The High Chaparral

The High Chaparral Yard

The Third Season
      The yard had few changes through the first three seasons. Exterior shots of the ranch house also included the summer kitchen and storeroom to the left of the main house.  There were references to the tack room, but I'm not sure where it was supposed to be.  (3.56 "Apache Trust")


Water Tower and Wind Mill
Corral in back, well (with bucket)
and water trough in front

Back Gate, Guard Tower
near corral 

Front Gate

Main House with Cactus Garden

The Fourth Season
      The fourth season saw substantial changes to the yard.  The most obvious was the addition of the barn and blacksmith shop adjacent to it.  There was also a new corral added next to the bunkhouse and the old corral was changed to a stick instead of a board structure.  A similar change occurred with the front gate.  The well in the middle of the yard disappeared and the old horse trough was traded for a round masonry version at the old corral.  The horse shade is also new and was used for human activities as well as horses.  (4.84 "Wind")

Bunkhouse porch roof
with new corral in back

New barn with blacksmith area to the left

New horse shelter with windmill, water tower, and old corral in back

Main House with cactus garden behind riders

Various Views of the Yard and its Structures

1. Left picture is looking out where the front gate will be as the Cannons first arrive.  
On the right is the first front gate made of milled lumber, also looking out.
(1.01 "Destination Tucson")

2. Left picture is looking in through the original front gate with milled posts.  
Right is looking in after the change to un-milled posts that occurred in the fourth season. 
Notice that the lettering style also got more, rather than less, rustic as time went on.
(1.02 "The Arrangement")                                       (4.88 "Sangre")                 

3. Main house porch looking towards corral on first arrival.
(1.01 "Destination Tucson")     

4. Main house porch looking towards corral in third season.
(3.56 "Apache Trust")

5. Board corral viewed from the main house
(3.61 "Auld Land Syne")

6. Main House viewed from the corral
(3.61 "Auld Land Syne")

7. View from new stick corral toward the main house. New horse trough is on the right.  
(4.84 "Wind")

8. New corral between the bunkhouse and barn. What are the overhead corral sticks for??
(4.84 "Wind")

9. Barn viewed from bunkhouse porch.  shows the cook grill outside the bunkhouse - and someone cooking!
(4.84 "Wind")

10. New stick corral  in the fourth season.  Water tower and windmill in back. 
(4.84 "Wind")

11. Barn with corral, windmill, and water tower on right.
(4.85 "An Anger Greater Than Mine")

12. Blacksmith shop anvil  
(4.92 "Forge of Hate")

13. Blacksmith shop next to barn
(4.92 "Forge of Hate")

14. Barn from blacksmith shop
(4.92 "Forge of Hate")

15. Barn
(4.92 "Forge of Hate")

16. Bunkhouse viewed from the main house.  It is an adobe building.  The rippling shadows are cast from the porch shade.
(3.66 "The Little Thieves")

17. Adobe brick making in front of the bunkhouse   
(1.04 "Best Man for the Job")

18. Main house from bunkhouse.  Summer kitchen is the lean-to on the left.  Water trough is to the left and the well is to the right in front of the cactus garden.
 (3.73 "Jelks")

19. View from left side of front gate looking across bunkhouse towards the main house.
(4.88 "Sangre")

20. The bunkhouse as fortress.
(4.88 "Sangre")

21.  The well.  Still no pump yet.
(3.63 "To Stand for Something More")

22. These photos show the front of the house in a studio shot. 
Beyond Blue should be the front gate. Beyond Buck should be the water tower and corral. 
Instead we only see the painted backdrops.
(3.80 "Too Many Chiefs")

23. Similar to the shots above, beyond Mano in the fourth season should be the water tower, barn and corral.
(4.82 "Generation")

24. The front of the house on the Hollywood set versus the Arizona building in #25 and #26.
(4.95 "Generation")

25. Front of the house on the Arizona set.  The hitching rail is further from the house than on the Hollywood set in #22 above.
(4.92 "Forge of Hate") 

26. The ranch house in the real outdoors.  
Shows the "notch" on the right with the side door that never appears from the inside.  
(4.85 "An Anger Greater Than Mine")

27. Lookout on left side of the roof of main house
(3.65 "Lady Fair")

28. Lookouts in the "notch" at the right side of the roof.
(4.88 "Sangre")

29. Right side view of ranch house.
(4.88 "Sangre")

30. Pedro on watch in guard tower
(3.62 "The Lost Ones")

31. Pedro standing watch on the wind mill.
(2.49 "Feather of an Eagle")

32.  Pedro, still standing guard in the guard tower.
(3.76 "Generation")

33. Looking towards the main house from side of the bunkhouse.
(1.04 "Best Man for the Job")

34. Victoria's Cactus Garden
(1.04 "Best Man for the Job")

35. View along right side of Main House
(1.04 "Best Man for the Job")

36. The interior of the barn.  
The transitions from interior to exterior were so smooth here it
is hard to tell if these were filmed in Arizona or Hollywood.  
(4.94 "Fiesta")

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