The High Chaparral

Don Sebastian Montoya's Outfits

"Mi Casa, Su Casa"

Don Sebastian in the Pilot

The set of photos above is our first introduction to Don Sebastian in the Pilot.  This tan suit reappears in the second season in "Once on a Day in Spring", but with a different tie.  His Mexican-style suits usually had fancy contrasting stitching on the lapels and cuffs, with matching pants and side leg trim.  His standard shirt was white with ruffles on the front and cuffs.  Most of these outfits also included a cummerbund or matching waist band rather than a belt. 

The bright blue suit also appeared in the Pilot, on the same day as the tan one above.  In "Young Blood" he wears it with a long black tie rather than the short red one.  This blue suit appears again in the second season in "The Promised Land" with a bright blue tie; and in "Glory Soldiers" with a shorter black tie.  He rarely appears in exactly the same outfit twice, always accessorizing his suits a bit differently with colorful ties and waistbands.

Don Sebastian Through the Seasons
First Season Second Season Third Season Fourth Season

"The Firing Wall"

"Once on a Day in Spring"

"Mi Casa, Su Casa"

"Only the Bad Come to Sonora"

Frank Silvera played Don Sebastian Montoya with flamboyance.  He appeared in 14 episodes and after Silvera's sudden death during the fourth season, appeared in flashbacks for "New Lion of Sonora".   Although he was in only 14 of the 98 one-hour segments, his character had more wardrobe variety than all of the other male cast members combined. Where the others wore virtually the same outfit year after year, Don Sebastian sometimes had several completely different outfits in one episode. 
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