The High Chaparral
Publicity Photo Stills

     On the following pages, you will find some great individual photos of the cast, as well as some terrific combination shots and set stills.  There is really no difference between the Set Stills and the Combination Photos, as each are publicity photos with one or more members of the cast.  If we can identify the episode, they are under Set Stills.  If we can't, the photos are in the Combination category.



Leif Erickson                 (John Cannon)
Cameron Mitchell         (Buck Cannon)
Linda Cristal                (Victoria Cannon)
Henry Darrow              (Manolito Montoya)
Mark Slade                  (Blue Cannon)
Frank Silvera               (Don Sebastian Montoya)
Gilbert Roland             (Don Domingo Montoya)

Don Collier                    (Sam Butler)
Bob Hoy                        (Joe Butler)
Roberto Contreras         (Pedro) 
Ted Markland                (Reno)
Jerry Summers              (Ira)
Rudolpho Acosta           (Vaquero)

Set Stills                                             Combination Photos

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