano.  The tiny trunk on the table changes, as does the table and rug.
(3.76 "Generation")

7.  Looking from front entry toward the dining room and kitchen door.  Shows the dining room window/door. 
(4.85 "An Anger Greater Than Mine")

8.  Looking straight back from dining table towards the living room front door.
(3.80 "Too Many Chiefs")

9.  Looking toward living room front door along the dining room wall we never go beyond
(3.80 "Too Many Chiefs")

10.  From the dining room table towards the main entry door.
(4.85 "An Anger Greater Than Mine")

11.  Dining room hutch.
(3.80 "Too Many Chiefs")

12.  Dining room hutch and door to the kitchen.
(3.80 "Too Many Chiefs")

     Below is a less frequently seen view of the dining room from the living room front door.  This view shows the dining room window more clearly where it appears to be a set of French doors.  Notice that other points of entry on the first floor are well fortified with heavy double doors or shutters.  This one, however, looks especially vulnerable.  It was never an issue though because attackers never approach from the back of the house, but are always considerate enough to use the front doors.  

This view also lets us see a little further into the Void area on the right which appears to be where we moved the short sideboard seen below in the pilot, after we acquired the tall hutch, below right.
(3.65 "Lady Fair")

13.  The dining room in the pilot.  In roughly the same shot as #14, the pilot showed a short sideboard rather than the tall hutch, and the
table was rectangular rather than round. 
The chairs look the same though.
(1.01 "Destination Tucson")

14.  The normal dining room arrangement with the round table and tall hutch.  The kitchen door is beyond. Victoria usually sat on the side nearest the kitchen but the men's positions at the table changed frequently.
(3.65 "Lady Fair")

15. First season dining room.
(1.05 "Shadows on the Land")

16. Looking in through the living room door.  It appears that the glass doors swing in and the heavy fortress doors swing out, but the glass doors are not evident in #9.
(1.05 "Shadows on the Land")

17. Looking in through living room doors towards
the fireplace and beyond to the dining room.
(1.05 "Shadows on the Land")


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