The High Chaparral

The Bedroom Wing

       This page has been a challenge to reconcile, as Ronnie Rubino discovered trying to build this house.  On the show, the upper floor is not high enough to have the kitchen and office underneath it.  There are only six steps going up.  So the whole bedroom wing is pretty much impossible, but setting aside reality we'll just assume there is enough room for a floor above and a floor below.  Also on the show, the upstairs hallway, as viewed from the front room stairs, turns to the left and then goes down quite a long hall as shown in the pictures below from "Sangre". 

       Using the hallway from "Sangre" gives you the floor plan below for the hall and door locations.  This sketch is certainly not to scale, but shows my best guess as to the relative positions of the rooms - at least for most episodes.  The upstairs hallway, however, seems to morph itself occasionally into whatever arrangement best serves the plot.  In "To Stand for Something More" the hall turns to the right instead of the left.  In "The Deceivers" the hall is as below except that instead of ending in a dead end, it continues on to the right.  The door at the end of the hall, which is the Guest Room in "Sangre" and "Man to Match the Land", is sometimes just a blank wall. 


       I have used various clues to determine who has which room, but there are lots of inconsistencies.  John & Victoria clearly have the front bedroom in most episodes, although "Too Many Chiefs" shows them heading up to their room and walking right on past that first door.  Buck's room is usually towards the end of the hall next to where the guest room door sometimes appears.  Mano's and Blue's rooms are more of a guess based on the location of the doors relative to the hall and the interior of the rooms.  There is no way to make the windows match up for all the rooms no matter how you switch them around, especially for Blue's room since the window would have to be looking into the hall or another bedroom.  Buck's room sometimes has two doors in it, as if there were an adjoining door into Mano's room. 

       There does not appear to be a fireplace or stove in the Guest Room and there is no fireplace in Mano's although in "Widow from Red Rock" it does show a stove pipe, presumably from a stove in the room.  The other three bedrooms all have fireplaces.  The whole wing, of course, sticks out too far to the left over what would be the Summer Kitchen and Storeroom for it not to be a full story above those as well as being above the Office and Kitchen and the exterior roof line ends before the Summer Kitchen. 

       The more I look at the pans, the more I notice things that don't match up or might suggest a different arrangement.  I certainly have not examined all the episodes to reach these conclusions so I am sure there are other contradictions I haven't uncovered yet.  Regarding the pans below, they are mostly made up of four or five individual shots taken as a character crosses the room.  That explains why the same actor is in the same picture several times and why there is always a little distortion of angles.  Without a pan, however, the shots are usually so tight that you don't get a good feel for the layout of the room.  So there's some give and take there.

The Hall

The photo on the left is looking down the hall to the Guest Room that Sangre has just escaped from.  It shows there is only one door on the left wall of the hall (Blue's Room).  There is also a door in the corner by the Guest Room which would be Buck's Room.  The photo on the right is looking in the opposite direction with a door in the left corner which you would see looking directly forward from the stairs (Mano's room).  It also shows the corner that turns to the right to go downstairs. 
4.88 "Sangre"

Photo on the left shows the problem with the Office and the Master Bedroom colliding in midair.  The photo on the right is looking down the hall from the stairs, with the Master Bedroom on the left and Mano's door directly down the hall before the hall turns to the left. 
3.80 "Too Many Chiefs"


John and Victoria's Room

John is standing at the doorway to the hall and the
bed is out of view beyond the washstand on the left.
(3.80 "Too Many Chiefs")

Same episode as above,
the washstand is behind Victoria.
( 3.80 "Too Many Chiefs")

Pulling back from the view above, the washstand is shown in the space where the amoire is located above. The corner of the fireplace is visible.
(1.09 "Young Blood")


Mano's Room

3.66 "The Little Thieves"


Blue's Room

There is no room where a window to the outside could appear in this location.
3.63 "To Stand for Something More" 

A view of Blue's room in the daylight.
3.76 "Generation"

Buck's Room

These two are both from 3.70 "Mi Casa, Su Casa" before and after DS remodels it below.

Buck's Room from 4.81 "Spokes", showing the second door, about where the bed was previously. 
Can't tell where the bed went in this episode.

Photo on the left is from 3.70 "Mi Casa, Su Casa" and the one on the right is from 4.81 "Spokes". 
Both show the dead end hallway outside Buck's room where the Guest Room door was in "Sangre".


Guest Room/House Arrest Room/Junk Room

From 2.31 "The Deceivers" where they were holding Chio on one of the spare bunkhouse bunks. 

From 4.88 "Sangre" where it is clearly the room at the end of the hall (see Hall shots above).  Considerably nicer accommodations than they had for Chio.  White Horse was also taken here when he was injured in 4.86 "A Man to Match the Land".  Aside from the furnishings, it appears to be a different room from the one above, or at least it had extensive remodeling by the fourth season.

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