The High Chaparral
Yuma Territorial Prison

Yuma, Arizona, is known for the most famous prison in Old West history.  Located on a peninsula overlooking the Colorado River, it is today a tourist attraction.  In a future update, we will provide a bit more history, but for right now, here are some fascinating photos of this historical treasure.

yuma5.jpg (87148 bytes)
The entrance to the prison, which is the white building on the left.  Note the ball and chain at the right of the sign.

yuma6.jpg (92274 bytes)
Through this gate passed some of the most notorious criminals in the West.

yuma3.jpg (41335 bytes)    yuma8.jpg (83713 bytes)
Left photo is looking down the double row of cells and right photo is of the left section of the double row.  All cells are constructed of this rock.

yuma2.jpg (38252 bytes)    yuma7.jpg (60880 bytes)
Left photo shows a typical bunk layout with three tiers.  Right photo is of the women's quarters.  Yes, they did have women prisoners housed here.

yuma1.jpg (82282 bytes)
This prison was also used as a fortress.  Here is one of the cannons, situated in an "isolation cell."  The isolation cells were holes carved into the rock.   They had solid wooden doors, and when shut, the chamber is in total blackness.

yuma4.jpg (84303 bytes)
This cemetery is the final resting place of hundreds.  It is located outside the prison walls, just to the right of the sign shown in the first photo above.  It overlooks the Colorado River, and the tree is at the river's edge.

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