The High Chaparral

Characters at Their Best

"Not even 110 degree heat will get me out of my long johns!"
The High Chaparral was a family show that aired in the late sixties and early seventies, so we didn't often get to see our characters out of their regular outfits.  When they did remove a shirt or appear in their long johns or a bath tub it was always tastefully done, but still swoonable.  So here are a few episodes to swoon for.  


Not really,  here's the closest we get . . .

"The Deceivers"

Buck Tornado Frances (tub scene)
Shadow of the Wind (tub scene)
No Bugles, No Drums (long johns) 
Friends and Partners (long johns)
To Stand for Something More (long johns)
The Kinsman (no shirt)
Jelks (no shirt)

"The Kinsman"

Mano Ride the Savage Land (no shirt) 
The Deceivers (no shirt)
Apache Trust (no shirt)
The Terrorist (no shirt)
Shadow of the Wind (tub scene)
A Joyful Noise (long johns)

"The Terrorist"

Victoria The Arrangement (changing clothes)
North to Tucson (changing clothes) 
New Hostess in Town (skimpy outfit) 
Follow Your Heart (tub scene)
Young Blood (tub scene)

"Young Blood"

Blue The Arrangement - Pilot (no shirt)
To Stand for Something More (no shirt)
Shadow of the Wind (long johns) 
The Deceivers (long johns)
Champion of the Western World (skimpy outfit)

"To Stand for Something More"

Don Sebastian Mi Casa, Su Casa (tub scene)

"Mi Casa, Su Casa"

Pedro A Fella Named Kilroy (long johns)

"A Fella Named Kilroy"

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