The High Chaparral

The Summer Kitchen 
and Storeroom

     The Summer Kitchen is an open-sided lean-to structure on the left side of the ranch house, just beyond the spindle side doors of the Great Room.  Towards the back it has a door that connects it directly to the Kitchen.  The front of the Summer Kitchen has a fire pit to heat water for laundry and other household uses.  Laundry seems to be the most common use for this space, but it is also used for food preparation such as butter churning, and general clean-up.  At the back of the Summer Kitchen is a Storeroom that seems to be more of a household pantry than a tack room.  It is where the doctor/prisoner is tied up and later the marshal is locked up in "Journal of Death". 

1. By the fourth season the dirt floor of the summer kitchen seems to have 
gotten a hard surface which we see Victoria sweeping from time to time. 
The door to the storeroom is visible in back.
(4.95 "The Badge")

2. Laundry in the summer kitchen.
3.58 Bad Day for a Bad Man

3. Laundry in the summer kitchen.  The storeroom is directly in back with the door behind Victoria.  
(2.35 "Ten Little Indians")

4. Churning butter in the
summer kitchen.
(1.03 "Ghost of Chaparral")

5. Summer kitchen with door to the storeroom behind Victoria.
4.82 It Takes a Smart Man

6. Coming out the storeroom door into the summer kitchen.
3.74 Journal of Death

7. Entering the storeroom from the door to the summer kitchen.
3.74 Journal of Death

  8. Inside the store room looking left to right with door to the summer kitchen behind Victoria.
(Focal length changes too much to get a decent pan.)
3.74 Journal of Death

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